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For when you don’t have the words… More Than Words

Father and Daughter new baby sculpture at TAOS gifts
Daddy's Girl


That’s it, that’s the only way we can quickly describe the beautiful,  emotional collection from More Than Words from the heart figures by Arora Design.

They really are beautiful sculptures, capturing those magical moments we share with those we truly love.

The most important and profound relationships in our lives caught in one moment, in  subtle but beautiful sculptures.

A little girl giving her Mother a bunch of flowers, with a hug and a kiss, a magical moment between Mother and Daughter.

A new Father proudly holding his little baby Girl above him playfully, you can almost hear the baby chuckle as the sculpture takes you back to those precious early days.

A Mother, carries her young baby in her arms while she gazes as the babies face, you can almost imagine her singing in this stunning Precious Gift sculpture.

Proud new Parents sit together as they cradle their newborn in awe in the New Baby Joy sculpture.

Loving Moment, perfectly describes the sculpture of a Mother and her Young Daughter, walking arm in arm as they chat and laugh together, such simple moments that bring such treasured memories.

My Sister is a wonderful sculpture of young Sister’s hugging, a fleeting moment, perfectly captured forever.

If you want to say “I Love You“,  “I’m Thinking of You” or “Thank You”,  More than Words…. From the Heart has a sculpture that says it beautifully, and eternally.

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Stonewitwords stoneware collectables with fun slogans

Have you seen our collectables range yet?  We  love the beautiful Stonewitwords range of wit, wisdom and wise words.

These make fantastic gifts, and there’s a slogan to suit almost anyone or any occasion, whether you are shopping for your Boss, a friend, your SisterMother or Lover, you are bound to find a slogan that’s just right.

We currently have beautiful heavyweight Stonewitwords  Coasters  made with crushed stone/resin and engraved with various fun slogans, they also come with a display stand and a hanging hook so you can choose to use them or display them as wall plaques or ornaments.

We also have a collection of Stonewitwords Mugs, but be quick they’re selling fast!

Oversized mugs made from highly glazed stoneware inscribed with various fun slogans, a perfect way to start your day with a cuppa and a smile.

Why not mix and match?  The coasters and mugs compliment each other beautifully and you can really get your message across! 🙂

Do you know someone who is saving for something special?

Or are you trying to encourage a younger family member to learn to look after their pennies?

Take a look at these beautiful and unique Piggy Banks. They are superb!

Highly glazed and also supplied in a sturdy gift box, functional and also ornamental, another perfect gift from the Stonewitwords range. Saving for a Harley or just for a rainy day? Maybe you know someone planning a girly night out?

Give them a little encouragement with one of these delightful little Pigs.