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Chocolate Gifts for Valentines Day

Cherries in liquer heart shaped box TAOS Gifts
Cherries in a Heart
All you need is Love, the song by the Beatles that everyone knows, but sometimes all you need is Love, and chocolate!

We have lots of delicious goodies and treats for you to buy for your true love this Valentines Day.

With it’s special love heart shape box, Hamlet Cupido Cherises Belgian Chocolate Covered Cherries in Liqueur are a delicious treat to share this Valentines day.

With luxury creamy Belgian chocolate, the sweet tang of whole cherries and the liqueur they are a melt in the mouth delight.

Savour the sweet taste of the chocolate and liqueur as it melts in the mouth then enjoy the sweet whole cherry that is inside each chocolate for a tantalising treat for the taste buds.

Hamlets Love Gift Box is filled with an assortment of milk, white and dark Belgian heart-shaped chocolates with hazelnut filling.

A delicious gift with the traditional Valentines theme, chocolate and love hearts, the perfect blend for Valentines day.

Milk white and dark belgian chocolate love hearts by Hamlet at TAOS Gifts
Lovers Chocolate
Guylian Belgian Chocolates – LES EXCLUSIVESis a large size gift box  with an assortment of traditional Seashells, Opus and Trufflina chocolates.

Includes approximately 27 milk, white and dark chocolate truffles and pralines.

Don’t forget Project Seahorse and Guylian agree on the importance of seahorses as a sign of quality – whether it’s for healthy coastal seas or fine Belgian Chocolates. Every time you buy a box of Guylian Belgian Chocolates, you are supporting Project Seahorse.

Kimberlys of Rangemore are a luxury selection of  handmade English Chocolates, the Champagne Truffle Assortment contains three assorted types truffles in each box:
Champagne and Strawberry Truffles – creamy strawberry and champagne flavoured ganache covered in white chocolate and coated second strawberry icing sugar layer.
Dark Champagne Truffles – rich creamy dark chocolate ganache covered in bittersweet dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of icing sugar.
Milk Champagne Truffles – light creamy milk chocolate ganache covered in smooth milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate.
They are supplied in a pretty coloured gift box containing 12 of the finest handmade in England milk chocolates.

salted caramels from Kimberlys of rangemore handmade English Chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Now for something completely different!

For those that like something a little different try the delicious Kimberleys of Rangemore
Luxury Handmade English Chocolates, Salted Caramels
. They are a soft gooey caramel with a hint of salt, covered in thick creamy milk chocolate.

Nutty, Exotic, Rich, Plain or Fruity? Delicious Sweet Treats

Nutty Chocolate, Mr Toms chocolate peanut bar at TAOS gifts
Nutty Chocolate
Buying gifts for everyone can sometimes be tricky, but it’s hard to go wrong with delicious chocolate or other sweet treats.

At TAOS Gifts we have a huge range of snacks and treats for all those with a sweet tooth, there’s so much to choose from we can satisfy all your gift or party needs.

Mr Tom Chocolate Peanut Bar is bursting with nuttiness!

If you like the original Mr Tom Peanut Brittle Bar, you will love this modern chocolate twist, with small crunchy pieces of caramelised roasted peanuts covered in creamy milk chocolate in 25 bite sized pieces. Made in Germany by Hosta

For a delicious blend of exotic flavour mixed with nutty goodness SEBAHAT LOKOUM Deluxe Turkish Delight Mixed Nuts is just one of their blends to satisfy that nutty desire.

Delicious Turkish Delight filled with hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds, each piece covered in a dusting of icing sugar.
Lokoum evokes the refinement of the court of the sultans.  It’s origins go back to the 14th century.

Delicious, Luxury Turkish Delight by Sebahat Lokoum at TAOS Gifts
Exotic Turkish Delight made with only the finest ingredients

If the exotic appeals to you more than the nutty you’ll love  the Rose & Lemon Flavour SEBAHAT LOKOUM Deluxe Turkish Delight. Sweet sugar delights with subtle aromas, offering the delights of a dainty delicacy that will leave you reaching for more.
Made in Belgium by Sebahat from only the highest quality fruits and natural flavours, with the greatest respect for tradition, suitable for vegetarians.

A must for any Turkish Delight lover or sweet tooth, great hostess gift or thank you present.

You’ll find more fruity goodness in the Lemon, Orange and Strawberry Deluxe Turkish Delight from  Sebahat Lokoum, also made with high quality fruit and natural flavours, spoil yourself, you know you want to.

If you love Turkish Delight and also enjoy the fresh taste of Mint, then you will not be able to resist the gorgeous Minty taste of the Mint Turkish Delight by Sebahat Lokoum. Perfect to treat yourself, give as gifts or share during the party season.

Kimberlys of rangemore luxury handmade chocolate in gift box at TAOS Gifts
Luxury Handmade Champagne Truffles

Enjoy the rich luxury of Handmade  Chocolate from Kimberly’s of Rangemore, presented in pretty gift boxes with a ribbon there are various tempting flavours to choose from;

Coffee and Orange Fondant Creams a delicious box of Coffee Fondant Creams  with a sweet creamy coffee flavoured fondant smothered in rich dark chocolate and finished with a chocolate coffee bean and Orange Fondant Creams, tangy orange flavoured fondant encased in smooth dark chocolate and finished with a slice of jellied orange.

Rose and Violet Fondant Creams
Rose Fondant Creams contain a sweet rosewater flavoured fondant smothered in rich dark chocolate and finished with a pink sugared petal
Violet Fondant Creams are a delicious floral violet flavoured fondant encased in smooth dark chocolate and finished with a purple sugared petal
Supplied in a pretty coloured gift box containing 12 of the finest handmade in England milk chocolates.

See our website for many more delicious Handmade Kimberly’s of Rangemore Chocolates and Truffles.