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Olympic Fun and Games

Gold Medal at Taos Gifts
Gold Medal Winner

Celebrate the Olympics with your own fun and games this summer.

However you choose to celebrate, you can all be Gold Medal Winners!

If you are planning an Olympics Party we have everything you need to help support Team GB this year.

At TAOS Gifts we have plenty of ideas for fun challenges for your very own Olympic heroes at home, challenge them to skipping races with one of our fun, brightly coloured Wood Handle Character Skipping Ropes, choose either a  Beautiful Yellow Bee, a cheerful Black and White Cow, Red and Black Ladybirds or the Fun and Funky Green Frogs!

Lady bird wood handle skipping rope at taos gifts
Skipping Races with Fun Characters

Test their jumping skills with the traditional French Skipping Rope.

Don’t worry though, because every person that takes part can still go home with their very own Winners Gold Medal! They are available individually or in Bargain Bulk Packs of 120 for larger group events.

Each Gold Medal comes on a red white and blue ribbon with a plastic medal that measures 4cm in diameter with winner printed one side and a star on the other.

Invent your own ball skills games with the huge Giant Inflatable Football, fun for football fans as well as perfect for your own Olympic sporting events!

Test their coordination and fine motor skills with one of our fun Juggling Balls Sets, everyone that gives it a try surely deserves to win a medal!

plastic gold medal keyring at TAOS Gifts
Everyone’s a Winner

Give all members of your Olympic party a memento of the fun, activity filled day with a Plastic Gold Medal Keyring.

At TAOS Gifts, we have plenty of fun ideas and party supplies to help you throw a party to remember whatever the occasion!

Check out our Confectionery and Party Supplies Section for ideas and inspiration for your very own Great British Party 2012!


Torches for Home, Work and Leisure

Multi function dynamo hand powered torch with whistle
An essential for the toolbox

A torch is an essential household item, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a power cut only to realise you have no batteries for your torch!

At TAOS Gifts we have a selection of Dynamo hand powered torches so you never need worry about running out of batteries again.

If you are into outdoor activities then the Multi-function 5 LED Hand Operated Flashlight with Whistle could be a lifesaver!

It has all the following feature;

No batteries or bulbs required!
Emergency whistle for use in times of distress, ideal for camping, hiking, rock climbing, other outdoor sports  and walking the dog
Output for emergency phone charging (optional adapter for Nokia, Samsung or Motorola) to allow a short duration call or text.
Choice of 2 strengths of light, normal and strong
Easy to use by the elderly & children too
Energy Saving, environmentally friendly
Hand held strap included, compact design (16cm x 6cm x 6cm)
Five powerful LED’s.

All these features for under £5! How can you afford not to have one?

Ideal for keeping in the home, car, caravan and tool kit in case of emergencies.

There are smaller versions without the whistles and with just one LED that are ideal for the home, they are a fun way to educate children about renewable energy too!

head lamp torch ultra bright light at TAOS Gifts
Hands free bright light
If you need to keep your hands free, then our Battery Operated Ultra Bright Light Head Lamp Torch is exactly what you need. It’s powered by 14 ultra-bright white LEDs, with  high, medium, low and flashing modes, an adjustable-angled bracket, detachable elastic head strap and is waterproof.
It is supplied with 3 x ‘AAA’ batteries.

Ideal for numerous sports, hobbies and industries.

TAOS Gifts also stock smaller, pocket or handbag size torches that are easy to carry with you at all times.

The 8 LED Battery Operated Torch with Laser Pointer is just 12cm long with a handy wrist strap, anti shock, easy grip aluminium alloy with 8 bright LED’s and a single red LED pointer. Available in three colours, Black, Blue and Red.

The sleek Silver Executive Slimline LED Torch also has a red laser pointer as well as a double ultra powerful LED beam.

Supplied in a soft black pouch it’s an ideal gift for teachers, students and lecturers as the laser pointer makes giving a presentation so much easier to highlight your points.

Key Ring super bright micro light torch at TAOS Gifts
Small, but powerful
It’s easy to ensure you always have your torch to hand in any situation with one of our key ring torches, they are more than just a novelty, they are super bright, fully functional torches.

The stylish Keyring LED Pocket Torch has a single, powerful beam of bright light, it’s just 6cm in size so it’s easy to carry around with you at all times with your door keys.

Keyring torches can also be attached to a zipper, rucksack, back pack or handbag making them ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Our Clock LED Projection Torch Keyring can show you the exact date and time with just the click of a button.

You can choose to view seconds, or the date and time, full instructions are included. Just shine the red beam onto any flat surface to display the clock.

There are many more torches in stock at TAOS Gifts, click here to see the full selection.