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Olympic Fun and Games

Gold Medal at Taos Gifts
Gold Medal Winner

Celebrate the Olympics with your own fun and games this summer.

However you choose to celebrate, you can all be Gold Medal Winners!

If you are planning an Olympics Party we have everything you need to help support Team GB this year.

At TAOS Gifts we have plenty of ideas for fun challenges for your very own Olympic heroes at home, challenge them to skipping races with one of our fun, brightly coloured Wood Handle Character Skipping Ropes, choose either a  Beautiful Yellow Bee, a cheerful Black and White Cow, Red and Black Ladybirds or the Fun and Funky Green Frogs!

Lady bird wood handle skipping rope at taos gifts
Skipping Races with Fun Characters

Test their jumping skills with the traditional French Skipping Rope.

Don’t worry though, because every person that takes part can still go home with their very own Winners Gold Medal! They are available individually or in Bargain Bulk Packs of 120 for larger group events.

Each Gold Medal comes on a red white and blue ribbon with a plastic medal that measures 4cm in diameter with winner printed one side and a star on the other.

Invent your own ball skills games with the huge Giant Inflatable Football, fun for football fans as well as perfect for your own Olympic sporting events!

Test their coordination and fine motor skills with one of our fun Juggling Balls Sets, everyone that gives it a try surely deserves to win a medal!

plastic gold medal keyring at TAOS Gifts
Everyone’s a Winner

Give all members of your Olympic party a memento of the fun, activity filled day with a Plastic Gold Medal Keyring.

At TAOS Gifts, we have plenty of fun ideas and party supplies to help you throw a party to remember whatever the occasion!

Check out our Confectionery and Party Supplies Section for ideas and inspiration for your very own Great British Party 2012!

Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Style!

Union Jack colour fx hairspray at TAOS Gifts
Fly the flag, on your head!

We love parties at TAOS Gifts and have plenty in stock to help you with any celebration, from party gifts to catering supplies, party prizes, balloons to bubbles, party poppers and glowsticks!

We have  a massive selection of tasty sweets and treats too!

This year is a big one, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee!

The Diamond Jubilee takes place in 2012, marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign. The Queen came to the throne on 6th February 1952 (her Coronation took place on 2nd June 1953).

Show your support and celebrate in style with the Union Jack flying high on buntings, flags, posters, hats and even your hair!

With Colour FX Coloured Hairspray, you can colour your hair quickly and easily and when the party is over, it’s easy to wash out with warm water and shampoo.

In time for the Royal Celebrations we have a special offer on Colour FX Red, White and Blue Hairspray.

union jack colour fx hair gel at TAOS Gifts
Go wild with colour!

The Special Offer Colour FX Union Jack Coloured Hairspray is a bulk pack containing three easy to use cans of coloured hairspray, the colours are wicked white, radical red and bizarre blue.

Each colour is UV reactive giving you a funky glow when you are under UV lights, perfect for parties!

If you want a more sculpted look, then try the Special Value Triple Pack of Colour FX hair Gel.

With funky streaks of coloured tips of your hair you will really stand out from the crowd. The Colour FX Hair Gel is also UV reactive creating a glowing crown of hair for the event of the year!

union jack trolley token keyring at TAOS Gifts
Union Flag Trolley Token
Be Patriotic all year round with one of our Union Flag Keyrings.

Not only is it stylish, but it’s useful too!

No more hunting in your pockets, handbag purse or wallet for a pound coin while you are shopping, simply clip the Union Flag Token off the secure lobster claw keyring and use that instead.


Celebrate the Queens Jubilee in style

Union Flag, Union Jack Gleneagles of Edinburgh Fine china mug at TAOS GiftsAre you planning a party to celebrate the Queens Jubilee this year?

Or are you planning a quiet celebration at home with a traditionally British cup of tea?

Whatever your plans at TAOS gifts we have the perfect patriotic accessories.

Put the kettle on, relax with your favourite brew in this stylish Fine China Union Jack Mug from Gleneagles or Edinburgh.

Alternatively, if you are planning a street party, this beautiful patriotic mug could be given as a prize.

Another great prize idea for a patriotic party are these brilliant Playing Cards, high quality plastic coated so they will last for years, each card has the red white and blue union flag design on the back.

Union Jack Pencils are also another great party gift idea, each pack contains four pencils with an eraser on the tip.

Traditional Bunting, UK Street Party, Queens Jubilee, Party Ideas at TAOS Gifts
Decorate your home and street
Fly the flag all over your street, or decorate your home and party venue with the traditional Street Party Bunting, each pack contains a string of 20 Union Flagsto fly high and stretch over 10 meters of space!

When preparing the buffet, don’t forget your Union Jack Design Paper Napkins, with their colourful design and strong 1 ply paper they are perfect to decorate your table, wrap party sized portions of cake and protect your clothes.

Serve guests drinks in Patriotic Paper Cups decorated with the Union Flag, not only are they practical, they look fantastic, are safer than glass and are biodegradable too!

Union jack mini plastic bowler hats for party guests at TAOS GiftsTo compliment the paper cups, we also have matching Union Flag Paper Plates, with a diameter of 23cm they are the perfect party size, and once the party is over they can easily be recycled.

Don’t forget to decorate your guests too, with the Mini Bowler Hats, decorated with the Union Jack they are fun and stylish street party accessories!

If you are planning any UK themed party, take a look at our wonderful Union Jack Party Accessories, suitable for boys, girls children and adults.

All with the Union Jack theme in bright Red White and Blue!

Brain Lickers, Pucker Suckers and Thumb Dippers

toxic waste pucker sucker sour lollipops at TAOS Gifts
Are you brave enough?

Toxic Waste Pucker Suckers are lollipops that are not for the faint hearted or those with delicate taste buds!

They are dangerously sour candy lollipops that come in a variety of super sour flavours Apple, Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry.

Toxic Waste have named them Pucker Suckers for a very good reason! If you can’t work it out, suck it and see, just make sure you are looking in a mirror at the same time to see the faces you pull when tasting one of these ultra-sour lollipops.

Brilliant fun to give as prank gifts and add to party bags, see who can cope with their Pucker Sucker the longest!

Have your camera ready and get ready for some seriously silly faces!

We have more taste bud torturing fun with the Mega Shocker Bubblegum Filled Sour Candy Sweets.

Can you keep yours in your mouth long enough for the mind-blowing super-sour sweet to dissolve releasing the bubble gum centre?

Brain licker super sour novelty candy drink
Sour Brains, yummy!

If your little ones take great delight in the gruesome, then they will love the super sour Brain Lickers, a novelty roll-on style bottle, simply take off the lid and roll the roller ball over your tongue for the sour liquid novelty candy drink.

Please be aware the Brain Lickers are not refreshment drinks, they are novelty candy liquid.

If Brain Lickers didn’t quench their thirst for the gruesome, try Eye Poppers.
Made by Zed Candy, Eye Poppers have an eye poppingly sour outer shell, once you have got through the tough shell you’ll find a soft chewy bubble gum centre.
If the squeals of laughter from the super sour treats have left you feeling deaf, try the huge Monster Jawbreakers on a Stick, we can’t promise silence, but we can promise lots of fun and not so many sticky finger marks everywhere.

The Monster Jawbreakers on a Stick are also made by Zed Candy, like the traditional giant jawbreakers with a mixture of fruity flavours and bright swirls of colour they last for ages!

Being on a stick is more practical than the old giant jawbreakers, making them far easier to hold without getting into quite a sticky pickle!

thumb dippers lolly with sour powder novelty candy sweets
Thumbs Up for Thumb Dippers!

Alternatively, for some serious sticky fingers (or thumbs) there are Thumb Dippers, a thumb-shaped lolly that you stick your thumb into, then dip into the delicious fruity but sour sherbet pot for some tongue teasing fun!

Thumb Dippers come in three sour fruity flavours Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry, fantastic fun sweets by Wom!

Collectible Erasers, Fun Rubbers for School and Art

Yellow smiley faces rubbers, erasers, collectible novelty TAOS Gifts
A Smiley set for your pencil-case!

Generations have enjoyed collecting novelty erasers for years. At TAOS Gifts we have a huge selection for you to choose from, with so many themes we are sure you will find the design you are looking for ideal for collectors, party gifts and party bag fillers, we have more stock being added all the time so be sure to bookmark us and pop back often to see the new lines!

These Yellow Smiley Faces are cheerful collectible erasers, they come as a set of four with a discount for bulk purchases. There are many different designs  including a gritted teeth crying smiley rubber, a smiley rubber with love hearts for eyes a traditional smiley, a cool smiley wearing sunglasses, a big-mouthed laughing smiley and a laughing smiley with closed eyes and little red cheeks.

Turtle fans will love these little cool dudes! Turtle Erasers in various parts allowing you to take apart and rebuild or mix and match your little Turtle collection. Buildable two-tone 3D erasers, each with several parts and each has a different colour shell.
Ideal for novelty erasers collections, other designs available too they are brightly coloured stocking filler or party bag fillers for kids of all ages.

Novelty 3d monkey erasers rubbers collectibles at TAOS Gifts
Funky Monkey!

These Funky Monkeys are so cute and a lovely addition to any Monkey or eraser collection. Each novelty 3D Monkey rubber is wearing headphones and has a sweet little chimp smile, buy a colour of your choice or all four colours to add some serious monkey business to your pencil-case.

Go mad as a March Hare with the sweet little Buildable Bunny Rabbit 3D Erasers, each one is wearing coloured dungarees and they are available in four different colours. Ideal Easter Bunny Giftsfor home or school.

Novelty calculator erasers at TOAS Gifts collectible rubbers
Bouncy Rubber Calculator

You can’t cheat your maths exams with our Novelty Calculator Erasers, but you can correct any pencil mistakes quickly and easily with them, not only that they look great on your desk or workstation and come in a variety of colours, each one is larger than your average eraser at 6.5cm x 3.5cm they look just like the real thing, fool your friends at school or give as fun gifts.

Brighten up your bottle of wine with fun labels and novelty bottle stoppers

As I get older I don't need glasses, I drink straight from the bottle stopper TAOS Gifts
Just one of our many bottle stoppers

Brighten up your dinner party with our fun novelty wine bottle stoppers and wine labels at TAOS Gifts.

If you are giving wine to someone as a gift, we have the perfect novel accessories to add that personal touch, a sense of humour is essential!

The Novelty Wine bottle stoppers are a great alternative to those boring, unreliable corks and guaranteed to amuse all your guests. Whatever your night of entertainment may be, ensure you have the right bottle, for the right occasion, with the right stopper, and you will be sure to bring a laugh to any table.

Each novelty wine bottle stopper is stainless steel, 10.5cm long and will fit most standard sized wine bottles
Two rubber rings around the stopper ensure a tight and secure fit
Keeps your wine fresh (if there is any left)
There are many fun stoppers to choose from with various slogans such as as

As I get older I don’t need glasses any more,

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed funny wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts
Funny Wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts

I drink straight from the bottle

Perfect for those big age Birthdays!

For those that appreciate a little sarcasm

I drink to make other people more interesting

For those keen on alternative health remedies try

Grape Therapy

Perfect for dinner parties

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed

They are just a small sample of the Wine Bottle Stoppers available in outr fantastic Funky Gadgets and Gifts section!

Mix and match your fun wine accessories with the novelty bottle bag and wine labels. Simply soak off the regular wine bottle label, peel off the self adhesive labels and place one on the wine bottle, and one on the bag.

Rebrand your wine! With fun labels such as Cabinet Shitaz, a woody old plonk with a hint of varnish, a good nose would not be helpful here as there is a rich fruity smell of shitty old pants in the finishing notes. A hearty (and farty) red, recommended food, onions and pork scratchings.

shit creek wine bottle label and bag, novelty gifts at taos gifts
We've all been there...

How about a delicious bottle of Shit Creek? this wine is best enjoyed when you’ve had a crappy old day, when you think things couldn’t get much worse, but you know they will.

A wine fit for Austin Powers is Semillion Shagdonnay.  A fruity young wine made from the finest Shagdonnay grapes. This wine has a fine aphrodisiac flavour. Could easily turn a quiet night into and uncontrollable shagathon. Oh yeah baby!

For the truly unique, there’s Sauvignon Plonk. An amusing and pretentious piece of shit, unique and difficult to describe, with a warning not to pour down the sink as it may be an environmental hazard! 😆