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Have Fun with Science at TAOS Gifts

UFO, Flashing spinning top classic toy at TAOS Gifts
Early intro to Physics
Little explorers and enquiring minds will love our scientific toys at TAOS Gifts.

Getting an early grasp on science is easy and fun with classic tools and toys, without even realising, the youngest children can get a grip on gravity and the forces of energy around us with the classic retro toy, the Spinning Top.

How long can you keep it spinning for?

Turn the lights down low and enjoy the endless patterns of colour as the spinning top flashes while it spins.

Available in various colours they are fun small gifts to keep them occupied and are also ideal party bag or pass the parcel gifts, they are popular with children and adults of all ages.

Bring their world a little closer with our party bag gift size pocket-size mini telescopes. They may be small in size but they are big on vision.

Just 5cm long they easily fit in their pocket or bag and open up a whole new close up view of the world.

Ideal for young Bird spotters, Botanists, Astronomers, Naturalists and other Scientists. Take a closer look at everything around you from an Ant to the Moon. Great fun for budding scientific minds.

Bug Viewer, creepy crawly insect viewing pot, magnifier educational gift
Take a closer look at the Monsters and Beasties in your Garden

Wildlife exploration is possible even if in the smallest garden, take little ones on a wildlife trail right on your doorstep.

There are fights for survival, birth life and death cycles happening all the time.

There’s no need to fear the bugs and beasties that share your living space, just take a closer look at them as understanding helps conquer fear.

Arachnophobes can study their Nemesis at leisure and in safety with the double lens Bug Viewer, gently catch the study subject in the viewing pot and use one or both of the 2 lenses for closer inspection.

The basic lens gives you double magnification and the flip down lens magnifies by 4. This is enough magnification to give you a much closer look at the bugs, beasties and creepy crawlies that live nearby, and once you understand their purpose, lifestyle, habitat and eating habits they are simply not so scary any more!

Just remeber not to keep them in there too long and to gently release them where you found them once you have finished studying them.

Wooden Animal compass, exploration for beginners at TAOS Gifts
Where in the world are you?




Pirates of the Caribbean fans will know Captain Jack Sparrow would not be without his essential compass, even if his didn’t appear to work it was always his most essential tool and loved possession.

At TAOS Gifts we have fully working Animal Compasses in bright and friendly wooden animal shapes to help guide your way.

Unlike Captain Jacks our will point in the right direction enabling you to teach Children about where we are in the world, our place in the Universe, how the Earth Spins, the orbits of the Earth, Sun and the Moon and how Sailors (and Pirates of course) could navigate the Seas by following the Stars.

Yvette Jordan Artist Collection of Vanity Fair Handbag Accessories

Blue madamoiselle leatherette wallet purse Yvette Jordan Vanity fair at TAOS giftsYvette Jordan combines traditional fine art methods with graphic design skills, her work is now featured on a selection of Vanity Fair by Arora Design handbag accessories.

The beautiful Madamoiselle by artist Yvette Jordan, a stunning image of beautiful lady, dressed in blue holding a blue perfume atomizer, is now captured on Vanity Fair by Arora Designs Luxury pale blue leather, double-sided purse. Decorative embossed design on magnetic clasp
Features photograph pocket, 11 credit card pockets, money pocket and zipped purse section
Complete gift in a delightful presentation calico gift bag.

To complete the look at TAOS Gifts we have matching Handbag hooks and Mirror Compacts available in high quality Stainless Steel with a  0.5 Micron Gold or Silver finish, decorated with authentic Swarovski Austrian crystals.
The mirrors are high quality ornate dual mirror compacts, in luxury gift box with a protective velveteen sleeve
One side of the mirror has a normal view, the other mirror magnifies for close up.


Red Senorita SILVER - Handbag Hook / Hanger - Yvette Jordan Vanity Fair by Arora Design TAOS Gifts
Red Senorita SILVER - Handbag Hook / Hanger - Yvette Jordan Vanity Fair by Arora Design

Beautiful accessories providing luxury vintage glamour and timeless elegance at an affordable price.

Candlestick Call is another design from the artist collection, with the glamorous vintage theme, a pretty lady dressed in red is taking a call on a Retro Candlestick Telephone.

The Crystals sparkle in her hair and dress, beautiful, elegant and also available on a luxury Leather Purse, Mirror Compact and Handbag hooks.

Yvette Jordan brings Fairytales into the Theme with Glass Slipper, Cinderella.

An elegant young woman, dressed in pale blue holding a masquerade mask with a Butterfly on her neck, subtle sparkles from the crystals on her dress. The matching purse also has the Butterfly on the clasp.

Last, but by no means least in this beautiful Designer Vanity Fair by Arora Design collection is the seductive Senorita, a fantastic Spanish theme.

Senorita is wearing red, decorated with Roses, sparkling with tiny Crystals and holding a black Spanish fan. More details of the beautiful Senorita can be seen on the luxury leatherette wallet, the  beautiful Senorita is dressed in a sexy red outfit with fishtail skirt, fanning herself with a large black fan, roses in her hair.