New Little Paws Critters in stock

Little Paws CrittersCritters are new Little Paws for 2010 from Arora Design. A cute set of animal friends for the already popular collectable dog and cat figurines. There are 5 new Little Paws Critters to collect including Ravi the Elephant, Tosca the Meercat, Oswald the Rabbit, Cassie the Tiger and Chesney the Panda. Each one has irresistable charm and is sure to take pride of place on any shelf or mantlepiece.

New for 2010 Little Paws by Arora Design
New for 2010 Little Paws by Arora Design

Also new for 2010 are two new Little Paws dogs, Lady and Curtis white and the black  Miniature Toy Poodles. Sure to be popular with any Poodle lovers.

England 2010 GoGo’s Crazy Bones

England 2010 GoGo's Crazy Bones
New for 2010 are fantastic England 2010  World Cup football GoGo’s. Available in foil packs of 2 larger than normal football character GoGo’s for £1.50 a pack, and also in bulk buy boxes of 30 foil packs saving you money. 

There are 27 different England 2010 GoGo’s to collect, including 5 harder to find laser versions all based on our proposed England 2010 World Cup team mates.

England 2010 GoGo's Crazy Bones DugoutComplete your collection of England 2010 GoGo’s Crazy Bones with an official England 2010 Dugout which is jutst £4.95. Designed to take all 27 England 2010 GoGo’s, and a real must for any football or GoGo Crazy Bones fan.

England 2010 GoGo Crazy Bones - 27 to collect

There are also hard to find, special edition laser version characters to collect within the series

GoGo’s Crazy Bones England 2010 – Checklist: Gareth Barry, David Beckham*, Wayne Bridge, Michael Carrick, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe,
Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard*, Robert Green, Emile Hesley, David James,
Glen Johnson, Frank Lampard*, Aaron Lennon, James Milner, Wayne Rooney*,
John Terry*, Matthew Upson, Theo Walcott, Fabio Capello, England Crest

* Special edition laser version also available

Bulk buying wholesale batteries?

Cheaper wholesale batteries from TAOS BatteriesBuying your batteries in bulk?  New batteries have now been added to our wholesale battery categories. You don’t have to buy hundreds either to save money on your batteries as there are bulk deals available in quantities as little as 10.

Cheaper Rechargeable Batteries from TAOS BatteriesWhether it’s AA & AAA alkaline  batteries, 9v PP3 heavy duty  zinc carbon batteries,  lithium coin cells such as CR2032 or NiMh AA  rechargeble batteries, you are sure to be able to find a wholesale bulk buy to suit your pocket. 

TAOS Batteries also stock most GP batteries in wholesale quantities, including GP Rechargeable NiMh and ReCyko Batteries.

New Tinti Bath Products In Stock

Tinti Kneading SoapWe now have three new additions to our Tinti Bath Fun ranges which really do make kids bathtime fun.

Tinti Kneading Soap all the fun of playdough without the mess, and it cleans their hands at the same time too. Three small round bars of kneading soap included in each box. One each of red, blue and yellow.

Tinti Bubble BathTinti Bubble Bath this red coloured foam bath will produce mountains of tiny bubbles, and it colours the bath red at the same time. Use as little or as much as you like this large sized 150ml bottle is enough for up to 10 baths and great value for money.

TInti Painting Soap Tinti Painting Soap now in a great value gift box. Three 70ml painting soaps included, one each of red, blue and green. Use one colour of the Painting Soap at a time or mix the colours to create new exciting colours. Clean, messy fun, that will not stain the bath tub, skin or hair!

Now the biggest trouble you will have at bathtime is getting your children OUT of their Tinti bath.

Magic Ducks

Magic Bath DucksWhat bathtime would be complete without Magic Bath Ducks? Our best-selling bathtime companions are now back in stock!

Each pack of Magic Bath Ducks contains five differently coloured plastic ducks, which will change colour when placed in warm water, and will revert to their original colours as the water cools. Each duck is approximately 6cm in size.

The ducks are available from TAOS Gifts for just £3.95 for each pack of 5 Magic Bath Ducks.

Tinti Bath ColoursYou’ll go quackers for them, and they have many complimentary bathtime products – why not add some Tinti Bath Colours to add a different shade to the bath water as well?  Tinti is a German made bath product that is especially designed for children aged 3 plus, made from natural plants, blossoms and leaves, soap free and dermatologically tested.

Mighty Beanz

Mighty BeanzWhat are Mighty Beanz? They are weird and wonderful magic jumping beans!

Mighty Beanz are small plastic capsules which house a small ball bearing allowing the beanz to sit in your hand or move in peculiar ways. Mighty Beanz have a fun character design painted upon each one, allowing collection of all the different Beanz, these have different rarity value so some are harder to find than others.

Mighty BeanzThere are over 100 Beanz to collect, play and trade. Mighty Beanz are split into teams of 4 Beanz, each team having a name and each Bean having a name – this is portrayed by the image on the Bean itself.

Mighty Beanz are available in packs of 3 and 6, and also with a range of accessories including collectors case and a flip track. They are available from TAOS Gifts from just £2.95 for a pack of 3 Mighty Beanz.

There are also a number of games to play and accessories available to adapt these games.

Toonz Micro Monsters

Toonz Micro MonstersNew from TAOS Gifts are loveable TOONZ Micro Monsters, and are now in stock!

What are TOONZ Micro MonstersTOONZ are small colourful character collectables similar in size to GoGo’s Crazy Bones, and just as popular. Each TOONZ Micro Monster has a 3D hologram face panel, which changes when you move it around.

There are 40 different TOONZ Micro Monsters to collect in total, 20 heroes and 20 aliens, each  TOONZ figure comes in 1 of 4 Toonz Micro Monsterscolours, which gives a total of 160 TOONZ Micro Monsters to collect in series 1 alone. Each pack contains 3 Toonz and 3 stickers (again 160 different ones to collect), so you are sure to be get a great collection going.

There are a variety of games that can be played with these Toons including flicking, bouncing and throwing them against each other. Meet The Toonz

Toy Story 3

Everywhere you go, you can’t escape the return of Woody and his pal Buzz, Toy Story mania is everywhere you look. Our 4 year old son did not escape the Toy Story mania this year, in fact, to his delight he was quite overloaded with Toy Story goodies and toys, including his very own custom made Toy Story Birthday cake. He really can’t wait until July 2010, when Toy Story 3 will be out at the cinema.

Toy Story CakeAndy’s bed covers are decorated with coloured fondant icing, and the wooden bed was moulded with fondant icing which was hand painted with brown concentrated down sugar paste food colouring. On top of the bed are five charToy Story Cakeacter Toy Story toys Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and a cute Green Alien all taken from Toy Story Gachas which really finish off the yum Birthday Cake. Gachas are surprise toy capsules that each contain a random toy inside from popular themes such as Hello KittyToy Story and Super MarioKart and start at just £2.50 each.

On top of the Toy Story cake was a Number 4 Sparkler and 4 self relighting candles from our Party Supplies range. A huge thumbs up from this 4 year old.