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Hula Hooping The Easy Way

Slot Together Hula Hoop
Slot Together Hula Hoop

Brightly coloured adjustable Hula Hoop for children of all ages, suitable for adults too, well we can’t let the children have all the fun.

E29472_800 hulaThe Hula Hoop is made from eight slot together sections, you can use six, seven or eight sections to make three different sizes of Hula Hoop from 57cm to 75cm in diameter.  Ideal for a growing child.

Each section of the Hula Hoop is brightly coloured and simply slides into another piece to create an unbroken plastic loop and it comes in a smart gift box. Go outside and play!

Gifts for Dad on Fathers Day or Birthdays

worlds greatest Dad, Homer Simpson freezer beer mug at TAOS Gifts
Chilled to Perfection
It’s unseasonably warm here at the moment and it’s hard not to think about Summer just around the corner.

Fathers Day falls on the 17th of June in 2012 so why not treat your Dad to something he can relax in the garden with?

This brilliant World’s Greatest Dad Freezer Mug is perfect for Dad to enjoy a cold beer, larger or soft drink while he relaxes in the garden, leaving Dad, and the beverage beautifully chilled.

For a brew chilled to perfection simply place the mug upside down in the freezer for an hour or so and then fill with a cold drink.

The World’s Greatest Dad Freezer Mug is decorated with Homer Simpson, a 1st rosette and the slogan “Worlds Greatest Dad”.

worlds greatest dad, Homer Simpson Bottle opener at TAOS Gifts
Worlds Greatest Dad!
The World’s Greatest Dad Homer Simpson Bottle Opener would be the perfect gift to accompany the mug.

It has a magnet on the back so it can be stored on the fridge or freezer door, a full length Homer Simpson standing on a plinth with his hands in his pocket.

On the plinth it says “Worlds Best Dad”

A great gift idea for all Dads that love the famous Father of Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson.

Not only is it a stylish fridge magnet, but it opens bottles too, a practical tool Dad will love that looks great in the kitchen.

World's Greatest Dad Stonewitwords mug at TAOS Gifts
Because he is!

For Dads that prefer a more traditional cup of tea while he relaxing in the garden, Stonewitwords have the perfect mug!

From the Stonewitwords Wit, Wisdom and Wise Words Collection, it is a high quality, chunky, oversized Ceramic Mug with the World’s Greatest Dad on the front.

Ideal for Fathers day,  Birthdays or just to let him know he is the greatest!