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ZaraMamas Gift Packs And Pop A Cob Snacks

Baby White Pop-A-Cob ZaraMamas Microwave Popcorn Gourmet Popping Corn
Baby White Pop-A-Cob

Pop corn that can be made in the microwave has been a popular speedy snack for years, but now it has just got even better, fresher and tastier!

Baby White Pop-A-Cob ZaraMamas Microwave Popcorn Gourmet Popping Corn is virtually hull-less tender kernels with a mild melt in mouth flavour, simply microwave the cob in the bag provided for approx 2 minutes, for super fresh popcorn straight off the cob!

Other ZaraMamas  Pop-A-Cob Microwave Pop Corn packs are available at TAOS Gifts!

ZaraMamas Gourmet, Popping Corn, Seasoning
Gourmet Popping Corn Seasoning

Many people love popcorn with just a sprinkle of salt or sugar, but you can add that little extra special something with ZaraMamas Gourmet Popping Corn Seasoning each pack is a mix of 2  flavours with 2 of each flavour per box.

The packs are available in the following packs;

Maple Syrup and Vanilla Flavour, Chilli & Lime and Cheese Flavour

Or you can buy a pack with a mix of all the flavours to find your personal favourite!

Once you have tried some of the delicious varieties from the ZaraMama Gourmet Popping Corn Range, you may want to try a few of the selection boxes, available in variety packs or Cinema Popcorn Pack Gift Packs, perfect for lazy nights in or novel gift for other fans of this healthy natural snack.

Mixed gift box of gourmet popcorn and popping oil by ZaraMama
Cinema Pack

The Cinema Pack contains includes 2  400g different bags of the most popular flavours from the Zaramamas Gourmet popcorn  range and a 150ml bottle of popping oil,
Popping oil is UK grown, cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, it has a light nutty flavour and a high smoke point making it ideal for popping corn.

ZaraMamas Popping Popcorn Packs

ZaraMamas, Gourmet Popping Corn, Pop Corn, GMO free
ZaraMama mix

If you are looking for healthy, delicious treats and snacks, look no further than ZaraMamaS Gourmet Popping Corn!

ZaraMamaS gourmet popcorn is available in 11 different and colourful varieties, each one has it’s own texture and natural taste: buttery, dry, sweet, crunchy and chewy.

Autumn Haze is small red and yellow kernels with a  sweet mellow flavour and light crunch.
Baby White Rice has virtually hull-less tender kernels with a mild melt in mouth flavour.
Baby Yellow Rice is  a pack of tiny yellow tender hulls, that are easy to eat and digest.
Black Mountain Pops up brilliantly, white and crunchy popcorn with a buttery nutty taste.

ZaraMamas Popcorn Gourmet Popping Corn Bag
Autumn Haze Gourmet Popping Corn

Blue Seas is an unusual  miniature blue kernel, tender and rich.
Creamy Crunch is white popping corn, pops up light and crispy, sweet and creamy.
Fiery Amber is gold and red striped kernels that give you large fluffy, flavoursome and buttery popcorn.
Golden Butter is a rich creamy, buttery flavour, chewy slightly sweet, pops up very large
Midnight Blue is creamy, chewy and intensely flavourful, large fluffy pop.
Pink Blossom is a  big popper, sweet, tender, light and fluffy
Rich Ruby Red is a selection of deep red kernels with a distinctive light nutty flavour.

If you can’t decide,  you can buy a  colourful mix of all varieties to pop together.

High fibre and low fat snack for all the family
100% GMO free with no additives, colourants or preservatives

WhirleyPop Hand Crank, Popping Machine
Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine

You don’t need any special tools to make popcorn at home but our Wabash Valley Farms
Whirley-Pop Hand Crank Popping Machine helps make perfect popcorn every time!

No more shaking the pan to ensure the corn gets evenly heated,  just turn the crank to keep the popcorn moving.

The Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper also allows moisture to escape during popping, so your popcorn is always tender,  crispy and ready to serve, enabling you to rustle up a healthy and tasty snack in minutes.




Gifts for Green Fingers, Grow your own starter packs

Home Grown Strawberries, starter kit, plant in pot at TAOS Gifts
Grow Your Own Strawberries

Growing your own Herb garden, fruit and other tasty treats is so easy with the Grow your own kits at TAOS Gifts.

Grow delicious Strawberries (Fragai Ananassa Duchesne). The pot comes complete with everything you need, you don’t need a large garden to get started, the pot fits easily onto a window sill or ledge, so easy to grow even if you don’t have a garden at all.

The Grow your own kits are also an ideal introduction to gardening for Children, they’ll love their home-grown fruit and have great fun learning to care for their plant while enjoying the tasty reward for all their efforts.

The Grow Your Own Strawberries Kit contains artificial soil, Strawberry seeds, full instructions and a Decorative red plastic pot.
Simply fill around 3/4 of the artificial soil in the pot and put it onto a saucer.

The black foam inlay (included in the box) needs to be put down for the seeds to be spread, then fill the rest of the pot with the remaining artificial soil.

The Pot must then be positioned in a hot sunny place, water regularly and the first seedlings will grow after around 18 days.

Coffee Plant, grow your own at TAOS Gifts
Fresh Coffee

Just as easy to grow are the selection of herbs, with a similar kit but supplied with a green pot so it will be easy to identify your seedlings, you can choose various herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Oregano  to enhance your cooking.

Give your green fingers a break with a short coffee break, there’s nothing quite like freshly ground coffee, especially if you’ve grown it yourself!

The Grow your own Coffee Plant Kit comes in its own Expresso China Mug with everything you need to grow your very own coffee plant.

Perfect gifts for Coffee loving gardeners!

Easy to grow your own popcorn at TAOS Gifts
Popcorn Plant Kit

Movie lovers are not left out, there’s no excuses for them not to get involved, with the Grow your own Popcorn Plant Kit they can have a go at growing their own movie time snacks!

Real popcorn in a bag – just add a pot and water!

The sweetcorn has to be fully dried (on or off the kernel) before it can be used as popping corn. The kit comes with seeds for Zea Mays corn, which is a special hybrid of corn, and is the most commonly used corn for popping.

All you need is water and sunlight to help your plant grow in to a corn plant as corn plants need very little nurturing to grow.

Grow your own kits at TAOS Gifts are ideal gifts for any occasion!