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Mad Beauty Q Tickles Condition Cuticles And Nails

almond scented q tickles cuticle oil from mad beauty at taos gifts
Almond Q Tickles

Mad Beauty Q Tickles is a brand new range of luxurious cuticle conditioning oil in beautifully presented and practical slanted bottles.

The angled body of the bottle makes applying the oil so much easier, and the infused flowers inside are so pretty you will want to leave them out on display.

Q Tickles nourishes and conditions your nails with natural mineral oil, vitamin E and essential oils.

For best results apply twice a day to clean, unvarnished nails and massage the oil into your cuticles and nails to leave them smelling wonderful and feeling fabulous!

sweet lavender scented q tickles cuticle oil from mad beauty at taos gifts
Sweet Lavender Q Tickles

There are many scents and colours to choose from!

Give yourself a relaxing manicure with the Sweet Lavender Q Tickles Cuticle and Nail Oil or nourish them with the bright and beautiful bottle of Mad Beauty Q Tickles Almond Scented Oil.

If you are feeling fruity why not try the mouth-watering scent of Mad Beauty Q Tickles Banana and Strawberry Nail and Cuticle Oil?

Or mix and match to have the whole collection of  colourful flower-filled and super stylish Mad Beauty Q Tickle Nail and Cuticle Conditioners on display on your dresser.

There are a small sample below to show you just how good they look, put them all together and they are blooming beautiful!

Q Tickle Nail and Cuticle oil from Mad beauty at TAOS Gifts
Beautiful Q Tickles!

You’ll find many more in stock at TAOS Gifts as well as many more fun and funky cosmetics and beauty accessories from the Mad Beauty Range.

The beautiful and novel presentation of Mad Beauty Products makes them ideal to give as gifts as well as perfect pampering treats for yourself.

Cupcakes and Ice Cream Novelty Lip Gloss

cupcakes Lip gloss gift boxed set of four novelty gifts at taos gifts
Look good enough to eat!
Sweet little cupcakes with cherries on top, some with strawberries and cream or iced decorations, they look so delicious, but these little Cup Cakes at TAOS Gifts are funky little lip gloss containers.

Each little Cup Cake contains a scented lip gloss, just open the cake to reveal the soothing lip gloss inside!

The colours, scents and designs of the Cup Cakes will vary.

Made by Opal London, each Cup Cake Lip gloss Gift Box contains four little Cakes, each measuring approximately 3cm tall containing 2.6g of scented lip gloss in cup cake.

Opal London Cake Shop Lip Gloss is supplied in a pretty little Cake Shop display box.

gelato novelty ice cream lip balm from opal london at taos gifts
Gelato Ice Cream
Also from Opal London is the Gelato Ice Cream Tub Gift Box.

Containing four little novelty ice cream tubs with delicious flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, cherry and vanilla.

Each little Ice Cream tub contains 4g of delicious Gelato Ice Cream Lip Balm, supplied in a pretty display gift box containing four mouth-watering flavours of softening and soothing lip balm.

Alternatively for lip gloss fans you can now create your own!

designed by me, make your own lip gloss kit at taos gifts
make your own!

If creativity is your thing or you are looking for an unusual gift for girls this Lip Gloss Designed By Me Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit is the perfect present.

The box includes red and blue dyes that you can mix to a customised shade, which is then added to the cosmetic base liquid.

Develop your own brand further by adding fragrance to the lip gloss and decant the finished mix into a fancy bottle, ready for your next, wholly unique makeover. Makes two samples of your very own unique style and colour.

A fun and educational gift, suitable for children over 8 years old.

Floaty Families and Bath Time Buddies

penguin scrunchie blueberry scented shower gel at TAOS Gifts
Blueberry Bath Time

Brighten up Bath Time with some of our fun animal gifts and novelties for children of all ages.

We have a great selection of Bath Time Buddies to keep you entertained while soaking in a deliciously scented bath.

The Penguin Bath Time Buddy Gift Set has four blueberry scented shower gels decorated with a comical penguin, a brilliant icy blue scrunchie with a plastic penguin head in a clear presentation gift box.

Dog lovers will be delighted with the Dog Bathroom Buddies Gift Set, with four zesty lemon shower gels decorated with a comical little dog and a yellow scrunchie with a cute dogs head.

pink pig bathroom buddies gift set at taos gifts
Pink Piggy

My personal favourite is the cute Pig Bathroom Buddies Gift Set. With a wonderful fruity cherry fragrance all wrapped up in cute piggy packaging, it makes wallowing in the bath tub a luxury!

The gorgeous Gorilla Bath Time Buddy Gift Set comes with an exotic watermelon fragrance shower gel set and a glorious green scrunchie with a Gorilla on top.

There are more Penguin Characters to add to the fun with the Floaty Family Penguin Gift Set, the mummy Penguin floats on her back with her three little Penguin chicks, little babies that also float.

floaty family gift set floating penguin and babies at taos gifts
Floaty Fun!
The fun doesn’t stop there though, look out for the other floaty families including the pretty blue Dolphin Floaty Family Gift Set, with one large Dolphin and three little Dolphins, that either ride along with Mum of float around in the bath with you, your very own little Dolphin Pod!

There is quacking good fun to be had with the traditional bath toy, the rubber duck, now you can have a complete little Duck Floaty Family.

A  large mummy Duck that floats around the bath or paddling pool with her sweet little chicks on her belly, alternatively you can set them free and watch them bob around in the water with you.

Gift Ideas for the Easter Holidays

Grow your own chick hatching egg fun Easter Gift at TAOS GiftsThis Easter it’s easy to keep the children entertained with some of the novelty and crafty gift ideas for boys and girls at TAOS Gifts.

These brilliant Grow Your Own Chicks are plastic eggs in various colours with a novelty hatching chick inside.

Simply add water to the plastic container and the egg inside will slowly crack open to reveal a tiny chick.

The cartoon figure gradually swells to many times its original size until it almost fills the container.

A quirky and fascinating novelty, supplied with a clip so it can be attached to a bag or belt loop.

easter egg blowing bubbles alternative easter gifts at taos gifts
Pretty Bubbles in the air...
Every child (and most adults too) enjoy blowing bubbles.

A great gift idea for those looking for alternatives to traditional eggs, these Easter Egg Blowing Bubbles are in various coloured, egg shaped containers decorated with cute little Easter Chicks and Rabbits.

Each Easter Egg Bubble container holds a bubble solution and a wand inside the lid, they come supplied with a cord on the lid so they can be worn as a necklace to ensure the bubbles are always close at hand.


Magig egg bath bomb at TAOS Gifts

After a busy day having fun give your little ones an eggstra special treat with one of our Tinti Magic Egg Bath Bombs.

A doubled sided magic egg, ideal for Easter, stocking fillers and party bags
In each side of the egg there is a collectible surprise toy.
Create a new and unique bathtime experience.
Simply add the magic egg to the water and watch as it buzzes around in the water turning it into funny colours.
Panthenol and sea minerals also soothe and protect the skin.
After the magic fun the bath tub simply needs to be rinsed out with clean water.
Once the ball has dissolved the magic egg has two surprises in store for your child!


Novelty and Practical Keyrings

Mini speaker, usb recharge pretty handbag keyring at TAOS Gifts
Funky Handbag Speaker Keyring
We have a great range of practical and novelty keyrings at TAOS gifts including this unusual little novelty handbag shaped speaker key ring, it’s compatible with most MP3 players and mobile phones. It  has  surprising high quality sound for such a miniature speaker! It comes on its own handy keyring so you can easily take it everywhere you go!
Quick and easy to recharge via USB cable (included) on your PC or Laptop, an ideal novelty gift for any music lover.

There’s more music on the move with the Drum Pro Mini Arcade Game Keyring. A small version of the retro arcade game, fun at your fingertips!

There are three different levels to choose from, wait for one of the pads to light up and hit it! With flashing lights and music it’s a fun little gadget you can take anywhere.

The Mini Dance Mat Challenge Keyring is a very similar game with a pretty pink design, simply push the button as soon as it lights up and see if you can keep up!

For those that like a quieter, more challenging game, try one of our mini Sudoku Puzzle Keyrings. Each book comes fixed on a keyring and has 24 pages of Sudoku puzzles with the answers on reverse.

Carry your Zodiac sign wherever you go with one of our pretty little Crystal Horoscope Keyrings, each has a prism effect, encaptured in the middle of the glass is a pretty Zodiac picture with chosen star sign printed on it. The crystal is approximately 2.9cm x 1.3cm x 0.9cm and all the star signs of the zodiac are available.

Lovers two part keyring at TAOS Gifts
Together forever

Perfect for lovers, an ideal gift for your soul mate, a small symbolic token of your love is shown with the two-part Duo Love Face Split Stainless Steel Keyring.

Keep one half, and give the other half to your loved one, be together even when you are apart. Two half face key rings  join together with a kiss  and spell out the word  LOVE.  Supplied in a stylish black presentation gift box making it an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day,  a Wedding Anniversary or Birthday Gift.

There is also a Teddy Bears Love Keyring, two halves come together to make one whole, a simple, and quirky way to symbolise the way you feel about that someone very special.

Have you ever got to the supermarket only to realise you don’t have the pound coin you need for a shopping trolley?

Save yourself the frustration of searching for change with a handy Trolley and Locker Token Keyring.

A sturdy keyring with a strong lobster clasp clip that holds a disc the same size as a £1 coin. The dis is quick and easy to release to be used in any slot designed for a pound coin, ideal for gym lockers, trolley lockers and shopping trolleys.

There are other designs available in the Keyring section of our shop.

Multi use interchangeable easy access 4 way split keyring
Interchangeable Keyring

If you have to carry numerous keys around with you and need to share them quickly and easily our Multi Use Interchangeable 4 way Split Keyring could be just the solution you need!

Four individual keyrings all connect into the one main keyring, each ring can be removed in seconds at the click of a button.
Great for when you need to take extra keys out with you, or give to someone for a short period. It’s supplied in a black presentation box making it an ideal gift for landlords, parents, club managers, office workers, anyone that needs to carry and share keys on a regular basis.

Keep warm this winter with Instant heat Shottles at TAOS Gifts

Instant Heat Shottle hot water bottle at TAOS Gifts
A hot Shottle keep warm in style

Shottles are a fun and funky way to keep warm and cosy, they look like hot water bottles with knitted covers, and they are just as warm and cosy but far more practical.

No more messing around with boiling hot kettles, or rushing to the microwave to heat your heatpack, just click the little disc inside your Shottle a chemical reaction solidifies it and  it heats up instantly!

Shottles stay warm for up to 45 minutes thanks to their own personal knitted covers, once your Shottle has cooled down, simply reset it by removing the cover and placing the bag in  boiling  water for a few minutes, then your Shottle is ready to use whenever you need it.

There are a whole range of fun and funky Shottle Designs to choose from, The Cream Heart Shottle is a handy heat pack inside a cream knitted cover with a red love heart design. A Perfect gift for a loved one to keep them warm, and make them smile with the romantic, symbolic heart.

The Funky Rainbow Stripe Shottle is a bright and lively design to suit anyone, boys, girls, young or old, they are sure to love their instant warming heat pack.

Ideal for sports enthusiasts,  keep them  in your pockets while watching a game, or keep in your kit bag to warm up after an event. They are also very useful to keep in your first aid cabinet, heat packs are an effective drug free pain relief remedy, soothing aches and pains all over the body.

Shottles are also available in a handy mini size novelty key ring.

As well as being fun and novel gifts they are small,fully functional mini heat packs, as soon as you start to feel chilly, just click the metal disk inside your mini shottle and you’ll have an instant heating system inside your pocket, or gloves.

Instant Heat Novelty Keyring mini Shottles at TAOS Gifts
A hot water bottle on your key ring

mix and match your Shottle gifts, each mini Shottle key fob has a matching medium size Shottle available.

Medium size Shottles measure 21cm x 21cm x 2cm, perfect pocket-size!

If you love the great outdoors you will soon wonder what you ever did without your Shottle, ideal for camping on those colder days and nights, and simple to recharge on your camping cooker or camp fire, just boil a pot of water and your Shottle is ready to use again in minutes.

If you are looking for the ideal gift for anyone that spends  a great deal of time outside a Shottle is perfect! Dog walkers, Fishermen, Hikers, Star-gazers, Cyclists, Football players, Rugby players, Campers, Kayakers, the list is endless.

Shottles are also ideal for young children and the elderly, with no risk of scalding, leaks or spillage they are so much safer than a traditional hot water bottle, and with their cosy knitted covers they are soft and gentle on delicate skin, giving instant soothing heat whenever needed.

Shottle heat pack hot water bottles instant heat TAOS Gifts
Gone Fishing? Take a Shottle

20 Years of Sonic! This Hedgehog is unstoppable!

Sonic the Hedgehog backpack, school bag at TAOS Gifts
Sonic Backpack School Bag
Did you know the worlds most popular Hedgehog was 20 years old this year?

Next year this speedy little character turns 21 and he’s as fast as ever!

At TAOS Gifts you’ll find a great range of  Sonic the Hedgehog  products from Blueprint Stationery.

Every Sonic fan will love the Sonic the Hedgehog Rucksack, featuring Sonic and Tails,  this handy backpack has adjustable padded straps so it’s comfy to wear and can be adjusted to fit most sizes. Ideal for school or short breaks away. It has a large zipped opening as well as a small zipped pocket.

It has a strong loop for it to be hung tidily away on a clothes peg, but best of all it has a large brightly coloured Sonic and Tails design!

To run as fast as Sonic, you have to train hard! For your little sporting Sonic fan we have a perfect Training Kit Bag, ideal for swimming gear, school PE kit or for storing trainers in, with vents to let the air circulate and totally wipe clean its ideal for carrying their kit.

Printed with a bold  design of Sonic and friends posing with attitude!

Complete the look with other Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!

Keep your money and other small belongings safe in style with the tough Sonic the Hedgehog Velcro Wallet. It has plenty of pockets to keep dinner money, change, membership cards etc safe, and closes securely with a big Sonic face velcro backed fastener.

Velcro Wallet Sonic the Hedgehog design character gifts at TAOS Gifts
let Sonic keep your money safe
The Sonic the Hedgehog Rucksack is also perfect to carry  stationery around in and with our fabulous range of Sonic the Hedgehog Stationery and Giftsyou are spoilt for choice!

The Triple Tier Filled Pencil Case featuring Sonic the Hedgehog comes fully equipped with everything you’d need for school or home projects.

Layer 1 contains a Sonic design pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and handy notebook.
Layer 2 contains 14 assorted coloured felt tip pens and layer 3 contains 14 assorted colouring pencils all with a Sonic design in a brilliant wrap around storage case with  fabulous Sonic the Hedgehog images.

The ten colour multi pen is a great novelty gift that’s also practical for various work, home or school projects. It’s fun to really make your work stand out with a colourful theme while using this brilliant Sonic the Hedgehog design chunky pen, simply slide the colour coordinating tab down to select the colour you want to work with.

Sonic the Hedgehog Character Stationery at TAOS Gifts
Do your homework Sonic style!
Get started with the Sonic the Hedgehog Stationery Set, it contains a ruler, ballpoint pen, pencil with Sonic face eraser topper and pencil sharpener, a perfect small gift for Christmas, Birthdays or to add to their back to school essentials.

Combine any of the above with the A5 Hardback Spiral Notebook with the Awesome Sonic design and even the most reluctant student will soon be keen to get started!

See Our Sonic The Hedgehog Shop for more super Sonic Stationery.

Other Characters are also available.

Beautiful Comfort Candle Gifts for Christmas

Comfort Candle Christmas Gift Sets at TAOS Gifts
Comfort Candle Christmas Gifts

Comfort Candles are a unique line of attractive candles with inspirational sayings.

They come packaged in a beautiful gift box which is ready to give. These versatile candles hold a tealight (included) and include a fashionable copper lid.

With the lid on or off any of the Comfort Candles will make a great gift for someone special and are a great home accessory.

Comfort Candles have a beautiful range designed especially for Christmas, each is supplied in a delightful “Ready to Give” Christmas presentation gift box containing a Christmas candle holder, tealight, hanging tasselled Christmas decoration and musical Christmas Gift Card.

Comfort Candles are hand coloured ceramic candle holders with a stone look in warm Tuscan shades of ochre and ivory.

The Family  Comfort Candle Christmas gift set reads “Let Peace be with you on Christmas and always” on the tealight holder and “Families share the spirit of the Holidays” on the tasselled Christmas Tree window decoration.

Christmas Comfort Candle, Mother beautiful gifts for all the family at TAOS Gifts
A Mothers Love is a true Gift

For Friends there is the stylish Friendship Christmas Candle with the same Peace message on the tealight holder  “Let Peace be with you Christmas and always” and the tree, Window decoration has the words “Friendship warms the heart at Christmas!. A beautiful gift for friends this Christmas.

To simply wish a very merry Christmas with one of our stunning Comfort Christmas Candles, the Merry Christmas Comfort Candle is suitable for everyone with the  simple, yet stylish Christmas message of Peace on the tealight holder while the decoration card reads “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

A beautiful sentimental gift for Mums this Christmas, the Mother Christmas Comfort Candle is inscribed with the words “May the Holiday Season….warm your Heart” while the card reads “A Mother’s Love is a True Gift at Christmas”

For that very special someone this Christmas there is a sentimental message for them to, a gift to cherish, the Someone Special Christmas Comfort Candle has the words “May the Holiday Season….warm your Heart” inscribed on the tealight holder, and the decorative card reads “You are Someone Special to me”.

There are many other Comfort Candles available, all with beautiful messages, or words of comfort to give as gifts for any occasion, with their stylish designs they’ll suit all tastes.

At TAOS Gifts we have beautiful additional tea light candles with a difference, the Faerie Flames Tealights burn with a colourful flame! Choose either red, or green for a white tealight candle that burns with a colourful, unusual flame!

Faerie flame tealights at TAOS Gifts
Beautiful colourful flame

Each box contains six tea lights that  burn for up to 45 minutes and have an  usual
coloured flame.
Amaze your friends and family as the flame glows.
Ideal for dinner parties or relaxing baths.
Safe for use in tealight holders and burners.
For best effect wait a couple of minutes for the colour to develop, and turn out the lights!

The Faerie Flames Tealights are perfect additional gifts to give alongside the beautiful Christmas Comfort Candles.

At TAOS Gifts we have a beautiful range of novelty, stylish and aromatic candle gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and everything in between.

Novelty Chocolate Remedies for Hangovers, Man Flu and more

Man 'flu chocolate remedy novelty gift at TAOS Gifts
Man Flu novelty remedy
It’s that time of year again when the dreaded Man Flu is spreading around, knocking even the biggest, toughest Men off their feet.

We all know they need some tender loving care and while we can’t guarantee it’ll cure them, we know it will  raise a smile.

Man Flu is one of the new Novelty Chocolate Remedies at TAOS Gifts. Why wait until he’s poorly, buy some now and add it to his Christmas Stocking, be prepared for when he will need it.

On the packaging it says, “You should be ok to work, but why risk it”.

Chocolate Remedy Bars are created for those meltdown moments in life when only chocolate will do.

Each Chocolate Remedy Bar comes with 6 mini milk chocolate bars with three pieces of chocolate in each mini bar. Helpful if you want to prescribe one a day, that’s if you can  resist them.

Made in Holland using the finest and purist ingredients, delicious chocolate infused with a delectable sense of humour.

For all the brave Women out there nursing a partner with Man Flu, do not despair! Once he tucked up in bed with his Man Flu Remedy Chocolate you can safely treat yourself to HRT Chocolate Remedies, chocolate can change your life!

Choolate remedies novelty chocolate gifts for fun at TAOS Gifts
Husband Replacement Therapy, try it. It really works!

Made specifically for Women with ingredients sure to satisfy, enjoy the smooth milk chocolate as it melts in your mouth with Chocolate Remedies Husband Replacement Therapy.

Each Chocolate Remedy Bar contains 84g of delicious milk chocolate wrapped as 6 mini  bars.

Mood Swings Chocolate Remedy is a fun gift only given by the brave, with the same delicious chocolate as the other chocolate remedy bars, the Mood Swing Chocolate Remedy comes in fun packaging printed with a fun mood meter pointing nearer to rage than calm with the warning  “Next Mood Swing 5 Minutes after this Chocolate bar is finished”.

Are you brave enough to buy a bar for your moody friend or loved one?

They are perfect gifts for those with a wicked sense of humour.

Even Better than Hair of the Dog is the Hang Over Chocolate Remedies, a perfect stocking filler for a friend or loved one that tends to have one too many during the party season, it’s also a fun gift to send as a Secret Santa.

Chocolate is better than sex remedies chocolate, fun novelty gift at TAOS Gifts
Yum try me, I'm delicious!
Chocolate Remedies Chocolate is better than Sex comes in fun wrapping with a list of reasons why Chocolate is better than Sex, it gives the reasons as follows;

you don’t have to take your clothes off
you don’t have to please anyone but yourself
you can have it with your partner’s best friend
you can have it at the office, in the car, in the coffee shop and in bed…
…and if you get a headache – it’s still good.

Chocolate remedies are fun novelty gifts in brightly coloured humorous packaging, we can’t promise they’ll cure-all ills, hang overs and general problems, but we can guarantee they are good fun, and taste as great as they sound.

See TAOS Gifts Chocolate department for many more novelty chocolates suitable for friends, family and colleagues this Christmas.

Brighten up your bottle of wine with fun labels and novelty bottle stoppers

As I get older I don't need glasses, I drink straight from the bottle stopper TAOS Gifts
Just one of our many bottle stoppers

Brighten up your dinner party with our fun novelty wine bottle stoppers and wine labels at TAOS Gifts.

If you are giving wine to someone as a gift, we have the perfect novel accessories to add that personal touch, a sense of humour is essential!

The Novelty Wine bottle stoppers are a great alternative to those boring, unreliable corks and guaranteed to amuse all your guests. Whatever your night of entertainment may be, ensure you have the right bottle, for the right occasion, with the right stopper, and you will be sure to bring a laugh to any table.

Each novelty wine bottle stopper is stainless steel, 10.5cm long and will fit most standard sized wine bottles
Two rubber rings around the stopper ensure a tight and secure fit
Keeps your wine fresh (if there is any left)
There are many fun stoppers to choose from with various slogans such as as

As I get older I don’t need glasses any more,

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed funny wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts
Funny Wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts

I drink straight from the bottle

Perfect for those big age Birthdays!

For those that appreciate a little sarcasm

I drink to make other people more interesting

For those keen on alternative health remedies try

Grape Therapy

Perfect for dinner parties

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed

They are just a small sample of the Wine Bottle Stoppers available in outr fantastic Funky Gadgets and Gifts section!

Mix and match your fun wine accessories with the novelty bottle bag and wine labels. Simply soak off the regular wine bottle label, peel off the self adhesive labels and place one on the wine bottle, and one on the bag.

Rebrand your wine! With fun labels such as Cabinet Shitaz, a woody old plonk with a hint of varnish, a good nose would not be helpful here as there is a rich fruity smell of shitty old pants in the finishing notes. A hearty (and farty) red, recommended food, onions and pork scratchings.

shit creek wine bottle label and bag, novelty gifts at taos gifts
We've all been there...

How about a delicious bottle of Shit Creek? this wine is best enjoyed when you’ve had a crappy old day, when you think things couldn’t get much worse, but you know they will.

A wine fit for Austin Powers is Semillion Shagdonnay.  A fruity young wine made from the finest Shagdonnay grapes. This wine has a fine aphrodisiac flavour. Could easily turn a quiet night into and uncontrollable shagathon. Oh yeah baby!

For the truly unique, there’s Sauvignon Plonk. An amusing and pretentious piece of shit, unique and difficult to describe, with a warning not to pour down the sink as it may be an environmental hazard! 😆