To the Bubble Bath and Beyond

Peruvian Cherry Soap Filled Sponge   Bath Bubble & Beyond 225g TAOS Gifts
One of our Fruity soap filled sponges

Bath Bubble & Beyond is a brilliant range of Bathroom goodies, ideal gifts or treats for yourself and your family, they smell gorgeous and look fun and funky in your bathroom too!

Everything is handmade in the factory in Poole, Dorset, and the range of products include bath fizzers and creamers, bath marbles, chefs and gardeners soaps, bath and shower gels, non-foaming bath salts (great for hot tubs and spas), fruity shaped and scented soap sponges (sponges filled with scented glycerine soap) that gently foam as you scrub, bath wobble jellies which are great for kids bathtimes, shampoo bars for all the family and foam bath gels and powders, as well as massage bars and other soaps.

The soap filled sponges are fun fruity shaped sponges filled with a moisturising fruity fragranced glycerine soap, ideal for the bath or shower, and the bubbles in the sponge means it floats in the bath, solving the slippery soap problem.

Choose from Peruvian Cherry, Tropical Coconut, Lemon and Lime, Scrumptious Strawberry, and mouth-watering Watermelon.

Chefs and Gardeners have their own purpose made soap, the lemon  Chefs soap deodorises the hands removing stubborn smells such as Garlic and Onion, while the Mint and Geranium Gardeners soap contains almost 50% Pumice to help remove stubborn dirt and grime while at the same time it softens and smooths hard skin.

Gardeners Soap Mint & Geranium  Bath, Bubble and beyond at TAOS Gifts
Mint and Geranium Gardeners Soap

Drop a Bath Fizzer into your bath to release a delicious scent and soften the water with a fizz.

A lovely selection to choose from, a little Yellow Duckling with a soft and gentle fragrance of baby lotion and powder.

The beautiful scent of Snowmusk, Powdery, floral and soft with undertones of musk and amber, the understated sophistication and delicate elegance is an invitation, alluring and seductive.

For Winter gifts and treats, check out the special  Bubble Bath and Beyond Christmas special limited editions, immerse yourself in the Spirit of the Season with delightful scents to soothe your senses.

Loved Up winter warmer at TAOS Gifts, edible massage bar, ginger
Edible massage bar for cosy nights in....


You really will be good enough to eat with the Loved up Winter Warmer Christmas Gingerbread Heart Shaped Massage Naughty but nice massage bar, made with around three-quarters cocoa butter, tastes of Gingerbread when you lick the skin after a sensuous massage with your favourite person.

The massage bar has a melting point just above body temperature, the cocoa butter melts easily on contact with the skin and as the other ingredient is finest Belgian chocolate this makes for a great way to spend a cold winter’s night! Delicious!

If you prefer to shop by fragrance we’ve made it easier than ever just click this link to take you to the fragrance finder for your favorite bath Bubble and beyond products!

Creepy beasts, glowing ghouls, fun and games for a frightfully good Halloween!

loot bags, party bags, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, halloween trick or treat at halloween taos gifts
Party Loot Bags, trick or treat

October is almost upon us, are your ready for the little Monsters, creepy critters, ghastly ghouls, wicked witches and fearsome beasties?

Be Prepared with TAOS  Halloween gifts, we have everything you need for a fearsome night with your little horrors.

Freak up their hair with Colour FX Hairspray or ColourFX Hair gel, Zombify their faces with facepaints, then get ready to get the party started!

Be safe and be seen when you are out on cold dark nights this winter with Glowstick Jewellery, make your own necklaces, earrings  and bracelets with the connectors provided, they glow bright for hours, available in 4 bright colours, and various size packs  the only limit is your imagination.

Fill party bags or loot bags with  creepy candy Halloween Rock Lollies, fruity flavours with scary Halloween designs, chocolate Pumpkins, bags full of delicious chocolate wrapped in foil with a pumpkin design, or the freaky chocolate eyeballs, made in the UK by Derwent Lynton, gruesome coloured horror eyes with freaky red veins all over them, little monsters love them, then add a collection of beastly goodies.

Party bag toys, halloween, Maze, pocket toy, tombola, lucky dip, taos gifts
Spooky Maze prizes

Plastic spooky Mazes are always popular, how steady is your hand?

Perfect for lucky dips, pass the parcel, party bags and other party prizes, with a selection of shapes and spooky designs with creepy trees, bats, witches and ghostly beings, they are just one of our great selection of party goodies.

Halloween Paddle Drums, in suitably creepy colours including black, green orange and purple, decorated with scary faces and haunting ghosts, are a great alternative to sweets for the little trick or treaters, and perfect party prizes for Halloween fun.

Gelli Baff, horrid goo, bogey bath, slime, bug, ghastly bug, taos gifts
Ghastly Bug filled Goo

The ultimate creep out! Horrify them with Horrid Henry Green Gelli Baff Jelly in Horrid Henry Bogey Green, fill the bath, a large cauldron or a paddling pool with the green slimy bug filled goo, carefully wrap up prizes and make them hunt around in slime for a trick, or a treat.

Add more beasts to the mix with a selection of Extreme Stretchies, with a choice of Frogs, Snakes and Spiders, you can create a gruesome zombie slime lucky dip with prizes sure to make the scream!

Mad Beauty Cake and Cocktails, lip-smackingly good gifts

Mince Pie, lip gloss, mad beauty, TAOS Gifts
Mad Beauty Mince Pie Lip Gloss

Mad Beauty brings you delicious Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings that make your mouth water, they look good enough to eat. Perfect make up or handbag accessories for the party season, ideal small gifts, party bag or Christmas stocking fillers.

No sorry, we’re not talking real cake, just delicious flavoured lip gloss in fun, funky novelty packaging!

Made by Mad beauty the  Lip gloss company, realistic looking cake shapes containing cake flavour lip gloss.

The Christmas Mince Pie by Mad Beauty contains 6g of Mince Pie flavour lip gloss all wrapped up in a cakey container.

Keep your lips looking lush and smooth and tasting great!

How about some tasty Christmas Pudding? A delicious, fabulously fruity lip gloss in a fun Christmas Pudding container.

Mouth watering, delicious and non fattening temptation all wrapped up in a brilliantly detailed Christmas Pudding , garnished with a sprig of Holly.

Mad Beaty, The Lip gloss company, Christmas Pudding flavour lip gloss at TAOS Gifts
Christmas Pudding

More Fruity goodness can be found in the pretty little Russian Doll Babushka Lip Balm, with pretty pastel colours and mouth-watering fruity flavours they are sure to be popular with girls of all ages.

Choose from Apple, Cherry or Vanilla. Each Mad Beauty Russian Doll Lip Balm contains 4g of soothing Lip Balm in a container that looks just brilliant with any cosmetics collection or dressing table display.

If you like things a little more exotic than your traditional Christmas Pudding, try the Mad Beauty Cocktail Shakers.

  Cosmopolitan - Cranberry     Apple Martini - Apple     Strawberry Daiqiri Strawberry     PIna Colada Coconut     Margarita Lime     Tequila Sunrise  Orange Mad Beauty cocktail lipgloss at TAOS Gifts
Fruity Cocktail Lip Balm Mad Beautyc

Bright and funky miniature Cocktail shakers, each containing 4g of delicious cocktail flavoured lip balm, choose from one of the six assorted fruity flavours;

Cosmopolitan – Cranberry
Apple Martini – Apple
Strawberry daiquiri – Strawberry
Pina Colada – Coconut
Margarita – Lime
Tequila Sunrise – Orange

What is your favourite Shearer Candles scent?

Hollyberry and Clove candles from Shearer Candles There are so many scents to choose from with Shearer Candles. Founded in 1897, Shearer Candles produce fine candles using only the purest and finest ingredients, and are already working on some exciting new scents for Spring 2012. We will let you know the new ones as soon as we know!

Shearer Candles produce a huge range of scented candles including tins, pillars, filled glass jars and tealights, as well as room sprays and reed diffusers for those that prefer not to burn candles, but do like a scented home.

Amber Noir scented candles from Shearer CandlesThe newest Shearer Candles scent for 2011 is Amber Noir, a rare, dark essence of tuberose, violets and amber, it is sensual and mysterious and will provoke all your senses. Amber Noir is part of the Victorian Winter range and is new for Winter 2011. Amber Noir is very similar in scent to the old favourite Amber and Rose Fondant, but it has darker heavier notes, and it is black in colour. So Amber Noir is not only a fantastic scent but its also a very sylish accessory for your home, and sure to be a sure favourite this year.  Another popular scents from the Victorian Winter range is Frankincense and Myrrh which is a dark burgundy colour and a rich arabian fragrance combining the oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla. An all year round favourite is Orange and Cinnamon, orange in colour and a festive pot pourri of mandarin orange spiced with cinnamon, and not forgetting Winter Fig an oriental fig blended with festive spices, rich and fruity, deep purple in colour. Our ultimate favourite from 2011 is Hollyberry and Clove, it is a deep red fragrance, very festive and spiced with cloves and cinnamon, it remind us of winter clove sweets from yesteryears. 

Vanilla and Coconut room fragrances and candles from Shearer CandlesIf you prefer something more summery then the Spring Couture range from Shearer Candles is always popular the candles are generally white in colour, and more delicate in fragrance, this year in 2011 we saw two new additions to the range comprising of Mango and Starfruit, a ripe juicy mango scent smelling sweetly of summer and the tropics, this is so sweet and really reminds you of your holidays,  and Wild Tuscan Fig, imagine discovering the moment you break open a juicy fig, fresh from the tree, and ripened by the sun, thats where you will be with this fragrance.

Mango and Starfruit scented candles and room fragrances from Shearer CandlesMango and Starfruit and Wild Tuscan Fig, have joined the immensly popular Vanilla and Coconut a warm baked coconut with hints of vanilla pod, its not a heavy scent, we love the room spray which actually smells like Malibu! Another Spring Couture scent is Persian Lime and Grapefruit, an effervescent citrus fragrance opening with fresh kaffir lime and zesty sweet grapefruit, its very fruity and will really brighten up your mood. Not forgetting the ever popular Amber and Rose Fondant, a heady floral heart of tuberrose with top notes of violet and amber . Regretfully in 2011 Shearer Candles said goodbye to Lavender and Lilac, and China Rose, we hope that Lavender and Lilac will come back again one day. If these are your favourite scents, well we still have some stock of Lavender and Lilac, pure soothing essential lavender oil blended with sweet lilac buds, and also China Rose,  a delicious cocktail of fresh peach and raspberry that embellishes the seductive bouquet of rose and violet. But we recommend you hurry before they totally sell out.

Pomegranate and Ginger scented candles and room fragrances from Shearer CandlesIn 2010 it was time to say goodbye to Shearer Candles’ festive scent Pomegranate and Ginger, a bright red colour, smells of succulent pomegranate with a snap of ginger, also Vanilla and Black Walnut, a favorite with nut lovers, a luscious vanilla bean and sweet maple mixed with a hint of nutty walnut. The other scent to be discontinused was Victorian Plum, light purple coloured, a juicy ripe plum blended with crisp anise and warm cinnamon spice. We have very limited stock left of these three scents at TAOS Gifts and will not be getting any more. 

If you have a favourite Shearer Candles scent, please let us know on this blog or email us, we really do like to hear from you!!

Little Paws Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Exotic Collectable Critters

Jess cat Kitten collectablecomical animal critter at TAOS gifts
Little Paws Critter Jess the Cat

Little Paws collectable Critters by Arora Design are comical little critters with funny expressions and are irresistible gifts for animal lovers.

Each one comes with its own naming card so you can change your little critters name, send off the card and receive a free engraved tag with your critters name on.

In our post earlier this month, we told you about the Little Paws Dog Breed collectables and accessories, but the Critter Collection doesn’t stop there.

Cat lovers will fall in love with the various Cats and Kittens, look at little Jess, with her eyes closed and a big kitty smile, you can almost hear her purring as she chases her little ball around.

Marmalade the little Ginger Tom is equally as cute as he smiles with satisfaction as he scratches his little ear.

Millie the cute Tabby Kitten looks as though she’s just woken up, with her ears on full alert, but her eyes still looking drowsy, she looks as though she’s about to stretch and yawn, sleepy little kitty.

Popular Pet Rabbits are also included in the Critter collection, check out Oswald the little Rabbit Kitten yet to grow into his big paws, he’s got an adorable sleepy bunny expression and would look great sat beside Bailey the little carrot crunching bunny, he rests his little paw on his cheek as he casually munches his snack.

Cassie the little Tiger Cub collectable critter at Taos gifts
Cassie the Tiger Cub

There’s even bigger little Critters as TAOS Gifts, exotic and beautiful Cassie the little Tiger Cub sits big eyes with her little paws crossed, knowing the elegant big cat she will become.

Rory the Lion is another big cat from the Little Paws Collection, the King of the Jungle, he raises his paw almost as if he’s giving a cool high-five.

Little Tosca the meerkat tilts his little head to one side as he cautiously checks out his surroundings.

Gertrude the little Giraffeis taking it easy as she rests while having a snack, such a sweet little smile, her lovely long legs folded under her as she lazes her day away.

Hettie little paws hippo critter hippopotamus
Hettie the Hippo

Hettie the Hippopotamus looks as though she’s just finished wallowing in the water with her relaxed and happy smile and super shiney body, she sparkles!

Mikey the Cheeky Monkey has a slightly happy, mad look about his, with his arms up and all over the place his comical expression is sure to make you laugh!

There’s too many to mention all in one post from the cuddly pup to the huge Elephant, Little paws have Critters of all shapes and sizes.

Perfect gifts for any animal lover.

Perfect presents are Perfectly Presented, so let it snow!

perfectly presented snowman christmas ornament snow globe at TAOS Gifts
Let it Snow Globe

Beautiful collectible Snowmen have arrived at TAOS gifts in plenty of time for the festive season.

Perfectly Presented Christmas Snowmen from the Pavillion gift company are gorgeous Christmas figures and decorations in a delicate winter white colour scheme.

Let it Snow is a jolly looking snowman inside a water filled ball, he has his arms (made from branches)  in the air and a little collared Dove perched on one arm, he’s wearing a hat, scarf and a big happy smile!

The water globe sits on a white base with the words “let it snow” on the front, it comes in a presentation box making it ideal to give as a Seasonal gift. Perfectly Presented Snowmen come in a whole range of figurines allowing you to create various winter scenes or display the whole collection.

Snowman Family, Perfectly Presented at TAOS Gifts
Perfectly Presented Snowman Family Figurine

The family Snowman figurine consists of a snowman, a snowlady and a snowchild, with snowy white bodies and silver branches for arms, they look brilliant with any colour themes at Christmas.

The Snowman holds a book, ready to sing carols while the snowlady has a little heart shape bag drapped over her branchy arm, the snow child holds his arms in the air with excitement, they all have huge snowman smiles, very cute!

The Perfectly Presented Snowman Love figurine shows a very happy couple, they

are obviously in love, the happy Snowman snuggles up to the cheerful looking

Snowlady, he holds a Dove on his arm while she carries a bag on her little branch arm.

Beauty of the Season figurine is a Snowman (or Woman) Holding a silver bucket full of snow-white flowers in one arm, with a little Dove perched on the other.

perfectly Presented Winter wonderland snowman candle tea light holder TAOS gifts
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a beautiful white and silver coloured glass tea light holder decorated with various smiley Perfectly Presented Snowmen, a stunning addition to the collection and a perfect Christmas or winter Birthday gift.

The Friend tea light holder is a gorgeous sentimental gift to give to a friend, the Snowman stands on one side holding a bag that’s decorated with the words ” Friends warm the Heart” little Doves sit on the Snowman’s arms while at the side there is a little Tea light candle holder.

There are many more in this collection with various sentiments and cheerful smiles they are perfect for the festive season.

Monday Coffee Break, confectionery testing time, yummy!

Cherry liqueur, milk chocolate coated cherry
Buy me now, I'm delicious

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it, today I am testing confectionery for TAOS Gifts.

I have before me a line up of goodies on my desk, so which to choose first?

Tough one!

The Marzipan Fruits look mouth-wateringly yummy, but the Cherries in Liqueur screamed “Eat Me!” 😯

So, visual appeal, yes, beautifully wrapped in gold foil with the shape of the chocolate teasing me through its wrapper.

The chocolate melts in the mouth, but I was impatient and had to chew, and wow!

The Liqueur melts dreamily into your mouth with the chocolate, followed by a whole cherry that was enveloped in this little piece of chocolate heaven!

Going back to the sweet line up on my desk, I pick up a Peachy marzipan fruit shape. It looks just like a mini peach, and tastes fabulously fruity!

Next was the Cherry marzipan fruit, my sweet tooth is totally satisfied with these little fruity shapes. 8)

Not only do they taste as good as they look, I think they’d be brilliant for decorating home-made cakes as well as serving on a dish at parties or using as party bag fillers or wedding favours.

I have no packaging for the chocolate sticks, just a list giving me clues as to what they might be… and well, they’re chocolate sticks so I’m fine with that! 😀

The first one smells orangey, I don’t like orange creme chocolates so I panic a little 😕  but decide to brave it anyway (things I do in the name of work)

I bite into it and it’s like orange Jaffa gorgeousness, it’s zesty too and…

I think I’ll hide these from my children.

Sour Jawbreaker, novelty sweet and sour candy at TAOS gifts
Jawbreakers novelty candy for children

No such luck!

I was rudely interrupted during my extended and rather moreish coffee break by my teenage Son and Daughter, I reluctantly share…

“Mmm, not sure what they are, but they’re quite nice, they taste like Jaffa cakes” my Teenage Daughter says as she munches her way through an orange chocolate stick.

Funny faces all round as my teenage Son melodramatically bites into a chocolate Lemon stick, just as tangy and zesty as the delicious orange we all agree, Son, no longer pulling crazy faces asks “can I have another please”

I remind my offspring I’m still at work and squirrel away my project until they leave the office. 😳

TAOS gifts have plenty of fun novelty sweets for the children so you can enjoy the more luxury products in peace, mine love the Character Candy novelties.

It’s getting tough to choose from my pile of goodies now, so lucky dip time….

Liquorice has always been a favourite of mine, especially the really hard liquorice, I’ve got two big chunks here, one hard and one soft.

Equally as delicious, I’d like some more to test please boss if you’re reading this. 😆

I close my eyes and pick another delicious sample from the collection, and bite into an instant kick of ginger, wonderful!

To my delight the next few sticks are the same, dark delicious chocolate with the unmistakable tang of fresh ginger.

Time for another coffee break I think, this is hard work! 😛


Love hearts traditional candy at TAOS gifts
Lots of traditional old favourites as well as luxury chocolate

My work here is done, I now have just two delicious chunks of chocolate before me, nice and nutty, just the way I like it.

Bitter dark chocolate with a distinct nutty flavour as soon as you pop one in your mouth, a mouth-watering crunch as you bite into the rich, crunchy Walnut centre.


I’ll be back!  8)



Ambient Lighting, Soothing Aromatherapy, Ionised Air, Made by Zen

Bliss Aqua Blue Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser at TAOS Gifts
Bliss Aqua Blue Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy, ambient lighting, delicate fragrance, you get all this and more with the Ultrasonic Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers Made by Zen.

Made by Zen air purifiers ionise and hydrate your surroundings, using only water and fragrance or essential oils which gently scent the air with a fine mist, available in either Bliss Aqua Blue, Bliss Amber Orange or Bliss Rose Pink.
With coloured static LED light for ultimate light therapy and visual stimulation.
Size approximately 10.8cm x 22cm.

They purify the air, improving the quality using only a fine water mist and no smoke.
Hydrates and moisturises the air without any condensation.
Fragrances your home or office healthily and effectively, using an essential or fragrance oil,
ionizes the air, producing feel good negative ions, environmentally friendly.

UK plug, no batteries required.
Auto shut off after approximately 3.5 hours of use.
Just add  water and 3-5 drops of your favourite fragrance oil or essential oil, there are many to choose from.


Free scented oil with every Made By Zen diffuser purchased, just mention TAOS Blog in the comments box as you go through checkout.

These diffusers are a great alternative to scented candles and reed diffusers, no naked flames.

Ylang Ylang classic scented fragrance oil 10ml made by zen at TAOS gifts
Ylang Ylang classic scented fragrance oil 10ml

Safe to use around pets and young children.
Features triggered auto shut off when water falls below required level. Ceramic disks last approx 3000 hours, replacements are available.

A wonderful selection of high quality concentrated fragranced oils also Made By Zen are also available including Ylang Ylang, Rose Petals, Coffee, Vanilla and Satsuma & Cinnamon in the 10ml Classic range and Berry Vanille, Three Kings, Christmas Spice, Fresh Mint & Grapefruit, and Sicilian Tangerine in the Signature range which are in larger 15ml bottles.

The Zen Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser is an ideal and thoughtful gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings or Housewarmings, with stylish, sleek good looks, soft lighting, air cleansing, Ionising  and soothing aromatherapy they are sure to be popular gifts.

Zenbow colour changing diffuser Ioniser

If you can’t decide on the right colour for you, or if you are looking for beautiful but subtle lighting for your home, have a look at the Made By Zen Zenbow!

The Zenbow still has a sleek and stylish design, it still purifies and ionizes the air, gently releases moisture and fragrance just like the Bliss Diffusers.

The Zenbow Ultrasonic Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser by Made by Zen has a stylish conical,  pyramid shape, but also changes colour! You can choose to set one colour or switch it to a colour changing light and watch it change through a Zenbow of colours, including  Red, Blue, Green, Aqua and Lilac, beautiful multi purpose lighting for the home!

Don’t forget your  Free scented oil with every Zen diffuser purchased.

Just mention TAOS Blog in the comments box during checkout.

Gleneagles of Edinburgh Antique Collection of Buddhas and Amulets at TAOS Gifts

Gleneagles of Edinburgh  Antique collection at TAOS Gifts
Gleneagles of Edinburgh "Joy" Buddha

Gleneagles Studio, Edinburgh produce beautiful, collectable figurines and gifts, the antique collection are stunning resin figures and ornaments that have been carefully hand painted to give them the  distressed look of hard wood, with an antique silver finish.

The Laughing or Happy Buddha features in this collection in various poses and is presented in a gift box.

The Laughing Buddha is considered lucky, and to bring good fortune.

At TAOS Gifts we have various Buddha figures in stock, Joy is approx 8cm tall, a very happy looking laughing Buddha.

Prosperity Laughing Buddha Tea Light holder at TAOS Gifts
Prosperity Tea Light Holder

We also have a Buddha version of Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil.

Hear No Evil shows the Laughing Buddha with his hands over his ears, and such a big smile it’s easy to imagine him giving a hearty chuckle.

See No Evil shows the Laughing Buddha with his hands playfully covering his eyes.

Speak no Evil shows the Happy Buddha covering his mouth with both hands, but his eyes give away the fact he’s still laughing under his hands.

The taller Laughing Buddha figure shows Buddha walking, he stands just over 14cm tall.

Prosperity is another laughing Buddha standing at just over 22cm, beside him is a little plate for a Tea Light candle, a stylish addition to any home.

Contemplation tea light holder at TAOS Gifts

The Beautiful Amulets compliment the Buddhas perfectly, with the matching dark wood and Antique silver effect finish you can carry the antique theme through the home with the matching Wall Art Bust, The Meditation Incense holder and ash catcher, the elegant Meditation Tea Light Holder Amulet, and Contemplation, a beautiful Tea Light with a glass bowl.

Have fun and games with Chocolate

Chocolate chess set, milk and white chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Check Mate with Chocolate Chess

Chess have never been so much fun! Up the competition, you have to protect your pieces harder than ever now, because your pieces are chocolate!

Be on your guard and use your tactical skills wisely or else your opponent will eat anything you leave open to attack!

Chess is more fun now than it’s ever been, and with delicious chocolate pieces it appeals to players of all ages.

Each box contains 32 milk and white chocolate pieces and a folding playing board, you can play over and over again because the box also contains reuseable chocolate moulds.

TAOS Gifts have more from the Creative Confectionary Company with Chocolate Stacks (also known as Jenga) with 20 milk and white chocolate stacking batons, and reusable chocolate moulds, chocolate games are perfect for parties and to give as gifts .


Chocolate Draughts, checkers, fun with chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Save some for the King!

Be careful while playing Chocolate Draughts (also known as Checkers) if you eat all chocolate you take you wont have any to save if you get across the board to be King!

Do you have the will power to save them? If not don’t worry, all is not lost because this delicious game also comes with reuseable moulds to you can make more and play over and over again.

Sure to be a big hit with children and chocolate lovers of all ages, you just can’t go wrong with novelty chocolate.


We love novelty gifts here, novelty chocolate gifts are also available for the younger (or young at heart) members of the family.


These bright and funky giant crayons look great on any desk or workstation, they look like huge pencils, but the tips are actually fully useable crayons, the pencil body can be used over and over again as a pencil-case and it contains 10 small, foil wrapped chocolate pencils.

Chocolate Novely Pencils at TAOS Gifts
Chocolate novelty pencils

Perfect gifts for your budding artist, lovely little stocking fillers or party bag gifts, these novel  chocolate pencil boxes contain 8 little chocolates shaped like pencils wrapped in assorted coloured foil.