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Brain Lickers, Pucker Suckers and Thumb Dippers

toxic waste pucker sucker sour lollipops at TAOS Gifts
Are you brave enough?

Toxic Waste Pucker Suckers are lollipops that are not for the faint hearted or those with delicate taste buds!

They are dangerously sour candy lollipops that come in a variety of super sour flavours Apple, Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry.

Toxic Waste have named them Pucker Suckers for a very good reason! If you can’t work it out, suck it and see, just make sure you are looking in a mirror at the same time to see the faces you pull when tasting one of these ultra-sour lollipops.

Brilliant fun to give as prank gifts and add to party bags, see who can cope with their Pucker Sucker the longest!

Have your camera ready and get ready for some seriously silly faces!

We have more taste bud torturing fun with the Mega Shocker Bubblegum Filled Sour Candy Sweets.

Can you keep yours in your mouth long enough for the mind-blowing super-sour sweet to dissolve releasing the bubble gum centre?

Brain licker super sour novelty candy drink
Sour Brains, yummy!

If your little ones take great delight in the gruesome, then they will love the super sour Brain Lickers, a novelty roll-on style bottle, simply take off the lid and roll the roller ball over your tongue for the sour liquid novelty candy drink.

Please be aware the Brain Lickers are not refreshment drinks, they are novelty candy liquid.

If Brain Lickers didn’t quench their thirst for the gruesome, try Eye Poppers.
Made by Zed Candy, Eye Poppers have an eye poppingly sour outer shell, once you have got through the tough shell you’ll find a soft chewy bubble gum centre.
If the squeals of laughter from the super sour treats have left you feeling deaf, try the huge Monster Jawbreakers on a Stick, we can’t promise silence, but we can promise lots of fun and not so many sticky finger marks everywhere.

The Monster Jawbreakers on a Stick are also made by Zed Candy, like the traditional giant jawbreakers with a mixture of fruity flavours and bright swirls of colour they last for ages!

Being on a stick is more practical than the old giant jawbreakers, making them far easier to hold without getting into quite a sticky pickle!

thumb dippers lolly with sour powder novelty candy sweets
Thumbs Up for Thumb Dippers!

Alternatively, for some serious sticky fingers (or thumbs) there are Thumb Dippers, a thumb-shaped lolly that you stick your thumb into, then dip into the delicious fruity but sour sherbet pot for some tongue teasing fun!

Thumb Dippers come in three sour fruity flavours Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry, fantastic fun sweets by Wom!

Have fun and games with Chocolate

Chocolate chess set, milk and white chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Check Mate with Chocolate Chess

Chess have never been so much fun! Up the competition, you have to protect your pieces harder than ever now, because your pieces are chocolate!

Be on your guard and use your tactical skills wisely or else your opponent will eat anything you leave open to attack!

Chess is more fun now than it’s ever been, and with delicious chocolate pieces it appeals to players of all ages.

Each box contains 32 milk and white chocolate pieces and a folding playing board, you can play over and over again because the box also contains reuseable chocolate moulds.

TAOS Gifts have more from the Creative Confectionary Company with Chocolate Stacks (also known as Jenga) with 20 milk and white chocolate stacking batons, and reusable chocolate moulds, chocolate games are perfect for parties and to give as gifts .


Chocolate Draughts, checkers, fun with chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Save some for the King!

Be careful while playing Chocolate Draughts (also known as Checkers) if you eat all chocolate you take you wont have any to save if you get across the board to be King!

Do you have the will power to save them? If not don’t worry, all is not lost because this delicious game also comes with reuseable moulds to you can make more and play over and over again.

Sure to be a big hit with children and chocolate lovers of all ages, you just can’t go wrong with novelty chocolate.


We love novelty gifts here, novelty chocolate gifts are also available for the younger (or young at heart) members of the family.


These bright and funky giant crayons look great on any desk or workstation, they look like huge pencils, but the tips are actually fully useable crayons, the pencil body can be used over and over again as a pencil-case and it contains 10 small, foil wrapped chocolate pencils.

Chocolate Novely Pencils at TAOS Gifts
Chocolate novelty pencils

Perfect gifts for your budding artist, lovely little stocking fillers or party bag gifts, these novel  chocolate pencil boxes contain 8 little chocolates shaped like pencils wrapped in assorted coloured foil.

Party Bag fillers, Lucky Dips and Party Prize size toys at TAOS Gifts

Sea Life Ocean images Note pads at TAOS GiftsIt’s Party time! We have everything you’ll need for children’s Parties, brightly coloured Birthday Party Bags and plenty of toys gifts and sweets to fill them all.

Pocket Size Notepads with all sorts of themes, Sea life, Dinosaurs, Football, Jungle Animals, Girly Glamour and much more!

Classic party prizes such as Mini PuzzlesTouchable Bubbles in various colours and designs, Magic slates for the creative, Whoopee cushions for the pranksters and the always popular Gliders, the easy to build and easy to fly plane making kit with either Fairies, Dinosaurs or as the classic polystyrene Glider.

For those that can’t resist gooey and slimy stuff, we have Alien Eggs! Inside the gruesome gel like bouncing putty hatches a squishy stretchy alien. Feels like slime, bounces like putty!

Squidgy putty which can be blown, stretched, moulded into any shape and bounces with surprising velocity. Irresistible to fiddle with, packaged inside a plastic egg, providing storage for the putty when it is not being played with.

Squidgy Putty also comes as Dinosaurs. For squidgy throwing fun, try the Splat Frog, Splat Snowballs or the really horrid Splat Poo! Gloriously squidgy throwing toys that create an awesome ‘splat’ when they hit a window, before reforming their shape as they tumble-down the glass.

wooden steam train whistle musical instrument music maker at TAOS Gifts
wooden steam train whistle musical instrument music maker at TAOS Gifts

Make some Noise with this wonderful Steam Train Whistle, chunky natural wood whistle which makes realistic steam-train noises, with painted steam train on the front.

The all time favourite, the Kazoo, or the metal Whistle on coloured cord.

The Whistling Balloon Helicopters are always a hit with boys and girls, as soon as the inflated balloon is attached to the helicopter it propels the 30cm blades up high, whistling as it goes, who can get theirs the highest.

Harmonicas are always popular gifts and prizes, almost anyone can pick them up and start making beautiful noises ours are traditional style metal harmonica with 16 holes supplied in presentation box which doubles up as a storage case.

We have all this and much, much more in our Party Supplies section at TAOS Gifts.