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Torches for Home, Work and Leisure

Multi function dynamo hand powered torch with whistle
An essential for the toolbox

A torch is an essential household item, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a power cut only to realise you have no batteries for your torch!

At TAOS Gifts we have a selection of Dynamo hand powered torches so you never need worry about running out of batteries again.

If you are into outdoor activities then the Multi-function 5 LED Hand Operated Flashlight with Whistle could be a lifesaver!

It has all the following feature;

No batteries or bulbs required!
Emergency whistle for use in times of distress, ideal for camping, hiking, rock climbing, other outdoor sports  and walking the dog
Output for emergency phone charging (optional adapter for Nokia, Samsung or Motorola) to allow a short duration call or text.
Choice of 2 strengths of light, normal and strong
Easy to use by the elderly & children too
Energy Saving, environmentally friendly
Hand held strap included, compact design (16cm x 6cm x 6cm)
Five powerful LED’s.

All these features for under £5! How can you afford not to have one?

Ideal for keeping in the home, car, caravan and tool kit in case of emergencies.

There are smaller versions without the whistles and with just one LED that are ideal for the home, they are a fun way to educate children about renewable energy too!

head lamp torch ultra bright light at TAOS Gifts
Hands free bright light
If you need to keep your hands free, then our Battery Operated Ultra Bright Light Head Lamp Torch is exactly what you need. It’s powered by 14 ultra-bright white LEDs, with  high, medium, low and flashing modes, an adjustable-angled bracket, detachable elastic head strap and is waterproof.
It is supplied with 3 x ‘AAA’ batteries.

Ideal for numerous sports, hobbies and industries.

TAOS Gifts also stock smaller, pocket or handbag size torches that are easy to carry with you at all times.

The 8 LED Battery Operated Torch with Laser Pointer is just 12cm long with a handy wrist strap, anti shock, easy grip aluminium alloy with 8 bright LED’s and a single red LED pointer. Available in three colours, Black, Blue and Red.

The sleek Silver Executive Slimline LED Torch also has a red laser pointer as well as a double ultra powerful LED beam.

Supplied in a soft black pouch it’s an ideal gift for teachers, students and lecturers as the laser pointer makes giving a presentation so much easier to highlight your points.

Key Ring super bright micro light torch at TAOS Gifts
Small, but powerful
It’s easy to ensure you always have your torch to hand in any situation with one of our key ring torches, they are more than just a novelty, they are super bright, fully functional torches.

The stylish Keyring LED Pocket Torch has a single, powerful beam of bright light, it’s just 6cm in size so it’s easy to carry around with you at all times with your door keys.

Keyring torches can also be attached to a zipper, rucksack, back pack or handbag making them ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Our Clock LED Projection Torch Keyring can show you the exact date and time with just the click of a button.

You can choose to view seconds, or the date and time, full instructions are included. Just shine the red beam onto any flat surface to display the clock.

There are many more torches in stock at TAOS Gifts, click here to see the full selection.

Traintastic Bathtime fun with Chuggington Character gifts

Chugging to trains bath mit taos gifts character toys CBeebies Koko Brewster and Wilson
Koko Brewster and Wilson Chuggington Bath Mits
All aboard! Get set for bright, colourful bathtime fun with CBeebies Characters from Chuggington, because even little trains need a bath.

Koko, Wilson and Brewster are three little trains learning to ride the rails of life, join them on their journey, with, as Koko would say, these Traintastic bathtime goodies at TAOS Gifts.

Get your little trains in a lather with the Chuggington Trains Bath mit, Koko (white/green), Brewster (blue/yellow) and Wilson (red)

Take on the role of Dunbar with a Chuggington pep talk  ‘Let’s get those wheels to the rails!’ as you round up your little engines for their bath.

Watch their little faces when you drop the magic Chuggington Trains expandable Flannel grow before their very eyes as you drop the little 5cm red cloth into water, as it expands, their favourite Chuggington Trains will appear on the centre of the cloth as it unfurls to its full size of 30cm x 30cm.

Chuggington Trains Electric battery operated toothbrush taos gifts
One of Morgans essential tools, the Chuggington Toothbrush


Morgan would highly recommend regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly, so we’re sure he would approve of the Chuggington Trains Battery Operated Toothbrush, it comes with a spare head and batteries, ensuring you’re ready to get working on essential engine maintenance, after all every good little train knows it’s best to keep things in smooth running condition rather than wait until repairs are needed.

Chug Wash, Chuggington gift set, bathtime, TAOS Gifts
Chug Wash Gift Pack


For the ultimate Chuggington bathtime experience, the Chug Wash Gift Set contains all you need to get sparkly clean without damaging even the most delicate skin (or little engine).

The gift set contains three large (270ml) Character design bottles, 1 Brewster, 1 Wilson and 1 Koko.

Wilson contains Bubble Bath, Brewster contains bath and Shower Gel and Koko Contains liquid Handwash in a useful pump dispenser.  All are hypoallergenic and paraben free.


Ansmann AG mobile energy supplies

Ansmann are one of the fastest growing suppliers of mobile energy supplies, in a short time, they have expanded to be a leading manufacturer in their area.Ansmann USB. HTC, iPod, mobile charger TAOS Batteries

High performance products at a fair price are the key to their success, with a fast growing and ever-changing market , Ansmann has the appropriate energy source for nearly all applications, cameras, laptops, games consoles, mobile and cordless phones, lights, baby monitors, batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and power supplies are all included in the growing range.

Here at TAOS Batteries we stock some of their best-selling products including the very useful Ansmann USB & mobile phone charger that can charge 2 devices at the same time!

The main USB charger has 2 USB ports for any of your products that charge via USB such as iPhones, iPods, Blackberry, MP3 players PSP’s and more!

Included in the package is an in-car charger with 2 USB ports and 4 adapters for HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Mini and Micro USB mobile phones.

If that’s more than what you need, check out the brilliant Ansmann dual USB charger

With a standard travel adapter the Ansmann Dual USB Charger, essential to all keen multimedia users, can be used worldwide (100-240v ac) capable of charging two USB devices at the same time, it is in our opinion an essential piece of kit for home, work or holidays!


    If you’re looking for rechargeable batteries for  your cordless phone,cordless DECT telephones, digital cameras; PDAnsmann AG at TAOS Batteries rechargeable dect cordless phoneAs; CD, MD, MP3 Players; Shavers; Electric Toothbrushes; Toys or Games. Have a look here.

    With Lower capacity, suitable for lower drain applications such as DECT cordless telephones
    Up to 1000 recharge cycles
    Environmentally friendly
    No memory effect
    1.2 Volt
    Ansmann AA Mignon 800 mAh Rechargeable DECT Cordless Phone Batteries are the ideal choice for these products.

    Also known as

    MIGNON LR06 LR6 R6 AM3 E91 MN1500



    Energy efficient rechargeable batteries and chargers

    Rechargeable batteries make perfect economic sense, most can be recharged up to around a thousand times, they pay for themselves in about 4 charges compared to single use alkaline batteries!

    Here at TAOS Batteries we have a huge range of rechargeable batteries, chargers, charger and battery packs and handy speciality chargers that can charge your batteries via the USB port of your laptop or computer.

    USB speciality charger from TAOS Batteries
    Just one of many USB chargers available

    We have a wide range of pack sizes as well as a great selection of rechargeable batteries, not just AA, we have AAA, 9v, C, and D.

    By purchasing rechargeable batteries for high energy drain devices you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

    The energy used to manufacture a disposable battery is roughly 50 times greater than the energy it gives out in its lifetime, but a rechargeable battery supplies more than 50 times the energy used in its manufacture.

    Rechargeable batteries from TAOS Batteries

    Less packaging, less waste and over time, massive savings!



    We don’t just stock rechargeable batteries, we have a massive range of batteries in all shapes and sizes, with free UK delivery and a handy battery code comparison chart here should you be stuck on which size battery you need. Choose TAOS Batteries for portable power and green energy.

    Bulk buying wholesale batteries?

    Cheaper wholesale batteries from TAOS BatteriesBuying your batteries in bulk?  New batteries have now been added to our wholesale battery categories. You don’t have to buy hundreds either to save money on your batteries as there are bulk deals available in quantities as little as 10.

    Cheaper Rechargeable Batteries from TAOS BatteriesWhether it’s AA & AAA alkaline  batteries, 9v PP3 heavy duty  zinc carbon batteries,  lithium coin cells such as CR2032 or NiMh AA  rechargeble batteries, you are sure to be able to find a wholesale bulk buy to suit your pocket. 

    TAOS Batteries also stock most GP batteries in wholesale quantities, including GP Rechargeable NiMh and ReCyko Batteries.