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Norfolk Lavender Gifts and Luxury Toiletries, Relax, Cool and Soothe

soothing foot soak, English lavender at TAOS GiftsNorfolk Lavender has burst into spring with a fresh new look!

So now is your last chance to buy your favourite products packaged in the classic Lavender bunch design.


Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, helping you to sleep restfully and wake feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Lavender also has healing properties.

Lavender Essential oil is often used in aromatherapy for relaxing spasms, lowering fever, benefits the digestion and its calming properties.

It is also an anti-septic and has an anti-depressant effect.

Norfolk Lavender products are perfect to give as gifts, or to treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation.

The Norfolk Lavender Fragrant Gift Box is beautifully packaged and contains English Lavender Soap, Cologne Spray and a fine dusting talc powder.

The gift box has now sold out, but individual products are available to mix and match to create a unique and personalised gift set, perfect gift for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Christmas and more!

Solid cologne stick English lavender from Norfolk at TAOS Gifts
Cooling and Soothing Cologne Stick

The Norfolk Lavender Cologne Solid Stick is a handy travel size English lavender fragrance solid stick.

Many generations have used Lavender in this way to apply to the pulse points on the wrists and temples for a soothing cooling effect.

It is a remedy I can remember my own Grandmother and Mother using, wonderfully cooling on hot Summer days and a perfect size to take on holiday or keep in your handbag to apply as and when it may be needed.

The same remedy is also available as an English Lavender Roll-on Cologne, simply roll the soothing cologne on your wrists and temples for gentle relaxation and a soothing cooling effect.

Cooling Gel with Aloe Vera and English Norfolk lavender at TAOS Gifts
Also perfect for travel and Summer holidays is the Cooling and Rehydrating Gel containing Aloe Vera and English Lavender.

A wonderful skin enhancing gel which soothes and protects.
Can be used in summer after sunbathing to soothe inflamed skin and in winter to nurture chapped skin back to health.

Soothing Night Lights and Lullaby Gifts for Babies

Moonlight Ansman nursery nightlight for Babies Nursery at TAOS Gifts
Soothing Moonlight for Baby
Fill the room with soothing low light and optional lullabies to help a baby or very young child get to sleep with a cuddly mouse snuggled up to a crescent Moon.

Ansmann Moonlights are available with either a Mouse dressed in pale pink or pale blue.

Each beautiful Moonlight Gift is a cute plush soft toy mouse riding on a cuddly yellow moon. The moonlight has integrated nightlight and lullaby functions, perfect as a sleeping aid or comforter for babies, toddlers and children.

Designed for children and suitable from birth upwards Ansmann Moonlight can be hung in the Nursery, the cot, or can be cuddled.

Three different lullabies play for 10 minutes at a time whilst the five LED lights on the moon illuminate and change across three different colours (pink, blue and green)
Nightlight and lullaby automatically switches off after 10 minutes of use to save batteries, just enough time for a light sleep pattern to begin.

You can choose to set just the night-light, the music or both at the same time.

Perfect gifts for newborn babies and toddlers.

Also from Ansmann are the beautiful Starlights, with a comforting background glow for nurseries or children’s rooms, Four different colour modes available: yellow; blue; green or automatic colour changing, each one available by simply touching the top.
Enchanting mobile nightlight automatically switches off after 45 minutes of use to save batteries, allowing plenty of time for a restful slumber.

Ansmann Starlights  offer a comforting background glow for nurseries or children’s room, they are also an attractive decoration.

The light source uses a LED lamp which is economical, without heat and unbreakable. It is powered by batteries and perfect for mobile use such as in cars, mobile homes and tents.

Starlight projector from Ansmann at TAOS Gift
Turtle Ansmann Starlight projector
Ansmann Starlight projectors are available as a cheerful green Turtle Starlight Projector or the lovely Ladybird Ansmann Starlight Projector.


Counting sheep to help them sleep may not help for the very youngest members of the family, but you can help them get started with the gorgeous  little Lamb from Ansmann,  Pia is a soft cuddly Lamb with a gentle nightlight in her tummy that gives a soothing glow, if you push the button on the little lambs foot, she plays one of three lullabies to help sooth your little one to sleep.

There are many other nightlight plush cuddly characters from Ansmann, with super soft huggable bodies, traditional lullabies and a gentle glow of light they are perfect gifts for tiny babies,  toddlers and even older children, with such a beautiful selection of cuddly characters, you’re spoilt for choice!

Ansmann nursery gifts night light and lullaby Bella Duck plush toy
Love a Duck, Bella loves cuddles
Just look at little Bella, a beautiful little yellow duckling wearing a green rain hat. Children of all ages will love the Ansmann Night Light Bella Duck, she is so soft and cuddly, perfect to snuggle up to while listening to her soothing lullaby music and enjoying the soothing glow of the nightlight from her belly.

Tobi the Nightlight cuddly Bear from Ansmann is all dressed for winter in his cosy striped winter hat and a snuggly scarf, he’s a perfect cuddle companion with his super soft plush body, just touch his foot and he will play one of three lullabies to sooth baby to sleep, the soft glow from his little belly night-light is reassuring and soothing for children of all ages.