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Customise Your Footwear at TAOS Gifts

love crocs shoe lace buttons tags fun footwear at taos gifts
Add a little love to your footwear
Add some extra fun to your footwear this summer with fancy footwear accessories at TAOS Gifts.

As well as brightly coloured Shoe Laces to add an instant splash of colour, we have shoe accessory buttons to clip onto your shoelaces or Crocs and sandals!

The beautiful girly Love Crocs and Shoe Lace Buttons are a fun and easy way to decorate your shoes with love hearts, poppies and pink flowers for an instant summer sensation!

For that tropical feeling this summer, just add some fruits to your feet, summer footwear never looked so good!

The Fruit Crocs and Shoe Lace Buttons Collection is made up with Strawberries, Cherries, Apples, Pineapples and funky Mushrooms.

Mix and match them with your summer outfits, or got colour crazy and wear them all at the same time!

fun crocs shoes laces buttons tags at taos gifts
Feeling Lucky?

Add a touch of fun to your footwear with the super Fun Crocs and Shoe Lace Buttons, a fun collection including smiley faces, playing cards, footballs dice and more for some seriously funky fashion for you to step out in style!

Little Motor Heads will love the Vehicle Collection of Crocs and Shoe Lace Buttons, with racing cars, cement mixers and  camper vans, perfect for footwear that’s always on the move.

Perhaps you’d prefer to build your own unique style without buying the popular packs of 10.

The Tag-ems come with matching stickers so you can decorate your school bag, note book or anything else with your favourite tag, they also come with a booklet showing you the whole fantastic Tag-em selection available.

skull cross bones tag -em for shoe laces at taos gifts
Add some style to your Laces

Tag-ems simply clip to your shoe laces, giving you instant unique style, with a great selection including the Skull and Cross Bones, the beautiful cheerful, brightly coloured smiling Butterfly and the fabulous Hypnotic Star.

There are also  old time favourites like the cheerful Cow and the little Black Sheep, not forgetting the all time classic, symbolic bright Red Love Heart.

Why not collect them all and give your favourite shoes a new look every day!

Novelty 3D Erasers, a must have stationery item!

An essential piece of kit for every stylish pencil-case or work station!  TAOS Gifts have something to suit all ages, ideal small gifts and party bag fillers, you can’t go wrong with this collection.

We have them available individually as well as bulk packs so you can mix and match to suit any occasion.

We have vehicles from Tanks to Motorcycles,  Diggers and Buses as well as  Phones, Flip Flops, Love Hearts and Smileys.

Strawberry tarts, delicious Cream slices, fantastic funky Fruit shapes. Fancy a Burger or Fried Egg and chips?  Or if you prefer Wildlife, we have animals of all descriptions, from the smallest Caterpillar to the largest Dinosaur.

Sea life’s included, we’ve got plenty of Fish, a Surfers little Beetle with Surf board included. We even have Pirates!

We also have the more traditional collectable erasers such as crayons, school themed as well as rubber bank notes and playing cards.

Always popular with Children of all ages as collectables and small pocket-money gifts.

See the full range here!