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Shiver Me Timbers! Pirate Puzzles and Pieces of Eight

gold pirate coins play money at taos gifts
10 pieces of eight!
If your little shipmates are going Pirate Crazy we have plenty of gift ideas to keep them entertained.

Give them a treasure hunt to get them started, great fun for parties or just to keep little Pirates amused indoors.

Draw them a map and let them go on a treasure hunt, they’ll be delighted when they find a stash of  Gold Pirate Coins!

The Gold Pirate Coins are lightweight coloured plastic and available in packs of 10, perfect for small gifts, lucky dips or to fill Pirate Themed party Bags!

Alternatively they can Dig and Discover Pirate Treasure without the hassle of needing a map!

Inside the box is a treasure chest-shaped block of gypsum that is gently scraped away using the tools included to reveal one of six models including some sort of ill-gotten gains along with a skeleton or pirate guardian.

The models are incredibly well-detailed for such a small size, with items such as gems the size of pin heads highlighted and facial features accurately moulded.

pirate telescope, eye patch, earring and gold coins gift set at taos gifts
What 'ave we 'ere then?
No Pirate is complete without his Eye Patch, Telescope, Earring and Gold, so kit them out with the Pirate Dressing Up Gift Set, ideal for fancy dress, role play and Pirate Parties.

The telescope extends from 9.5cm to 19cm in length (for pretend play only, does not magnify).

The  black eye patch has cord elastic, a single gold earring is a  coloured plastic clip-on hoop and the 2 gold pirate coins are plastic play money.

Pirates need creative skills while they are all out at sea, so get them practising now with the Paint Your Own Pirate Ship Art and Craft Kit, suitable for Pirates over 5 years old, the pieces simply slot together and are then glued.

The ship can then be painted and the sails and rigging (supplied) can then be attached.

pirates 25 piece mini jigsaws, party bag fillers at taos gifts
Puzzles for Pirates
All Pirates like a puzzle, so if you are planning a pirate party, then these 25 piece Mini Pirate Puzzles  are perfect.

If you have a ship load of crew to cater for, don’t worry!

With wholesale packs of Puzzles, Pirate Bouncy Balls With Skull and Cross Bones, matching Pirate Bubbles, Fancy Dress Gift Sets and Bags of Gold Coins, you will soon be having a blast!

Novelty Fine Money Box Tins

Swearing fine money box tin TAOS Gifts
Swearing fine money box tin

Briilliant fun and novelty gifts, with a fine tin to suit all the family.

Ideal to encourage people to give up, or save up for things they want. Each tin is approx 11cm tall and comes with a padlock.

Instead of a swear box, try the pay up, instant fines for swearing tin money box Cussing – 20p
When it slips out – 50p
Big “F” words – £1

For those that just can’t help telling a tall story, we have the talking bullsh*t tin, with fines for Exaggerating blarneying – 20p
Blatent bullshitting – 50p
Lying through teeth – £1

We all know a lazy loafer, with this brilliant being lazy fine tin you can get the message across very clearly, ideal for family or work mates!

Fine them for
Putting off work – 20p
Skiving, hiding away from and generally avoiding work – 50p
Not finishing anything you’ve started – £1

Instant fine money box farting fines TAOS Novelty gifts
Instant fine money box farting fines

Do you have an annoying bottom burper in your family? Get them one of these, Instant fines for farting!

Girlie farts – 20p
Stinky farts – 50p
Great big loud horrible boozy farts – £1

On a more serious note, you can inspire the serious saver in your family with the New Shoes Fund saving tin, printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

The Shopping Trip Fund savings tin is also printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

Save for exotic holidays with the fun Exotic Holiday savings tin with its bright and cheerful holiday themed print it’ll really inspire you to get those notes folded and saved!

Save for a night out with the lads with the fun Beer Fund tin,as always,  all donations gratefully received.

Lovers instant fine tin for her TAOS Gifts
Lovers instant fine tin for her

For lovers, you can have some serious fun and games, with the Lovers instant fine tin for her, you can fine your lover instantly for not buying enough beer for her man – 20p, wearing too many clothes around the house – 50p and failing to give love on demand – £1.

For him, we have the Lovers pay up instant fine tin, get your own back with this funny tin and fine him instantly for not enough hugs & kisses – 20p, not noticing NEW clothes, hair styles & nails – 50p and forgetting birthdays & anniversaries – £1