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Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Style!

Union Jack colour fx hairspray at TAOS Gifts
Fly the flag, on your head!

We love parties at TAOS Gifts and have plenty in stock to help you with any celebration, from party gifts to catering supplies, party prizes, balloons to bubbles, party poppers and glowsticks!

We have  a massive selection of tasty sweets and treats too!

This year is a big one, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee!

The Diamond Jubilee takes place in 2012, marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign. The Queen came to the throne on 6th February 1952 (her Coronation took place on 2nd June 1953).

Show your support and celebrate in style with the Union Jack flying high on buntings, flags, posters, hats and even your hair!

With Colour FX Coloured Hairspray, you can colour your hair quickly and easily and when the party is over, it’s easy to wash out with warm water and shampoo.

In time for the Royal Celebrations we have a special offer on Colour FX Red, White and Blue Hairspray.

union jack colour fx hair gel at TAOS Gifts
Go wild with colour!

The Special Offer Colour FX Union Jack Coloured Hairspray is a bulk pack containing three easy to use cans of coloured hairspray, the colours are wicked white, radical red and bizarre blue.

Each colour is UV reactive giving you a funky glow when you are under UV lights, perfect for parties!

If you want a more sculpted look, then try the Special Value Triple Pack of Colour FX hair Gel.

With funky streaks of coloured tips of your hair you will really stand out from the crowd. The Colour FX Hair Gel is also UV reactive creating a glowing crown of hair for the event of the year!

union jack trolley token keyring at TAOS Gifts
Union Flag Trolley Token
Be Patriotic all year round with one of our Union Flag Keyrings.

Not only is it stylish, but it’s useful too!

No more hunting in your pockets, handbag purse or wallet for a pound coin while you are shopping, simply clip the Union Flag Token off the secure lobster claw keyring and use that instead.


Mini Uglydoll Clip on Characters

Wage Uglydoll clip on collectible trend at TAOS Gifts
Wage, the original Uglydoll

The Uglydoll was born on the bottom of little love notes a man wrote for his girlfriend, little Wage was originally just a doodle until the woman decided to turn him into a cuddly toy to present to her lover.

This started the birth of the Uglydoll family! With their funny faces, oddball shapes and characters they became a massive hit and are now highly collectible little monsters!

You can meet some of the Uglydoll family at TAOS Gifts, we have a selection of highly collectible plush Mini Uglydolls that come with clips for you to fix onto your clothes, keys, bags and accessories.

Wage Orange Uglydoll Clip on.

Wage is a hard worker, just like you!

He works at the local Supermarket and wears his apron to serve his customers best.

Do the supermarket know that Wage works there?

Nope. But Wage doesn’t mind. He likes to put things in bags, especially snacks. Wage is best friends with Babo, but there is always room for one more (you).

The two of them can often be found on the street trying to make friends with bus stops, phone boxes, and other lonely creatures.
Wage hates for anyone to be lonely! What’s with that look? Is Wage happy? Sure he is! He smiles on the inside.

The next time you go grocery shopping remember to take Wage along on your adventures.

Poe is an Ugly Dragon, apparently, but we think he’s really quite sweet and he certainly doesn’t look fearsome!

Ugly Dragons come from the Ugly Dragon Mountain. But Poe has left the safety of his caverns in search of his big dreams.

The other day he had a big dream about a big scoop of Chocolate  Ice Cream.

While most Ugly Dragons sleep all day and fly all night, Poe is more into cars, trucks, bikes and anything that lets him sit down while moving.

Flying is hard. You have to flap your wings around all the time! Can Poe ride with you?

bright pink Uglydoll Tray at TAOS Gifts
Tray, the brainy one

Tray is a bright pink Uglydoll, she’s the brains of the bunch.

Not because she is smart, but because she has three brains…..one in each lump, or one per eye, as Babo likes to point out.

Tray is also the hungriest of all the Uglydolls, and has a desperate need for Blueberry Pie.  Some say her eyes are blue because of her craving for it.

Tray often combines her hunger for pie with her brainpower to talk Babo into getting food for her. Unfortunately, Babo usually brings back a branch, a rock, or something even less tasty.

If you want to make Tray extra happy, sit her next to you in the subway, or in your car. It makes her feel important.

Abima is a red Uglydoll and totally out of control!

He’s got his hand in the cookie jar, and his mind on the next adventure, which is probably going to involve bouncing off the walls and knocking over expensive stuff.

He only knocks over the expensive stuff.

Not to worry though. Abima is very protective and would always watch out for you.

Are you scared of the dark? So is Abima! Oh. Anyway, Abima loves to visit his favorite cousin Wage.

They look like they could be related, right? Maybe he’s your cousin too.

Blue Uglydoll Ice bat at TAOS Gifts
Ice Bat is a Cool Dude!

Ice Bat is a cool Uglydoll character,  he comes from an Ice Cave and loves hiding inside Ice Chests. Everything he touches turns to Ice, yet profoundly he warms your heart.

Ice Bat thinks you are cool and he wants to chill with you.

He wants to hang out with you or just hang upside-down, if that’s OK with you!

Ice Bat is there for you when you feel like you may be loosing your cool, or feeling like a fool.

Don’t panic! Don’t stress! Grab Ice Bat and put him to the test.

OX is a funny-looking green plush Uglydoll.
What kind of name is OX?

No, not like the animal OX, as in HUG and KISS!

How can he hug you with such short arms? OX uses his ears!

He’s not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways! OX is great at magic, and his best trick is turning your stuff into his stuff.

His best buddy Wedgehead calls that stealing, but OX just wants to borrow things from you for a few hundred years. He promises to put everything back when he’s done.

What he wants to steal most are kisses, whether they’re in the chocolate variety or just plain, and he promises to be your friend if you would lend him a hand, or an ear!

Keep warm this winter with Instant heat Shottles at TAOS Gifts

Instant Heat Shottle hot water bottle at TAOS Gifts
A hot Shottle keep warm in style

Shottles are a fun and funky way to keep warm and cosy, they look like hot water bottles with knitted covers, and they are just as warm and cosy but far more practical.

No more messing around with boiling hot kettles, or rushing to the microwave to heat your heatpack, just click the little disc inside your Shottle a chemical reaction solidifies it and  it heats up instantly!

Shottles stay warm for up to 45 minutes thanks to their own personal knitted covers, once your Shottle has cooled down, simply reset it by removing the cover and placing the bag in  boiling  water for a few minutes, then your Shottle is ready to use whenever you need it.

There are a whole range of fun and funky Shottle Designs to choose from, The Cream Heart Shottle is a handy heat pack inside a cream knitted cover with a red love heart design. A Perfect gift for a loved one to keep them warm, and make them smile with the romantic, symbolic heart.

The Funky Rainbow Stripe Shottle is a bright and lively design to suit anyone, boys, girls, young or old, they are sure to love their instant warming heat pack.

Ideal for sports enthusiasts,  keep them  in your pockets while watching a game, or keep in your kit bag to warm up after an event. They are also very useful to keep in your first aid cabinet, heat packs are an effective drug free pain relief remedy, soothing aches and pains all over the body.

Shottles are also available in a handy mini size novelty key ring.

As well as being fun and novel gifts they are small,fully functional mini heat packs, as soon as you start to feel chilly, just click the metal disk inside your mini shottle and you’ll have an instant heating system inside your pocket, or gloves.

Instant Heat Novelty Keyring mini Shottles at TAOS Gifts
A hot water bottle on your key ring

mix and match your Shottle gifts, each mini Shottle key fob has a matching medium size Shottle available.

Medium size Shottles measure 21cm x 21cm x 2cm, perfect pocket-size!

If you love the great outdoors you will soon wonder what you ever did without your Shottle, ideal for camping on those colder days and nights, and simple to recharge on your camping cooker or camp fire, just boil a pot of water and your Shottle is ready to use again in minutes.

If you are looking for the ideal gift for anyone that spends  a great deal of time outside a Shottle is perfect! Dog walkers, Fishermen, Hikers, Star-gazers, Cyclists, Football players, Rugby players, Campers, Kayakers, the list is endless.

Shottles are also ideal for young children and the elderly, with no risk of scalding, leaks or spillage they are so much safer than a traditional hot water bottle, and with their cosy knitted covers they are soft and gentle on delicate skin, giving instant soothing heat whenever needed.

Shottle heat pack hot water bottles instant heat TAOS Gifts
Gone Fishing? Take a Shottle

Little Paws by Arora design fun Dog breed Accessories

German Shepherd Luggage Tag, little Paws by Arora designs TAOS Gifts
German Shepherd Luggage Tag

Dog lovers everywhere will love these cute and cheery looking accessories by Arora Design, Little Paws collection of popular dog breeds, on luggage tags, coasters and trolley token with Dog charm key rings.

The Coasters are perfect for home or office, high quality made of a durable solid board, with a cork backing and coloured glossy printed design on front
Size approx 10cm x 10cm and 4mm thick.

The Luggage tags are large-sized practical leatherette tags in the shape of a Little Paws dog, slightly padded and great for handbags, suitcases, hand luggage etc
Has a space on the reverse to write name, address, phone number and email address
Size approximately 13cm x 10cm (varies by breed)

The Trolley token charm Key rings  are decorative and practical with heavyweight enamel painted metal dog charm with Little Paws trolley token (fixed in place so you can’t lose it) and bones, paw print and kennel hanging charms
Charm is approximately 3cm high, whole key ring is 11cm including strong key ring which you can attach your keys to, or hang onto handbag.

Little Paws by Arora Design Keyring with charm and trolley token at taos gifts
Little Paws by Arora Design Key ring with charm and trolley token

With so many popular breeds to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect Little Paws character for you!

Beautiful Bouncy Boxer Dogs, the happy clowns of the Dog world, the lovely and hard  working Border Collie.

Patient Pointers in either black and white or Liver and white, gorgeous German Shepherds, the little Chihuahua with the big personality and many more are available.

Little Paws collectible figurines are beautiful critters with comical little faces, each comes in its own presentation box with an option to send off for a free personalised silver coloured metal engraved tag.

Spot the little Paws Dalmation figurine at TAOS trading
Spot the little Paws Dalmatian figurine

Take a look at the whole collection and see if you can spot your Dog!