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Celtic Chocolate Choices, Dairy Free Confectionery

chocolate buttons dairy free Celtic choices at taos gifts
Delicious and dairy free!
Choices made in Ireland by Celtic Chocolate  bring you a delicious alternative to milk chocolate.

The Choices Choc Buttons are a tasty chocolate flavoured treat that may be suitable for specialist diets, they are dairy free, lactose free, gluten-free, wheat free, egg free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

There is also a delicious Choices Choc Orange flavour available, so no matter what your dietary needs, you don’t have to avoid your favourite flavours!

choc crispie bar dairy free alternative chocolate bar at taos gifts
Choc Crispie Crunch!
The delicious Choices Choc Selection is also available in handy snack sized bars to put in your handbag or lunch box for a quick and easy snack.

Celtic Chocolates Choices Choc “n” Crispie Bar is a tasty alternative to milk chocolate for children and grown-ups
With six pieces of sweet creamy dairy free chocolate with crisped rice pieces per bar.
Dairy free, lactose free, gluten-free, wheat free, egg free with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

The Choc bars are available in three delicious flavours including Choc and Choc and Orange.

caramel chocolates dairy free milk chocolate alternative celtic at taos gifts
Smooth caramel
If you are craving something far more indulgent, or looking for a gift for someone who needs to follow a specialised diet, take a look at the smooth and creamy Choices Dairy Free Caramel Chocolates.

The box contains 12 foil wrapped, soft, creamy caramel treats covered in thick chocolate, made from cocoa beans, sugar and non-dairy ingredients.

So if you cannot eat chocolate, remember at TAOS Gifts we have plenty of tasty Alternative Choices for all the family!

Dairy Free Alternative to Chocolate for Special Diets from Moo Free

chocolate caremelised pralines organic, dairy free chocolate alternative from moo free at TAOS Gifts
Dairy Free and Delicious!

If you want or need to avoid dairy products but still want to enjoy chocolate it is now possible thanks to Moo Free!

Moo Free is a Dairy alternative that is suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and other specialist diets.

If you are looking for chocolate alternatives for Easter, Gifts or just as a treat, then take a look at our delicious range of Moo Free dairy Free Products!

In a beautiful gift box tied with a ribbon are the delicious chocolate Caramelised Pralines, an organic, dairy free alternative to milk chocolate made with rice milk.

The Box contains 12 dairy free chocolates that have been filled with a luscious, caramelised hazelnut centre and then coated with our special dairy free chocolate.
Dairy free, lactose free, gluten-free, wheat free, egg free, casein free.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Made in the UK by Moo Free.

chocolate buttons, chocolate drops dairy alternative moo free at TAOS Gifts
Dairy Free Alternative Chocolate Buttons

Little ones with special diets needn’t feel left out with the Moo Free Chocolate Buttons or Chocolate drops available in 4 different flavours, they are an ideal treat for anyone who is dairy or lactose intolerant as well as those following  a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Each bag of chocolate drops contains 35g of chocolate alternative treats made with rice milk.

Also available are our tasty 100g bars of dairy free organic alternative chocolate available to purchase as a bundle of 4 assorted flavours or individually, a great idea for Easter gifts or just as a tasty snack.

The Organic Dairy Free Chocolate is available in four delicious flavours, choose from Banana, Milk Chocolate, Caramelised Hazelnuts or Cranberry and Hazelnuts.

easter egg dairy free alternative to chocolate for special diets, Moo Free at TAOS Gifts
Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg
It’s even possible to join in the Easter fun with the delicious Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg!

The 13cm hollow egg is supplied in a fun Moo Free Easter Bunny design box, ensuring even those with special diets can enjoy the sweet treat and traditional Easter games.

Moo Free have even written a great article explaining the story behind their products introducing characters children will love;
All About Moo Free

Hammy Hamster loved both of her baby hamsters very much but felt very sad as one of them could not eat dairy products due to a dairy intolerance.

In those days it was very hard to find milk alternatives and at Easter she only managed to find a yukkie carob Easter egg, which did not taste like chocolate at all.

Even soya products were few and far between and had a funny after taste. She faced a dilemma; should both baby hamsters go without an Easter egg?

This decision was taken out of her control as other Hamsters gave the dairy intolerant baby hamster milk chocolate Easter eggs.

She then had to take them away from the baby hamster. It was hard for that baby hamster to understand.
Then one day Hammy heard about Maisy Moo, a cow whose calf was taken away from her at birth.

She was then made to give away all of her milk that should have been for her baby cow.

Maisy never got to see her calf again and was very sad.

Hammy decided that Maisy Moo should not have to give her milk to make chocolate.

So she decided to find another way to make chocolate, but retain the lovely milky taste.

After a few years of experimenting Hammy finally did it. “I don’t need your milk for my chocolate Maisy” she told her, “go on, you’re free”.

Maisy Moo had long been dreaming of her baby calf and set off on her quest to find her.