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Beautiful Tea and Coffee Mugs Housewarming Gifts

Fine China Mugs with spoons gift set at taos gifts
Poppy Tea or Coffee Mugs
There is nothing quite like a refreshing cup of tea or coffee to get you started for the day!

If you are looking for an ideal gift for new home owners or just updating your own mug collection we have a beautiful range at TAOS Gifts.

Decorated with bright red Poppies and printed with various words related to your favourite brew these bright fine china coffee morning mugs with matching spoons come supplied in a decorative gift box

They are the ideal size for use with Senseo Coffee Pod Machines.

The spoons have small holes allowing you to hang them with the Coffee Morning Mugs.

Purple Tulips Gleneagles Fine China Mugs at TAOS Gifts
Beautiful Purple Tulip design
If you prefer to have your own unique mug, then see our fine china mugs from Gleneagles of Edinburgh are sure to soon become your firm favourite!

Bring the bright colours of Spring to you morning with Gleneagles of Edinburgh Purple Tulip Fine China Mug, with a delicate fluted foot design and stunning floral print.

There are other delicate floral designs available including the Tulips in Red and  striking Black and White Rose print.

Also from the Gleneagles of Edinburgh Fine China Range are the pretty Tea Time Gift Sets with two traditional design bone china mugs, matching melamine tray and coasters.

Highly decorated and very bright and colourful, great as a special mug set when you have guests or perfect to give as gifts as they are supplied in a presentation box.

Tea Time Gift Sets from Gleneagles of Edinburgh
Tea for Two
There are various designs to choose from, the stunning field of wild Poppies with the fresh feel of Summer to brighten your morning.

Gardeners will love the bright and beautiful Peony print on the Peony Tea Time Gift Set.

With a wall of huge Sunflowers the Cat Tea Time Gift Set is an essential gift for every Cat Lover! Just look at the little faces of the mischievous little kittens that are climbing all over the fence.

We think you’ll agree, it’s a purrfect start to the day!

WTF I’m LMAO with my BFF at NFI straps OMG LOL Funny Text Speak gifts

LMAO funny text speak mug at TAOS Gifts
LMAO Funny Mug

Love it or hate it text speak has more or less become part of our daily vocabulary, if you use  mobile phones and websites you can’t avoid it.

At TAOS Gifts we have perfect gifts to raise a giggle in the home or office with the latest text speak  Mugs, matching  Coasters and Wackisnapz Band Bracelets.

LOL (laugh out loud) with a nice cup of tea in the LOL Mug, brightly coloured chunky mug printed with LOL and it’s meaning on both sides, supplied in a brightly coloured gift box it’s an ideal stocking filler for teenagers, geeks or anyone that makes you LOL lots.

Help the joker in the pack start the day with a cup of coffee and a smile in the morning with the LMAO brightly coloured mug. (Laughing my Arse off).

WTF is perfect for those Monday morning blues, or for those people who just leave you gobsmacked, speechless or just stunned in a WTF way. WTF (What the f*ck) statement mug, says it all while not saying much at all!

Wackisnapz text speak LOL LMAO WTF OMG bands at TAOS gifts
Wackisnapz text speak bands


Wackisnapz bands are brilliant little gifts for when you can’t find the right words, they can be snapped onto almost anything, wear them as a bracelet, snap them on your drinks bottle, handbags, ankle bands, snap them anywhere you like, fun accessories with funny messages.

Ideal small gifts, secret Santa presents and stocking fillers.

Each Wackisnapz bracelet is approximately 21.5cm x 3cm in size
Available in several humorous designs as Wackisnapz bracelets, as well as in text speak mugs and coasters, with six brightly coloured Wackisnapz to collect you are sure to find just the txt spk you needed.


BFF Best Friends forever text speak coaster at toas gifts
Best Friends Forever

The humorous designs are also available on matching coasters, the coasters are cork backed with a wipe clean hard surface.

Each coaster measures 9.5cm x 9.5cm, why not collect the set and create funny messages on your coffee table?

With a great selection including BFF (Best Friends forever), perfect for that very special friend.

OMG (oh my God) is a statement with so many different meanings, I think we all know someone who says it all of the time for almost any situation (or is it just me).

STFU (shut the f*ck up) is a rude message, but even that is suitable for some friends or family, it could also be used to ask for silence while you watch TV, Simply lift your STFU mug or coaster and smile at those the message is intended for.

We have a massive range of novelty gifts at TAOS Gifts including many more text speak products.


Little Paws by Arora design fun Dog breed Accessories

German Shepherd Luggage Tag, little Paws by Arora designs TAOS Gifts
German Shepherd Luggage Tag

Dog lovers everywhere will love these cute and cheery looking accessories by Arora Design, Little Paws collection of popular dog breeds, on luggage tags, coasters and trolley token with Dog charm key rings.

The Coasters are perfect for home or office, high quality made of a durable solid board, with a cork backing and coloured glossy printed design on front
Size approx 10cm x 10cm and 4mm thick.

The Luggage tags are large-sized practical leatherette tags in the shape of a Little Paws dog, slightly padded and great for handbags, suitcases, hand luggage etc
Has a space on the reverse to write name, address, phone number and email address
Size approximately 13cm x 10cm (varies by breed)

The Trolley token charm Key rings  are decorative and practical with heavyweight enamel painted metal dog charm with Little Paws trolley token (fixed in place so you can’t lose it) and bones, paw print and kennel hanging charms
Charm is approximately 3cm high, whole key ring is 11cm including strong key ring which you can attach your keys to, or hang onto handbag.

Little Paws by Arora Design Keyring with charm and trolley token at taos gifts
Little Paws by Arora Design Key ring with charm and trolley token

With so many popular breeds to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect Little Paws character for you!

Beautiful Bouncy Boxer Dogs, the happy clowns of the Dog world, the lovely and hard  working Border Collie.

Patient Pointers in either black and white or Liver and white, gorgeous German Shepherds, the little Chihuahua with the big personality and many more are available.

Little Paws collectible figurines are beautiful critters with comical little faces, each comes in its own presentation box with an option to send off for a free personalised silver coloured metal engraved tag.

Spot the little Paws Dalmation figurine at TAOS trading
Spot the little Paws Dalmatian figurine

Take a look at the whole collection and see if you can spot your Dog!

Stonewitwords stoneware collectables with fun slogans

Have you seen our collectables range yet?  We  love the beautiful Stonewitwords range of wit, wisdom and wise words.

These make fantastic gifts, and there’s a slogan to suit almost anyone or any occasion, whether you are shopping for your Boss, a friend, your SisterMother or Lover, you are bound to find a slogan that’s just right.

We currently have beautiful heavyweight Stonewitwords  Coasters  made with crushed stone/resin and engraved with various fun slogans, they also come with a display stand and a hanging hook so you can choose to use them or display them as wall plaques or ornaments.

We also have a collection of Stonewitwords Mugs, but be quick they’re selling fast!

Oversized mugs made from highly glazed stoneware inscribed with various fun slogans, a perfect way to start your day with a cuppa and a smile.

Why not mix and match?  The coasters and mugs compliment each other beautifully and you can really get your message across! 🙂

Do you know someone who is saving for something special?

Or are you trying to encourage a younger family member to learn to look after their pennies?

Take a look at these beautiful and unique Piggy Banks. They are superb!

Highly glazed and also supplied in a sturdy gift box, functional and also ornamental, another perfect gift from the Stonewitwords range. Saving for a Harley or just for a rainy day? Maybe you know someone planning a girly night out?

Give them a little encouragement with one of these delightful little Pigs.