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Cupcakes and Ice Cream Novelty Lip Gloss

cupcakes Lip gloss gift boxed set of four novelty gifts at taos gifts
Look good enough to eat!
Sweet little cupcakes with cherries on top, some with strawberries and cream or iced decorations, they look so delicious, but these little Cup Cakes at TAOS Gifts are funky little lip gloss containers.

Each little Cup Cake contains a scented lip gloss, just open the cake to reveal the soothing lip gloss inside!

The colours, scents and designs of the Cup Cakes will vary.

Made by Opal London, each Cup Cake Lip gloss Gift Box contains four little Cakes, each measuring approximately 3cm tall containing 2.6g of scented lip gloss in cup cake.

Opal London Cake Shop Lip Gloss is supplied in a pretty little Cake Shop display box.

gelato novelty ice cream lip balm from opal london at taos gifts
Gelato Ice Cream
Also from Opal London is the Gelato Ice Cream Tub Gift Box.

Containing four little novelty ice cream tubs with delicious flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, cherry and vanilla.

Each little Ice Cream tub contains 4g of delicious Gelato Ice Cream Lip Balm, supplied in a pretty display gift box containing four mouth-watering flavours of softening and soothing lip balm.

Alternatively for lip gloss fans you can now create your own!

designed by me, make your own lip gloss kit at taos gifts
make your own!

If creativity is your thing or you are looking for an unusual gift for girls this Lip Gloss Designed By Me Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit is the perfect present.

The box includes red and blue dyes that you can mix to a customised shade, which is then added to the cosmetic base liquid.

Develop your own brand further by adding fragrance to the lip gloss and decant the finished mix into a fancy bottle, ready for your next, wholly unique makeover. Makes two samples of your very own unique style and colour.

A fun and educational gift, suitable for children over 8 years old.

Essential Novelty Gifts for Chocoholics

Chocolate scented calculator novelty gifts at Taos Gifts
Chocolate scented choc-u-lator!

Did you resolve to give up chocolate for the new year?

Now you can still enjoy the sweet smell of chocolate at home or work with one of our calorie free, solar powered  novelty calculators!

Yes! That’s correct, who would have thought you could satisfy a need for chocolate with an essential office item?

Each chunky chocolate square is actually a calculator button.

Just like a real chocolate bar it comes wrapped in foil in a card sleeve and looks just like a regular bar of chocolate.

You will be doing plenty of adding up, but with this bar of chocolate there are no calories to count.

The Choc-u-lator is a fun gift for anyone that loves chocolate, but please don’t eat it!

Available in two sizes, large chunky and medium chunky, you could buy one for the home and one for the office and never be without the sweet smell of chocolate again!

chocolate aroma releasing drink mat, pack of 5 coasters at TAOS Gifts
Release the aroma!

Another fun way to satisfy the cravings of even the most hardened chocoholic is one of our Aroma Releasing Coasters.

They come in packs of 5, simply place a hot mug on the coaster for it to release the delicious smell of chocolate.

Each mat is 94mm x 94mm.
There are many more scents available  at TAOS Gifts, The delightful scented Aroma Mats are available in a huge variety of scents, including traditional ones such as Chocolate, Lavender and Vanilla, old-fashioned traditional pudding flavours such as Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream and Sticky Toffee pudding.

See TAOS Gifts for the full range of cardboard mats infused with 100% aromatics, that gently release aroma into the room when a hot mug or cup is placed on them.

An unusual and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Or perhaps you’d like a chocolate themed Coaster that matches your choc-u-lator? We have those too!

A pack of three chocolate chunky coasters with one of each, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate, each coaster measure approximately 8cm x 6.5cm.

Just be careful colleagues, friends and family don’t try to eat them! With their delicious aroma and 16 chunky squares of chocolate they do look good enough to eat!

Chocolate lovers scented smelling coaster novelty gifts at TAOS Gifts
Chunky Chocolate Scented Coasters

Get Creative in the Kitchen, Novelty Gifts for Keen Cooks and Master Chefs

Mad dad Chef Hat Novelty Gift, fun slogans, TAOS Trading Christmas cooking
Mad Dad the Crazy Chef

Do you have your very own Master Chef at home, or are they more creator of chaos?

If you dare let them loose in the kitchen this Christmas we have the perfect novelty gift, sure to raise a few laughs, and hopefully lead to some tasty creations.

Mad Dad the Crazy Chef, is a Chefs hat he’ll love to wear.

One size fits most Adults, fun slogan printed on the front.

Mad Dad The Crazy Chef

King of Curries. Chief of Chillies. Master of a Messy Kitchen.

A Perfect Stocking filler for your Mad Dad this Christmas

Is your Mum a  Goddess in the kitchen? We have a novelty Chefs hat for her too, the same size as Dads one but with the following printed on the front,

Mum The Feeder

Creative Genius. Kitchen Goddess.

Mum is sure to love it and hopefully it’ll inspire her to bake some more mince pies, but please be aware we cannot promise this.

If you can’t have your very own Master Chef, how about a Naked Chef?

A Funny Adults Chefs hat with a cheeky message printed on the front.

Stand Clear, Man Cooking, Novelty Apron, Handy pockets fun gift at TAOS Gifts
Stand Clear!

Naked Chef

Will Strip For £5 (Will Keep Clothes On For £10)

If your Naked Chef does decide to strip you can get them to cover up with style with this great fun novelty Apron, Stand Clear, Man Cooking.

It comes with its own bottle opener, and multiple pockets  for the essential fire extinguisher, salt and pepper, chilli sauce and of course, beer.

Supplied in an attractive gift box it’s an ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Summer BBQ’s.

bake a perfect tart, for a perfect tart gift set, silicon cases and recipe book TAOS Gifts
For the Perfect tart
For the Perfect Tart
is a fun gift set that’s practical too!

The Perfect tart in your life (and lets face it, we all know one) will love this gift box containing two 8cm silicone tart moulds and miniature 10 page fold out recipe book on how to bake a perfect tart.

After a busy day in the kitchen, sooth your Masterchefs hands with the zesty scent of our Chefs moisturising glycerine soap made to cleanse and deodorise their hands, combatting any nasty kitchen odours like garlic or onions, handmade by Bath Bubble and beyond, it’s a luxurious essential for any serious Chef.

Novelty Fine Money Box Tins

Swearing fine money box tin TAOS Gifts
Swearing fine money box tin

Briilliant fun and novelty gifts, with a fine tin to suit all the family.

Ideal to encourage people to give up, or save up for things they want. Each tin is approx 11cm tall and comes with a padlock.

Instead of a swear box, try the pay up, instant fines for swearing tin money box Cussing – 20p
When it slips out – 50p
Big “F” words – £1

For those that just can’t help telling a tall story, we have the talking bullsh*t tin, with fines for Exaggerating blarneying – 20p
Blatent bullshitting – 50p
Lying through teeth – £1

We all know a lazy loafer, with this brilliant being lazy fine tin you can get the message across very clearly, ideal for family or work mates!

Fine them for
Putting off work – 20p
Skiving, hiding away from and generally avoiding work – 50p
Not finishing anything you’ve started – £1

Instant fine money box farting fines TAOS Novelty gifts
Instant fine money box farting fines

Do you have an annoying bottom burper in your family? Get them one of these, Instant fines for farting!

Girlie farts – 20p
Stinky farts – 50p
Great big loud horrible boozy farts – £1

On a more serious note, you can inspire the serious saver in your family with the New Shoes Fund saving tin, printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

The Shopping Trip Fund savings tin is also printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

Save for exotic holidays with the fun Exotic Holiday savings tin with its bright and cheerful holiday themed print it’ll really inspire you to get those notes folded and saved!

Save for a night out with the lads with the fun Beer Fund tin,as always,  all donations gratefully received.

Lovers instant fine tin for her TAOS Gifts
Lovers instant fine tin for her

For lovers, you can have some serious fun and games, with the Lovers instant fine tin for her, you can fine your lover instantly for not buying enough beer for her man – 20p, wearing too many clothes around the house – 50p and failing to give love on demand – £1.

For him, we have the Lovers pay up instant fine tin, get your own back with this funny tin and fine him instantly for not enough hugs & kisses – 20p, not noticing NEW clothes, hair styles & nails – 50p and forgetting birthdays & anniversaries – £1

Gardeners gifts with Attitude, fun knee savers!

Beer Please, fun garden cushion, knee pad at TAOS Gifts
Beer Please!

It’s time to start preparing our gardens for Autumn, help lighten the load with these fun and funky Knee Pads at TAOS Gifts.

The soft pads cushion the knees, and protect them from hard ground, cold and stones.
They measure about 42cm x 18cm, so they are big enough to use as an extra garden cushion, but small enough to store in the shed or Greenhouse.
With their light-hearted humour, they are great to give as cheeky gifts for loved ones.

For the Beer monster in your life, try the Beer Please kneeling pad, once they are tired of working they can just hold the knee pad up, smile, and hope you spot it!

Grandchildren would love the Greatest Gardening Grandad kneeling pad for their Grandad, cheery bright yellow, it’s sure to give him a smile each time he uses it in the garden.

There’s also one for the Greatest Gardening Grandma, so they can have one each with a message they’ll love, Granny’s comes in green so they are easy to tell apart so there’ll be no more fighting over the knee pads!

Who needs Buffy when we have Dad the weed slayer?

There’s one for Mum too, Flower Power Mum is sure to give her a giggle!


Even if you know someone who’s just not keen on gardening we have one for them too, Quiet Please! Grumpy Gardener at work is bound to raise a *smile on even the grumpiest of gardeners.

Girlie Gardener pink knee pad novelty gift at TAOS Gifts
Girlie Pink knee pad

We even have one for the Ladies, for those that like everything pink, they cannot escape the gardening either with the Girlie Gardener kneeling pad in funky bright pink.

Gardening is an art, and for those that take it very seriously, buy them the Artist at Work kneeling pad.

There’s other designs available and a great range of novelty gifts for all the family at TAOS Gifts.


* TAOS Gifts cannot guarantee it will make a grumpy gardener smile