Going Wild With Mega Bounce Bouncy Balls

Mega bounce wildlife, sea life bouncy ball large at TAOS Gifts
Wild and Bouncy

Popular with children of all ages and perfect for party or loot bags, our Mega Bounce Bouncy Balls are brightly coloured and great fun with various wildlife themes.

If you are having a party for anyone that is wild about animals, take a look at our party bag gifts and pocket-money toys.

For Sea Life fans we have the brilliant blue, see through Mega Bounce Bouncy Ball with either a Shark or a Dolphin inside.

There are more Sea Life creatures to be collected with the Tropical Fish Large Mega Bouncy Bouncy Ball.

There is also a creepy crawlies selection including a Large Mega Bounce Ball with a Snake inside, a little green Frog or a large and creepy Spider!

If you prefer your beasties a little less beastly there are plenty of friendly faces in the Mega Bounce Bouncy Balls including a chilly themed Penguin.

Mega bounce penguin bouncy ball at TAOS Gifts
Bouncy Penguin!

Mega Bounce Bouncy Balls are large 4cm diameter bouncy balls, the clear sphere with a creature in the centre makes it easy to prevent gifts getting in a muddle.

For Prehistoric fans or lovers of Jurassic Park, look out for the Mega Bouncy Large Bouncy Ball with a Dinosaur inside. The Dinosaurs inside may vary, but they are all monstrous good fun!

Have you ever seen a bouncy Butterfly? Well, now you can with the beautiful brightly coloured Butterfly Mega Bounce Bouncy Ball.

floaty frog large Bouncy ball at TAOS Gifts
Floating Frogs!

Also in our Pocket Money Toys and Party Bag section we have another large Animal themed Frog Bouncy Waterball, a large 6.5cm diameter ball with a clear body containing a blue coloured watery gel, inside the ball the little Frogs bob around even after the bouncing has stopped, fantastic fun for all ages!

Real Time Taste Testing At TAOS Gifts

Mocha coffee flavour macaron de pauline at TAOS Gifts
creamy, crumbly, mmmmm
We pride ourselves on top quality products, and to ensure our customers are always satisfied it is essential to sample the delicious snacks, treats and chocolate goodies that we stock for our customers.

As it’s nearly the weekend, now seems a good time for a serious working coffee break, so I shall start with a Mocha Coffee Flavour Macaron de Pauline by d’Haubry of Belgium.

Each Macaron is individually wrapped, so when I opened mine it was in perfect condition, a delicate crunchy biscuit made with fresh egg white, sun-ripened almonds and powdered sugar.

It is delicious, the biscuit crumbles with sugary goodness as I bite into it, it melts in the mouth and the creamy coffee centre is perfect.
The colours used in the making of the macarons are entirely natural. The filling is an almond paste based with natural colours and enriched with the product that is the flavour.

I can highly recommend them, and will later personally test the vanilla, strawberry, lemon, chocolate and pistachio flavours that we stock.

I like Mice, especially the Mice we have at TAOS Gifts!

Hamlet Cupido Mini Bouchées Belgian Milk Chocolate with a smooth hazelnut praline centre, the ,milk chocolate is thick and delicious, and the mouse has a satisfying crunch when you bit into it, exposing the smooth, creamy praline centre.

I think I had better try another.

Milk Chocolate mice with praline centre, Belgian chocolate, Hamlet, at TAOS Gifts
Nice Mice!

A little white mouse this time, creamy, thick white chocolate with a contrasting dark brown centre filled with the gorgeous praline centre. Oh yes,  the white Belgian Chocolate Hamlet Cupido Mini Bouchées Mice get the big thumbs up from me!

I’ve still got quite a selection to work through and it’s hard to make a decision, so I have decided to close my eyes and go for a lucky dip…

A wafer thin dark chocolate in black paper envelope, you can smell the rich dark chocolate straight away, as I bite into it my mouth comes alive with the refreshing fresh minty flavour.

It’s one of Hamlet’s Cupido Royal Mints, very rich indeed! Perfect to give as gifts or serve to guests after a meal.
I have a few individually foil wrapped orange and mint pastilles before I get to the last of my selection, I tried the orange first. Smooth milk chocolate with delicious crunchy orangey bits inside, while the mint ones are rich dark chocolate with crispy minty bits.

Droste Crisp Chocolate Pastilles come in a stylish box and are ideal for parties, gifts and Christmas,

Tropical rum, malibu coconut liqueur chocolates at TAOS Gifts
The sweet taste of Summer

Now it’s the moment I have been waiting for,it’s time to chill out, put on some cool music, imagine yourself somewhere hot and Sunny and enjoy the smooth taste of Caribbean Rum and Coconut in the Turin (Mexico)  Malibu Flavoured Rum Filled Liqueur Chocolates.

Wrapped in the familiar palm trees and sunset Malibu logo, the milk chocolate is infused with the coconut flavour and as the chocolate melts on your tongue the Malibu is released.

Wonderful, I think I’ll have another and another… after all it is friday.

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget your chocolate! 😎

Chocolates Candles and Wine Gifts for your Valentine

Lavender faerie therapy coloured flame tea lights and massage oil at TAOS Gifts
Faerie Magic Candles and Massage Oil
A candle lit massage on Valentines day becomes even more sensual and magical with the Faerie TherapyLilac colour flame candles and relaxing Lavender massage oil, add a drop of oil to one of the tea light candles to fill the room with the soothing scent of Lavender.

The beautiful lilac colour flames from the Faerie Therapy Candles create an ambient glow while the delicate Lavender aroma fills the room soothing your senses and creating just the right mood for a romantic night in.

If you prefer more variety then try the Faerie Therapy Tealights Gift Box containing three different massage oils, Romantic Wild Rose,  Sensual Sweet Pea and Tantalising Tiger Lily.

The Fairy Therapy Gift Box  also contains three different colour flamed candles, one burns orange, another burns red while the third one burns green creating unusual and beautiful effects to  create a magical mood. Make it a Valentines day they’ll never forget!

The massage oils can also be added to your bath soothing your mind, body and soul.

Add an extra element of fun to the bath with a fun colour changing Love Hearts Duck, a cute bath time companion printed with red or white love hearts, as soon as the duck comes into contact with warm water they light up and change through a random spectrum of colours.

heart shaped I love you box of Guylian Belgian chocolates at TAOS Gifts
Say I love you with Guylian luxury chocolates
To really tempt the taste buds, present them with the perfect romantic gift of delicious Guylian Belgian Chocolates in a Love Heart Shaped Box. Beautifully decorated with hearts and I love you, those three little words never tasted so good!

Put a fun spin on candlelit meals, as you open a fine wine add one of our fun bottle stoppers to keep it fresh, Grape Therapy is  one of the fun slogans on our novelty stainless steel bottle stoppers, each one has two rubber rings to ensure a tight fit.

Love always cake candle double wick comfort candles at TAOS Gifts
Love always candle gift

Love Always is the loving message on the Comfort Candle Love Always Cake Candle it has a double wick and is supplied in a pretty ready to give gift box with ribbon. The block candle sits on a pretty handcrafted mount, a stylish gift with a beautiful message.

For many more fun, romantic and novel gift ideas for Valentines Day, click here to see our Valentines gift section.


Chocolate Hearts and Tokens of Love, Gorgeous Gifts for Valentines Day

Luxury Gudrun Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts in red foil at TAOS Gifts
Romantic Heart Shaped Chocolate Gifts
Why wait until valentines day to make romantic gestures?

Let loved ones know how you feel any day of the year with some of our delicious Gudrun Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts, wrapped in red foil and supplied in little gift bags tied with pink ribbon decorated with hearts.

Each Chocolate Heart contains a delicious cream ganache filling, mouth-watering, heart-melting treats for loved ones!

Another tasty way to say those magical three little words becomes easy with the Hamlet I Love You Chocolate Bar, 75g of delicious Hamlet’s milk chocolate  with a hazelnut praline filling, wrapped in a ready to give I Love You wrapper.

Red Valentines dark chocolate marzipan Hearts Neideregger at TAOS Gifts
Dark Chocolate Marzipan Hearts
In a large heart-shape box beautifully decorated with a sprinkle of various size red love hearts the Red Valentine Dark Chocolate Hearts  by Niedereggerare filled with  their high quality marzipan. The box contains 12 dark chocolate love heart-shaped luxury treats, making them a perfect gift for loved ones on St. Valentines Day.

Today it’s all about chocolates and hearts, traditional gifts that are always appreciated and enjoyed, but to  make online shopping even easier for lovers, loved ones and old romantics, we have a special section of our shop dedicated to Valentines Day this year, making it easy to shop and browse all our love themed gifts and treats.

Praline Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts by Hamlet, perfect valentines Gifts
Chocolate that says "I Love You"
In a beautifully packaged love heart box decorated with lavish red ribbon are 14 red foil wrapped Hamlets Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts filled with a Hazelnut Praline, a timeless gift suitable for Valentines Day, Birthdays or just to say “I Love You”

Novelty Character Candy for Small Gifts and Party Bags

Toy Story Curly Straw Rock Candy Sticks, Sweet Treats at TAOS Gifts
Fun Curly Straws!
Curly Straws are great fun for all ages, ideal gifts for party bags, party games prizes and small treats. Our funky curly straws are available with various popular characters and come with three sticks of rock candy inside each straw.

On the top of each straw is a clip on character, Toy Story fans will love the Buzz Lightyear and Woody Characters.

For little  Princesses, in pretty  princess pink are the Disney Princess Character Curly Straws with a bright pink straw featuring a Disney Princess clip on character at the top, and three delicious rock candy sticks.

Also for Disney Toy Story Fans we have the ready-made Toy Story Party Surprise Bags containing mystery gifts and sweets  featuring your favourite Toy Story characters, Toy Story Bouncy Ball with Candy gifts and the brilliant Toy Story Super Surprise Eggs, each egg is sealed and contains a mystery gift of a collectible toy and 10g of sweeties.

Popping Candy Disney character candy sweets at TAOS Gifts
Tongue Popping Fun

For some eye-popping, tongue teasing fun with your favourite characters, try  our Popping Candy with Lolly Dipper and Sticker sets.

Each pack contains one sticker and strawberry flavour popping candy with lollipop dipper.

You can choose from various characters including Disney Pixar Cars and the popular Disney Princess range.

There is more fun, games and sweet treats with Hello Kitty Party Gift Bags containing mystery sweets and Hello Kitty themed gifts.

Hello Kitty Disney Surprise party gift bags at TAOS Gifts
Hello Kitty!

The adorable little white kitten that everyone loves, features on various Character Candy at TAOS Gifts.

Hello Kitty Party Loot Gift Bags come pre-filled and sealed with a mixture of sweets and Hello Kitty Themed items.

There are also Hello Kitty Bouncy Balls and Candy Gifts with Hello Kitty Featuring on the bouncy ball that sits on top of the tube filled with candy treats.

Have fun filled parties with some of your all time favourite characters from TAOS Gifts!


Greetings Card Candles For Every Body

Best friends grreetings cards candles for every body at TAOS Gifts
Best friends Greetings Card Candle

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right greetings card for the right person.

For Every Body Candles have solved this problem with a novel idea of Candle Greetings Cards, like a card but not a card, with messages on the label and images to match, their Soy based candles are clean and green with fragrances so real they smell good enough to eat, with a burn time of up to 6o hours, they are excellent value too!

For Every Body Best Friends Greetings Card Candle features friends rushing into the sea on a hot summers day, holding hands. It captures those special moments between friends that you want to remember forever.

Inside the 7oz glass jar is a delicious Woody Jasper & Soft Aloe scented soy based candle with little star decorations on the top.

Wish someone good luck with the Good Luck Greetings Card Candle, on the label it has a lucky four-leaf clover, while inside you have up to 60 hours of fresh Apple fragrance in a soy based candle with decorations on the top.

I Love You Greetings card soy based candle For Every Body at TAOS Gifts
I Love You!

For lovers, Valentines day or just because you want to say “I Love You”  tell they how you feel with the spicy scent of cinnamon in the For Every Body I Love You Greetings Card Candle.

Decorated with a romantic rose on the front, the white, soy based candle is sprinkled with little red love hearts inside.

Congratulate the happy couple on their wedding day with the For Every Body Greetings Card Candle Wedding Day, with a rich fruity smell of traditional wedding cake, this white soy based candle is decorated with little silver sprinkles.

The label on the front is decorated with a lavish wedding cake and a wedding day greeting.

Beautiful baby Powder fragrance Greeting Card Candle, New baby at TAOS Gifts
New Baby Greetings

Welcome a new baby into the world by giving the proud new parents a fume free, soy based For Every Body New Baby Greetings Card Candle, with the delightful baby powder fragrance and decorated with neutral pastel colour sprinkles, the jar is printed with tiny feet and little chubby hands.


Celebrate in unique style, instead of sending a traditional birthday card, send one of our birthday cake scented For Every Body Happy Birthday Greetings Card Candle.

On the outside it is decorated with birthday cake and candles, while inside it has the delicious aroma of fresh birthday cake and multi-coloured star-shaped sprinkles.

This is just a small selection of the wonderfully scented, long burning decorative For Every Body Greetings Card Candles, there are many more designs and fragrances in stock at TAOS Gifts!

Essential Novelty Gifts for Chocoholics

Chocolate scented calculator novelty gifts at Taos Gifts
Chocolate scented choc-u-lator!

Did you resolve to give up chocolate for the new year?

Now you can still enjoy the sweet smell of chocolate at home or work with one of our calorie free, solar powered  novelty calculators!

Yes! That’s correct, who would have thought you could satisfy a need for chocolate with an essential office item?

Each chunky chocolate square is actually a calculator button.

Just like a real chocolate bar it comes wrapped in foil in a card sleeve and looks just like a regular bar of chocolate.

You will be doing plenty of adding up, but with this bar of chocolate there are no calories to count.

The Choc-u-lator is a fun gift for anyone that loves chocolate, but please don’t eat it!

Available in two sizes, large chunky and medium chunky, you could buy one for the home and one for the office and never be without the sweet smell of chocolate again!

chocolate aroma releasing drink mat, pack of 5 coasters at TAOS Gifts
Release the aroma!

Another fun way to satisfy the cravings of even the most hardened chocoholic is one of our Aroma Releasing Coasters.

They come in packs of 5, simply place a hot mug on the coaster for it to release the delicious smell of chocolate.

Each mat is 94mm x 94mm.
There are many more scents available  at TAOS Gifts, The delightful scented Aroma Mats are available in a huge variety of scents, including traditional ones such as Chocolate, Lavender and Vanilla, old-fashioned traditional pudding flavours such as Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream and Sticky Toffee pudding.

See TAOS Gifts for the full range of cardboard mats infused with 100% aromatics, that gently release aroma into the room when a hot mug or cup is placed on them.

An unusual and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Or perhaps you’d like a chocolate themed Coaster that matches your choc-u-lator? We have those too!

A pack of three chocolate chunky coasters with one of each, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate, each coaster measure approximately 8cm x 6.5cm.

Just be careful colleagues, friends and family don’t try to eat them! With their delicious aroma and 16 chunky squares of chocolate they do look good enough to eat!

Chocolate lovers scented smelling coaster novelty gifts at TAOS Gifts
Chunky Chocolate Scented Coasters

Beautiful Tea and Coffee Mugs Housewarming Gifts

Fine China Mugs with spoons gift set at taos gifts
Poppy Tea or Coffee Mugs
There is nothing quite like a refreshing cup of tea or coffee to get you started for the day!

If you are looking for an ideal gift for new home owners or just updating your own mug collection we have a beautiful range at TAOS Gifts.

Decorated with bright red Poppies and printed with various words related to your favourite brew these bright fine china coffee morning mugs with matching spoons come supplied in a decorative gift box

They are the ideal size for use with Senseo Coffee Pod Machines.

The spoons have small holes allowing you to hang them with the Coffee Morning Mugs.

Purple Tulips Gleneagles Fine China Mugs at TAOS Gifts
Beautiful Purple Tulip design
If you prefer to have your own unique mug, then see our fine china mugs from Gleneagles of Edinburgh are sure to soon become your firm favourite!

Bring the bright colours of Spring to you morning with Gleneagles of Edinburgh Purple Tulip Fine China Mug, with a delicate fluted foot design and stunning floral print.

There are other delicate floral designs available including the Tulips in Red and  striking Black and White Rose print.

Also from the Gleneagles of Edinburgh Fine China Range are the pretty Tea Time Gift Sets with two traditional design bone china mugs, matching melamine tray and coasters.

Highly decorated and very bright and colourful, great as a special mug set when you have guests or perfect to give as gifts as they are supplied in a presentation box.

Tea Time Gift Sets from Gleneagles of Edinburgh
Tea for Two
There are various designs to choose from, the stunning field of wild Poppies with the fresh feel of Summer to brighten your morning.

Gardeners will love the bright and beautiful Peony print on the Peony Tea Time Gift Set.

With a wall of huge Sunflowers the Cat Tea Time Gift Set is an essential gift for every Cat Lover! Just look at the little faces of the mischievous little kittens that are climbing all over the fence.

We think you’ll agree, it’s a purrfect start to the day!

Chocolate Gifts for Valentines Day

Cherries in liquer heart shaped box TAOS Gifts
Cherries in a Heart
All you need is Love, the song by the Beatles that everyone knows, but sometimes all you need is Love, and chocolate!

We have lots of delicious goodies and treats for you to buy for your true love this Valentines Day.

With it’s special love heart shape box, Hamlet Cupido Cherises Belgian Chocolate Covered Cherries in Liqueur are a delicious treat to share this Valentines day.

With luxury creamy Belgian chocolate, the sweet tang of whole cherries and the liqueur they are a melt in the mouth delight.

Savour the sweet taste of the chocolate and liqueur as it melts in the mouth then enjoy the sweet whole cherry that is inside each chocolate for a tantalising treat for the taste buds.

Hamlets Love Gift Box is filled with an assortment of milk, white and dark Belgian heart-shaped chocolates with hazelnut filling.

A delicious gift with the traditional Valentines theme, chocolate and love hearts, the perfect blend for Valentines day.

Milk white and dark belgian chocolate love hearts by Hamlet at TAOS Gifts
Lovers Chocolate
Guylian Belgian Chocolates – LES EXCLUSIVESis a large size gift box  with an assortment of traditional Seashells, Opus and Trufflina chocolates.

Includes approximately 27 milk, white and dark chocolate truffles and pralines.

Don’t forget Project Seahorse and Guylian agree on the importance of seahorses as a sign of quality – whether it’s for healthy coastal seas or fine Belgian Chocolates. Every time you buy a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolates, you are supporting Project Seahorse.

Kimberlys of Rangemore are a luxury selection of  handmade English Chocolates, the Champagne Truffle Assortment contains three assorted types truffles in each box:
Champagne and Strawberry Truffles – creamy strawberry and champagne flavoured ganache covered in white chocolate and coated second strawberry icing sugar layer.
Dark Champagne Truffles – rich creamy dark chocolate ganache covered in bittersweet dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of icing sugar.
Milk Champagne Truffles – light creamy milk chocolate ganache covered in smooth milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate.
They are supplied in a pretty coloured gift box containing 12 of the finest handmade in England milk chocolates.

salted caramels from Kimberlys of rangemore handmade English Chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Now for something completely different!

For those that like something a little different try the delicious Kimberleys of Rangemore
Luxury Handmade English Chocolates, Salted Caramels
. They are a soft gooey caramel with a hint of salt, covered in thick creamy milk chocolate.

England Football Supporters Packs and Patriotic Gifts

st George, England, hand held fan patriotic, football supporters gifts at TAOS Gifts
An England Fan!

If your watching the football and the ref is getting you heated, they you need a cooling handheld battery operated fan and we have just the thing for if you are getting hot and bothered.

This fantastic St Georges Cross England Battery Operated Fan is a fan-shaped like an England fan! Not just a fun novelty product, but fully working and designed to give you a giggle while cooling you down.

The England fan is wearing an England football shirt and waving the St Georges Cross, his head is the actual fan and he’s wearing an England baseball cap.

It comes supplied with two AA Batteries and is ready when you are. Small enough to keep in your jacket pocket, bag or car glove box for instant cooling.

For serious supporters we have England Football Supporters Mega Packs full of everything a serious supporter will need.

The Mega Pack Contains  1 each of the following 13 items although items may vary slightly;

England Car Flag
England Flag With Grommets
England Light Up Flag
England Flashing LED Puffer Ball
England Hand Noise Maker
England Battery Operated Fan
England Pair Inflatable Clappers
England Face Paints
England Bottle Cooler
England Can Cooler
Football Bath Duck
Finger Footie Game
Giant Inflatable Football

make some noise with England football supporters hand clappers at TAOS Gifts
Make some Noise!

If you really want to make some noise while showing your support, try the England Clapper Hand Shaped Noise Makers.

Perfect for England fans young and old, the noise makers are shaped like hands and are decorated with the St Georges cross with the words “Come on England” on the front.

When you wave them around the plastic hands clap together making plenty of noise, great if you have cheered and shouted so much you are losing your voice!

Don’t be left in the dark, ensure you can be seen with the brightest England flags around!

Our Light Up England Flags have the St Georges cross fixed onto a light up pole, the pole contains 5 lights with 3 multiple sequences and functions, great for waving at matches.

Paint your face with our packs of England Face Paints containing 5 face painting crayons, 3 white and two red to ensure you have plenty for the perfect St George Cross every time!

Colourfx hair gel radical red wicked white TAOS Gifts
England colours Hair gel

To really complete the look add colour to your hair with our special value twin pack 2 x ColourFX Coloured Hair Gels RADICAL RED & WICKED WHITE.

50ml intense colour hair gel with a UV glow under UV light
Work through into tips of hair to create desire spiked or streaked look
Can be used on adult and children’s hair alike
Ideal for special nights out, sporting events, or fancy dress parties
Use on dry or towel dried hair
Protect clothes and furnishings to avoid staining

Add attitude to your hair and take colour to the limit!

If you prefer hairspray to gel we have that too, see our England St George Special Value ColourFX Coloured hairspray Radical RED & Wicked WHITE.

Now you are ready for the match you just need your essential England Flag, our oversized England Flag has metal grommets so rope can be threaded through easily.