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Creative Colourful Scentos Stationary!

Scentos by WeVeel, Fruity Scented Stationery, Craft, Glitter Gel
Raspberry Red Glitter Gel

Create colourful masterpieces that smell as good as they look! Scentos by WeVeel is a fun collection of Fruity Scented Stationery.

This Craft Glitter Gel is available in a variety of colours and scents, supplied in a 59ml bottle, at sparkle to your artistic creations with a fun choice of Green glitter gel with a Pineapple scent, Raspberry red,
Pink Bubblegum, Blueberry Blue
Zesty Orange Orange  and Purple Grape!

Fruit Scented, Markers Pens, WeVeel
Fruit Scented Marker Pens

Scentos by Weveel also produce these fun, colourful marker pens, just like normal marker pens but they emit a sweet fruity scent as they are used.

The scents in the set include strawberry, blueberry, orange, watermelon, blackberry, green apple, grape and lemon.

Scented Twistable Crayons
Scented Twistable Crayons

The Scentos by WeVeel Fruity Scented Stationery collection includes  Scented Twistable Crayons 8 Pack, just twist and  you are ready to go, fun colours with a mix of  mouthwatering fruity scents.

Correct pencil errors with one of the chunky funny face Fruit Scented Eraser, wrapped in colourful packaging with funny faces they are a fun gift for your budding artist!

To find the full range just search TAOS Gifts for “Scentos” and discover the full fun  fruity set!

Fun and Festive Christmas Decorations, Knobbly Knees for your Trees!

Knobbly knees hand made clay tree decorations at TAOS Gifts
Decorate your tree with knobbly knees this Christmas
November is upon us already, Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere so we’ve been having fun in the office comparing knobbly knees.

Our knobbly knees are colourful characters, and not the kind you will find in a stocking, well unless you choose to put them there. They are three Christmas characters, a Father Christmas, a Reindeer and a Snowman in each pack to hang on your Christmas Tree. Each one unique as they are handmade with coloured  clay.

Suitable for traditional and modern Christmas trees of any size, these jolly knobbly knee decorations are approximately 18cm long, 7 cm wide Reindeer, Snowmen and Santa characters bearing festive gifts and big smiley faces.

No Christmas tree is complete without baubles, at TAOS Gifts we have baubles supplied in festive gift boxes that are perfect for giving as gifts as well as being a useful storage box for your Christmas tree baubles.

The Snowman Christmas Baublesare supplied in a pretty flower shaped keepsake sturdy gift box decorated with ribbon and multi-coloured christmas theme images. The 12 polystyrene baubles are each decorated with festive Snowmen riding a sleigh in the snow, each bauble is sprinkled with glitter giving it that extra special sparkle.

Santa Christmas glitter bauable box of 12 in gift box TAOS Gifts
Merry Christmas gift boxed Baubles
The Santa Christmas Baublesare decorated with Father Christmas with a pink nose and rosy cheeks and a jolly smile as he looks at the Christmas stocking he’s just filled with gifts. The 12 glittered baubles are supplied in a bold Christmas Tree shape, printed gift/storage box decorated with Santa and a Christmas Tree.

If you are feeling crafty this Christmas and intend to make your own Christmas cards, crackers or decorations add some Christmas Confetti Foiletti, with sparkling Stars, Snowflakes, Wreaths, Trees, Candy Canes and Angels you can choose either Gold Christmas Confetti, Red Christmas Confetti or Silver Christmas Confetti.

Children love making decorations and cards and it adds that magical personal touch to items that become treasured keepsakes for years to come, we have various craft items to inspire you and them in our Christmas section of our shop.

Paint your own Santa, Father Christmas, craft art set TAOS Gifts
Paint your own Santa decoration kit

Children of all ages will love the Paint Your Own Santa Kit, either as a gift in their stocking or as a small pre-Christmas project to get them into the festive mood.

The kit contains an 8cm ceramic Santa, paints and a brush. Once they are happy with their design, bake the Father Christmas in the oven to make their art work permanent.

See TAOS Gifts for many more Creative Christmas ideas.