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Soothing Night Lights and Lullaby Gifts for Babies

Moonlight Ansman nursery nightlight for Babies Nursery at TAOS Gifts
Soothing Moonlight for Baby
Fill the room with soothing low light and optional lullabies to help a baby or very young child get to sleep with a cuddly mouse snuggled up to a crescent Moon.

Ansmann Moonlights are available with either a Mouse dressed in pale pink or pale blue.

Each beautiful Moonlight Gift is a cute plush soft toy mouse riding on a cuddly yellow moon. The moonlight has integrated nightlight and lullaby functions, perfect as a sleeping aid or comforter for babies, toddlers and children.

Designed for children and suitable from birth upwards Ansmann Moonlight can be hung in the Nursery, the cot, or can be cuddled.

Three different lullabies play for 10 minutes at a time whilst the five LED lights on the moon illuminate and change across three different colours (pink, blue and green)
Nightlight and lullaby automatically switches off after 10 minutes of use to save batteries, just enough time for a light sleep pattern to begin.

You can choose to set just the night-light, the music or both at the same time.

Perfect gifts for newborn babies and toddlers.

Also from Ansmann are the beautiful Starlights, with a comforting background glow for nurseries or children’s rooms, Four different colour modes available: yellow; blue; green or automatic colour changing, each one available by simply touching the top.
Enchanting mobile nightlight automatically switches off after 45 minutes of use to save batteries, allowing plenty of time for a restful slumber.

Ansmann Starlights  offer a comforting background glow for nurseries or children’s room, they are also an attractive decoration.

The light source uses a LED lamp which is economical, without heat and unbreakable. It is powered by batteries and perfect for mobile use such as in cars, mobile homes and tents.

Starlight projector from Ansmann at TAOS Gift
Turtle Ansmann Starlight projector
Ansmann Starlight projectors are available as a cheerful green Turtle Starlight Projector or the lovely Ladybird Ansmann Starlight Projector.


Counting sheep to help them sleep may not help for the very youngest members of the family, but you can help them get started with the gorgeous  little Lamb from Ansmann,  Pia is a soft cuddly Lamb with a gentle nightlight in her tummy that gives a soothing glow, if you push the button on the little lambs foot, she plays one of three lullabies to help sooth your little one to sleep.

There are many other nightlight plush cuddly characters from Ansmann, with super soft huggable bodies, traditional lullabies and a gentle glow of light they are perfect gifts for tiny babies,  toddlers and even older children, with such a beautiful selection of cuddly characters, you’re spoilt for choice!

Ansmann nursery gifts night light and lullaby Bella Duck plush toy
Love a Duck, Bella loves cuddles
Just look at little Bella, a beautiful little yellow duckling wearing a green rain hat. Children of all ages will love the Ansmann Night Light Bella Duck, she is so soft and cuddly, perfect to snuggle up to while listening to her soothing lullaby music and enjoying the soothing glow of the nightlight from her belly.

Tobi the Nightlight cuddly Bear from Ansmann is all dressed for winter in his cosy striped winter hat and a snuggly scarf, he’s a perfect cuddle companion with his super soft plush body, just touch his foot and he will play one of three lullabies to sooth baby to sleep, the soft glow from his little belly night-light is reassuring and soothing for children of all ages.

Fun gifts for creative kids

Paint your own gifts encourage creativity at TAOS Gifts
Design your own plaque
At TAOS Gifts, we have a wide range of fun, creative giftsfor children of all ages.

Our Paint your own plaque kits come with everything they need to create a wall plaque for their rooms, the kits contain a sign that says either  Monkey, Princess, Keep Out or there’s a  Blank one for them to create their own message. Each wall plaque comes with a paintbrush and paints.

There are other Paint your own gifts in stock including fun money boxes to encourage saving,  a flower-pot for budding gardeners, a photo frame for photographers and much more, have a look at our educational toys section for some inspirational ideas!

Wooden French Knitting kits in bright colours and attractive designs including the Father Christmas Santa French Knitting kit or the Pink Princess French Knitting Kit are ideal gifts for Christmas or Birthdays that will get them making their own imaginative creations in no time, French Knitting is quick and easy and they’ll love watching their creations grow through the bottom of the knitting dolly.

Each kit comes with elasticated yarn making it easier for little hands to get started, the knitting dolly, a tool to hook the yarn over and full printed instructions. french knitting is easy to do, the lengths of yarn are threaded through the hollow body, winding around the 4 metal pegs on top and unhooked using the special pencil like tool, producing a braided cord through the middle.

Fabric Tie dye kit for potential fashion designers at TAOS Gifts
Create bold funky patterns

Potential fashion designers ill love creating magnificent, colourful patterns on fabric with the Fabric Tie Dye Kit. T-shirts, bags or cushion covers can be wrapped, twisted and tied using the specially shaped plastic tools and then dyed in specific areas with the three-bottle applicators. There are three designs available, each one providing different tools to produce a distinctive design either spirals, waves or stripes.

The finished results are permanent and the whole process, including the potential to mix different dye tablets to create new colours such as purple, pink and green.
It’s educational and fun, suitable for boys and girls over 6 years old (adult supervision advised).
Complete with full instructions, the Tie Dye Kit contains;
3 x applicators (nozzle and bottle)
1 x packet of 36 dye tablets (in red, blue and yellow)
2 x plastic gloves
12 x tie belts
full instructions

You will also require need fabric, water, large plastic bowl or tub and a sealable plastic bag.

Building is easy with CLICS a tough, durable and colourful collection of building blocks, suitable for 3 years and upwards with various kits available, there is no limit to what they can build.

CLICS construction kits for creative kids at TAOS Gifts
Have fun with the colourful CLICS express

CLICS are coloured plastic building blocks that clip together to form hundreds of different models, produced in bite-proof safe polypropylene, CLICS are durable and able to withstand prolonged use under all conditions.

Get them started with this fun 3 Trains CLICS set, they can make a Steam, an Express and a Goods train, with fun metallic colours they are fully compatible with all the other CLICS sets.

There are also practical  400 Piece Wheely Roller Tubs available in either  Green or Pink with Girly Glitter CLICS, with their chunky wheels and handles they are easy for little ones to move around and to store their fantastic CLICS creations safely.

Beautiful Comfort Candle Gifts for Christmas

Comfort Candle Christmas Gift Sets at TAOS Gifts
Comfort Candle Christmas Gifts

Comfort Candles are a unique line of attractive candles with inspirational sayings.

They come packaged in a beautiful gift box which is ready to give. These versatile candles hold a tealight (included) and include a fashionable copper lid.

With the lid on or off any of the Comfort Candles will make a great gift for someone special and are a great home accessory.

Comfort Candles have a beautiful range designed especially for Christmas, each is supplied in a delightful “Ready to Give” Christmas presentation gift box containing a Christmas candle holder, tealight, hanging tasselled Christmas decoration and musical Christmas Gift Card.

Comfort Candles are hand coloured ceramic candle holders with a stone look in warm Tuscan shades of ochre and ivory.

The Family  Comfort Candle Christmas gift set reads “Let Peace be with you on Christmas and always” on the tealight holder and “Families share the spirit of the Holidays” on the tasselled Christmas Tree window decoration.

Christmas Comfort Candle, Mother beautiful gifts for all the family at TAOS Gifts
A Mothers Love is a true Gift

For Friends there is the stylish Friendship Christmas Candle with the same Peace message on the tealight holder  “Let Peace be with you Christmas and always” and the tree, Window decoration has the words “Friendship warms the heart at Christmas!. A beautiful gift for friends this Christmas.

To simply wish a very merry Christmas with one of our stunning Comfort Christmas Candles, the Merry Christmas Comfort Candle is suitable for everyone with the  simple, yet stylish Christmas message of Peace on the tealight holder while the decoration card reads “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

A beautiful sentimental gift for Mums this Christmas, the Mother Christmas Comfort Candle is inscribed with the words “May the Holiday Season….warm your Heart” while the card reads “A Mother’s Love is a True Gift at Christmas”

For that very special someone this Christmas there is a sentimental message for them to, a gift to cherish, the Someone Special Christmas Comfort Candle has the words “May the Holiday Season….warm your Heart” inscribed on the tealight holder, and the decorative card reads “You are Someone Special to me”.

There are many other Comfort Candles available, all with beautiful messages, or words of comfort to give as gifts for any occasion, with their stylish designs they’ll suit all tastes.

At TAOS Gifts we have beautiful additional tea light candles with a difference, the Faerie Flames Tealights burn with a colourful flame! Choose either red, or green for a white tealight candle that burns with a colourful, unusual flame!

Faerie flame tealights at TAOS Gifts
Beautiful colourful flame

Each box contains six tea lights that  burn for up to 45 minutes and have an  usual
coloured flame.
Amaze your friends and family as the flame glows.
Ideal for dinner parties or relaxing baths.
Safe for use in tealight holders and burners.
For best effect wait a couple of minutes for the colour to develop, and turn out the lights!

The Faerie Flames Tealights are perfect additional gifts to give alongside the beautiful Christmas Comfort Candles.

At TAOS Gifts we have a beautiful range of novelty, stylish and aromatic candle gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and everything in between.

Magic Choc, Flexible Fun and Tasty Belgian Chocolate

Stretch your imagination with tasty Magic Choc at TAOS Gifts
Fun with Chocolate

We never thought it was possible, but it’s true, chocolate just got even better!
Magic Choc is fun and delicious, it’s flexible, edible, pliable and mouldable. There’s no fuss, no need to heat or waiting around for it to set, just open the box and begin your creation!

Magic Choc is totally unique, UK manufactured, flexible & edible Belgian chocolate with superb play value!

A patent protected method of tempering the chocolate allows it to set, whilst remaining flexible resulting in a delicious fun product that can be formed to create as many fun shapes as the imagination allows.

Magic Choc Mouldable Belgian Chocolate kit Fun with Food at TAOS Gifts
Creative Eating!

Magic Choc was invented in the UK by a Father who had spent hours making Chocolate creations with his own Children, they had so much fun and wanted to do it so often, he set up chocolate workshops with his wife.

These were so popular that to keep up with demand they came up with a new method of how to melt and temper the chocolate so that chocolate creations could be made without having to set or heat it!

And so Magic Choc was born!

The Magic Choc Starter Pack contains 60g of Belgian milk chocolate, 40g of Belgian white chocolate and 20g of  dark Belgian chocolate, that’s enough to make 4 or 5 treat sized models.
It also includes Magic Choc models ideas booklet and anti-bacterial hand wipe sachet

Ready to use, no heating required, the warmth from your hands soon makes it pliable.

Magic Choc creative Belgian Chocolate Starter pack at TAOS Trading
Tasty Creations at TAOS Gifts

A wonderful treat for Christmas, either as a gift, a stocking filler or to use to add to Christmas baking creations, Christmas Chocolate Cakes, Yule Logs and Cup cakes.

Magic Choc has no artificial flavourings or colouring, no added preservatives, no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians.

Delicious Creative fun for all the familyat TAOS Gifts!

Webkinz Lil Kinz Cuddly Characters With Educational Online Gaming

Black and White Cat Kitted Webkinz Lil Kinz educational plush toy Taos Gifts
Lil Kinz Cuddly Kitten

Webkinz Lil Kinz are smaller, cuter versions of the original Webkinz toys, each plush character comes with its own secret code that you use to begin the fun and games at Webkinz.

Once you’ve entered your secret code you can adopt and name your new pet and get started on the fun activities on the Webkinz site

Children love the virtual world, it’s so simple to play, but what they don’t realise while they’re having fun is Lil Webkinz is a brilliant educational aid, they’ll love their cute cuddly toy and once they’ve activated the adoption they can start to play games while learning at the same time.

There are fun facts to be learnt at Quizzys. Lunch letters teaches typing and spelling, the contests on the site encourage writing, creativity, and problem-solving.

Learn about money in Webkinz World, while earning KinzCash, your child learns how to save and spend money.

Webkinz World also helps to teach children about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog Webkinz Lil Kinz at TAOS Gifts
Pedigree Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Every Lil Kinz creature has its own unique personality on the website, so even if you buy two identical cuddly creatures, their characters will be totally different.

There are so many adorable Lil Kinz to choose from, there are regular pets such as Cats, Dogs and Horses, exotic beasts such as the  Hippo, Lion and Koala, Sea life with Fish and a lovely selection of cuddly Amphibians such as the beautiful Bull Frog.

Cat lovers will adore the selection of Kittens at TAOS Gifts, choose from the Black and White Cat featured above, the sweet little Ginger Tom, the pedigree Persian or the pretty Striped Alley Cat. If you prefer big Cats, we have the King of the Jungle, the Lion and his beautiful partner, the Lioness.
There’s a huge selection of popular breed dogs too, from the tiny Lil Kinz Chihuahua,  right up to the huge St Bernard Mountain Rescue Dog.


Lil Kinz cuddly toys have a pet for you to adopt no matter what your preference, just look at the beautiful, colourful Lil Kinz Clown Fish and the exotic Tree Frog.

Cuddly Elephant Lil Kinz Webkinz at TAOS Gifts
Lil Kinz Elephant is waiting to be adopted too!

Lil Kinz Plush Toys are perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers and Birthday gifts for all young Animal lovers, with their small portable sizes (average around 16cm long or tall depending on creature) Cuddly little bodies and cute features.

With their secret code that unlocks a whole world of educational fun and games they are terrific value for money.

See our full range at TAOS Gifts, we have a zoo full of gorgeous Lil Kinz just waiting to be adopted today!


Fruity Jelly, Luxury Liquorice, Delicious Dark Chocolate and Moreish Marzipan

Gelco assorted fruit jellies, sweet and sour mix at TAOS Gifts
A perfect mix of sweet and sour

Customer satisfaction is very important to us here at TAOS Gifts, so when I was asked to sample the latest delights write about the latest confectionary in stock I jumped for joy at the chance. I take my work very seriously so this time I made sure I was alone in the office.

The first sample I chose from the box was a red fruity liquorice stick with fondant filling,  from the Assorted Fruit Jellies and Sour Sticks pack.

The sharp sherbet was the first thing to hit my taste buds, making my mouth water, followed by very satisfying chewy and fruity flavoured sweet, it was so tasty I just had to have another from the pack.. and another…and another. Very tangy and tasty.

After such a tangy experience I thought I’d try the Fruity Jellies from the same pack, they are deliciously juicy and sweet, some flavours are chewier than others and the soft ones calmed my tingling taste buds.

Gelco Sour Jellies and Liquorice Fondant Sticks are  a great combination for anyone with a sweet tooth, a big thumbs up here for the mix of  tasty Italian Sweets.

Being a huge Liquorice fan I was keen to sample the Saint Valentines Liquorice (again)

traditional gourmet liquorice tin assorted saint valentines sweets TAOS gifts
Heaven in a Tin

There has been some debate in the office over which is best, the Saint Valentines Soft Finnish Liquorice Sticks or the Saint Valentines Hard Traditional Gourmet Liquorice.

Putting aside the fact that I am a lifelong liquorice lover and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every sample, I would say only buy the soft Liquorice sticks, they are delicious, if you like liquorice you will love these!

The Hard Liquorice is very rich, chewy, just the right texture, but I don’t think you’ll like it so don’t buy any, because I’m planning on buying all of the remaining stock.

Honestly? It’s the very best Liquorice I’ve ever tasted!

Saint Valentines Traditional Gourmet Liquorice is presented in a stylish tin that contains a mixture of  filled liquorice shapes (cutz), twists and stic in flavours such as chocolate, apple, strawberry, banana and tutti frutti.

A tasty and perfect Christmas Gift for any Liquorice fan!

I was deliciously satisfied after my long, sweet testing break, so I saved the other contents until later.

It took a few hours before the Marzipan finally broke my willpower, with its bright packaging and zesty promises I just couldn’t resist. I chose the Lemon Long Stick of Niederegger Marzipan covered in smooth milk chocolate.

With six bite size pieces of rich Zesty Lemon  Marzipan covered with melt in the mouth milk chocolate they are perfect small gifts or indulgent treats. Bursting with so much fruity flavour I’m certain it must count as one of your 5-a-day!

Dark Chocolate Guylian Belgian Chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Delicious, Rich Dark Guylian Belgian Chocolate

After Liquorice, my next favourite thing is dark chocolate, so for me it made sense to save this bar until last.

Sadly it was the end of the working day and I was forced to share it with my partner.

As I love Guylian Dark Belgian Chocolate I thought I’d ask him for his honest review.

Dark, Rich, Guylian, Quality, Mmmm,

Was the general review, but as soon as he said it was too rich to eat a whole bar, I kindly offered to help. Well, after all it is my job and it’s not fair to delegate.
As I knew it would be, smooth very rich with 72% Cocoa, delicious and immensely satisfying.

Very Highly recommended!

Christmas Temptations for you and your guests

Guylian Belgian Chocolate christmas tree seashells temptations at TAOS Gifts
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Temptations
Preparing for Christmas can be tricky when you are trying to cater for all tastes, at TAOS Gifts we have a huge selection of delicious chocolate gifts and treats, in bright, festive packaging.

Guylian Christmas Tree Seashell Temptations is a red Christmas Tree shaped box containing an assorted selection of delicious Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashells. In each box you will find individually wrapped dark and white pralines, dark pralines and milk chocolate truffles.

In a stylish gift box are Les Exclusives Guylian Belgian Chocolates, the box contains a mix of 27 traditional Seashells, Opus and Trufflina chocolates milk, white and dark chocolate truffles and pralines. A real treat for any serious chocolate lover.

Niederegger Marzipan have a large variety of flavours, with a mouth-watering list to choose from such as;

Egg Liqueur Creme Advocaat Dark Chocolate Marzipan from NIEDEREGGER LUBECK an Egg Liqueur flavoured Niederegger Marzipan with a second layer of soft creamy egg liqueur and white chocolate creme, covered in dark chocolate, a delicious luxury treat.

Baked Apple Niedergger Marzipan covered in Milk Chocolate, delicious baked apple with sultanas and cinnamon spice flavoured Niederegger Marzipan covered in creamy milk chocolate, with a festive red starred wrapper.

Spiced Milk Chocolate Covered Marzipan also comes in the new festive wrapper and is perfect for those that like things spicey!

Vodka Rum Brandy calvados liqueur fruity marzipan mini loaves at TAOS Gifts
Get into the spirit!

Liqueur lovers will adore the gift box with 16 mini loaves of  Niederegger Marzipancovered in milk and dark chocolate containing Vodka Fig (Wodka Feige), Rum Croquant (Rum Krokant), Mirabelle Brandy Plum (Mirabellen Geist) and Calvados Apple (Apfel Calvados).

The Bittersweet taste of Blood Orange is a tasty addition to any Christmas Hamper. A large-sized loaf shaped bar of Blood Orange flavoured Niederegger Marzipan covered in dark chocolate
Best served sliced into pieces for optimum enjoyment.

Red foiled Christmas Santa chocolate marzipan niederegger at TAOS gifts
Delicious chocolate covered marzipan Santa

If you are filling Christmas stockings or making gift hampers this year add Father Christmas with the lovely  Dark Chocolate covered Niederegger Lubeck Marzipan wrapped in Santa with a bell and a sack of gifts design decorated red foil.

The Green Foiled Christmas Tree  and the traditional Christmas Star also contains Niederegger Marzipan covered in dark chocolate with a fantastic Christmas theme, ideal to add to gifts or decorate your own Christmas tree with.

Brighten up your bottle of wine with fun labels and novelty bottle stoppers

As I get older I don't need glasses, I drink straight from the bottle stopper TAOS Gifts
Just one of our many bottle stoppers

Brighten up your dinner party with our fun novelty wine bottle stoppers and wine labels at TAOS Gifts.

If you are giving wine to someone as a gift, we have the perfect novel accessories to add that personal touch, a sense of humour is essential!

The Novelty Wine bottle stoppers are a great alternative to those boring, unreliable corks and guaranteed to amuse all your guests. Whatever your night of entertainment may be, ensure you have the right bottle, for the right occasion, with the right stopper, and you will be sure to bring a laugh to any table.

Each novelty wine bottle stopper is stainless steel, 10.5cm long and will fit most standard sized wine bottles
Two rubber rings around the stopper ensure a tight and secure fit
Keeps your wine fresh (if there is any left)
There are many fun stoppers to choose from with various slogans such as as

As I get older I don’t need glasses any more,

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed funny wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts
Funny Wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts

I drink straight from the bottle

Perfect for those big age Birthdays!

For those that appreciate a little sarcasm

I drink to make other people more interesting

For those keen on alternative health remedies try

Grape Therapy

Perfect for dinner parties

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed

They are just a small sample of the Wine Bottle Stoppers available in outr fantastic Funky Gadgets and Gifts section!

Mix and match your fun wine accessories with the novelty bottle bag and wine labels. Simply soak off the regular wine bottle label, peel off the self adhesive labels and place one on the wine bottle, and one on the bag.

Rebrand your wine! With fun labels such as Cabinet Shitaz, a woody old plonk with a hint of varnish, a good nose would not be helpful here as there is a rich fruity smell of shitty old pants in the finishing notes. A hearty (and farty) red, recommended food, onions and pork scratchings.

shit creek wine bottle label and bag, novelty gifts at taos gifts
We've all been there...

How about a delicious bottle of Shit Creek? this wine is best enjoyed when you’ve had a crappy old day, when you think things couldn’t get much worse, but you know they will.

A wine fit for Austin Powers is Semillion Shagdonnay.  A fruity young wine made from the finest Shagdonnay grapes. This wine has a fine aphrodisiac flavour. Could easily turn a quiet night into and uncontrollable shagathon. Oh yeah baby!

For the truly unique, there’s Sauvignon Plonk. An amusing and pretentious piece of shit, unique and difficult to describe, with a warning not to pour down the sink as it may be an environmental hazard! 😆

Mad Beauty Cosmetics Matryoshka Babushka Russian Doll designs

Matryoshka, Babushka, Russian Doll design, Hand cream, Mad Beauty, TAOS Gifts
Russian Doll Mad Beauty Hand Cream

Matryoshka Dolls originated in Russia in 1890 they were originally inspired by Japanese souvenir dolls, they later became know as Russian Dolls or Babushka Dolls.

A set of matryoshka dolls consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It contains another one inside, and so on, they can contain anything from three up to twenty figures inside.

Inspired by these beautiful dolls Mad Beauty have created containers for their products with beautiful Russian Doll designs.

Mad Beauty Russian Doll Hand cream contains 18ml of Sweet scented luxury hand cream with jojoba and olive oil inside a beautiful doll container available in either red, Blue or Green.

Simply unscrew the doll shape pot to reveal your luxury handcream.

In our previous post, we told you about the delicious Russian Doll Lip Balms, they are so pretty, ideal to keep in your pocket or handbag to keep your lips smooth.

With three flavours Apple, Cherry and Vanilla they are tasty and fun girly accessories.

Russian Doll, Lip Balm, Mad Beauty TAOS Gifts
Mad Beauty Russian Doll Lip Balm

Complete the set with the gorgeous Russian Doll Pocket Vanity Mirror, with three brightly coloured dolls to choose from they are the perfect handbag accessory.

The Mirror is framed in the Babushka girls body, the handle is her head and the sleeve that the mirror is safely stored in is the Babushka girls dress, available in red blue or purple, it’s a perfect gift on its own or with the  Mad Beauty products.

Russian Doll, Babushka lady, pocket vanity mirror, mad beauty, TAOS Gifts
Mad Beauty Vanity Mirror

If you found this blog while you were searching for Russian Dolls, Matryoshka Dolls, or Babushka Ladies we hope you love the Mad Beauty products, they are a wonderful addition to any Doll collection.

At TAOS Gifts we like to find and stock unusual and fun gifts for all the family.

If you look in our Puzzles Games and Toys section you will find a beautiful art kit to paint your own Russian Doll.

The kit contains a set of five wooden nesting dolls, printed with a simple traditional design, four different coloured paints and a brush so you can create your own unique design.