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My Pedigree Pals Dog Figurines With Money-Box

border collie dog figurine in money box gift at taos gifts
Beautiful Border Collie

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life, the these beautiful My Pedigree Pals From Arora Design are ideal!

Each  breed of dog is smooth to the touch with a highly polished nose and comes supplied in a special presentation tin that is also a money-box with the specific breeds information details, that’s two wonderful dog collectible gifts in one!

This beautiful Black and White Border Collie From Arora Design is 16cm long, the character of the breed captured beautifully.

This beautiful dog comes in  a money-box tin that measures 22.5cm x 12cm, with a little bone shaped money slot with information about the Border Collie breed one side and an image of the figurine on the other side.

my pedigree pals cocker spaniel dog figurine with money box  at taos gifts
Cocker Spaniel Pedigree Pal Gift Money Box Tin

Just look at the wonderful expression on the gorgeous My Pedigree Pal Cocker Spaniel Figurine From Arora Design, his nose in the air with a look of quiet contentment, his long ears have distinctive wavy fur and his coat is stunning!

The My Pedigree Pals Cocker Spaniel is 10cm tall and the money-box tin it is supplied in measures 16 x 12cm.

Boxers are comical characters!

Just looks at the expression on My Pedigree Pals Boxer by Arora Design. This beautiful Boxer sits with his head tilted in a quizzical manner, and expression ever Boxer owner knows so well captured perfectly in this stunning 14.5cm tall figurine.

german shepherd my pedigree pal from arora design at taos gifts
German Shepherd

With its ever-alert ears pointing upwards the loyalty and devotion of the intelligent German Shepherd is captured wonderfully on Arora designs My Pedigree Pal German Shepherd.

This beautiful dog sits with its head tilted looking upwards with an expression of quiet contentment on its face.


This is just a small sample of the wonderful My Pedigree Pals available at TAOS Gifts, have a browse through our shop for all the breeds available as well as many other quality canine collectibles for dog lovers.


Dinosaur Gifts for Jurassic Fans

Grow your own pet Dinosaur kit at taos gifts
Grow Your Own Pet Dinosaur

We have a whole range of gifts and treats for fans of the mighty Dinosaurs that walked the Earth.

This novelty Grow Your Own Pet Dinosaur Kit contains a tiny Dinosaur and a tank, simply fill the tank with water and within 2 days your very own Dinosaur will be fully grown, you can then pour the water away and let your pet live in the tank.

The great thing is this little pet needs no feeding and will not make a mess, a great addition to every Dinosaur collection!

Learn more about the Dinosaurs with the classic Top Trumps Specials 3D Dinosaur Card Game.

Full of beautiful, realistic and dramatic illustrations, Gigatosaurus, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops all feature. If you don’t know your Archaeopteryx from your Euoplocephalus you need this Top Trumps pack now!

wooden dinosaur kit at taos gifts
Build an awesome dinosaur
Budding palaeontologists can get to grips with building their own dinosaur with the Wooden Dinosaur Model Making Kit, there are various kits available.

Made from plywood, each piece has already been cut to shape, you simply push out the pieces and get building, the pieces simply slot together, no tools or glue required.

The dinosaur can then be painted and displayed, or disassembled ready to start again.

There is more artistic Jurassic fun with the Paint Your Own Dinosaur Money Box Kit.

The kit contains a money-box dinosaur all ready to be painted, a paint brush and paints.

Enquiring minds will love the Transforming Dinosaur Puzzle Egg.

dinosaur puzzle egg transforms into dinosaur at taos gifts
Transform your egg into a Dinosaur
The 6cm Dinosaur Egg is opened, its internal components flipped, twisted and unfolded to complete the transformation into one of several prehistoric creatures including popular dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus.

After the dinosaurs have finished playing, the second task is encountered; fitting all the pieces back inside!

The eggs vary in beasts and colours, each one is supplied in a net bag, perfect small gifts for young scientists, party bags and party gifts!

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child Gifts and Stationery

money box with padlock the Gruffalo's Child character gifts at taos gifts
The Gruffalo's Child Money box
Fans of The Gruffalo will love the Stationery and gifts in our Gruffalo shop.  The brave little Gruffalo’s Child makes an appearance on some of our fantastic new products from Blueprint Stationery.

The Gruffalo’s Child Money Box has a small padlock to keep savings secure and is decorated with a scene from the Gruffalo’s Child;

The Gruffalo said that no Gruffalo should
Ever set foot in the deep dark wood…

But one wild and windy night the Gruffalo’s child ignores her Father’s warning and tiptoes out into the snow. After all, the Big Bad Mouse doesn’t really exist… does he?

The top of the tin has the words ” Out came the Moon, it was big and round”
Underneath that is the Gruffalo’s Child, the mouse, fox and snake wrapped around the tin.

The Gruffalo’s Child Money Savings Tin would be an ideal gift for Christmas encouraging youngster to save their money, keeping it safe and sound under the care of the Gruffalo’s Child (and a padlock).

Mix and match your Gruffalo Gifts and coordinate the look, the Gruffalo Money box would be an ideal gift given with the matching Gruffalo’s Child Pencil Case Tin, it is printed with the image of the Gruffalo’s Child and the Mouse in the woods on the lid. The Pencil case tin contains 10 small colouring pencils, a wooden pencil sharpener and a mini sized notepad with the Mouse and the Gruffalos Child on the cover.

Pencil case tin, The Gruffalo's Child colouring pencils, note pad, pencil sharperner TAOS Gifts
The Big Bad Mouse!
The Gruffalo’s Child also features on the brightly coloured fun, The Gruffalo’s Child Character Notebook.

A5 size soft backed book, with fun coloured cutout pages.

The book is divided into three sections, each with a different coloured paper, and a round hole at the top of each page.
Yellow: picture of the snake and gruffalo cake wording over the hole
Blue: picture of the owl and gruffalo pie wording over the hole
Green: picture of the fox and gruffalo tea wording over the hole

The Gruffalo’s Child Stationery Gift Box by Blueprint is a  collection of Gruffalo’s Child stationery items, stored in a beautifully made and decorated storage box with magnetic closure.

The Gift Box contains a die-cut shaped A6 sized Gruffalo’s Child shape and print notepad, 8 sheets of writing paper printed with the Gruffalo’s Child in the forest with Woodland Characters, 8 matching envelopes, pencil, pencil sharper and a sheet of stickers, all with a Gruffalo’s Child theme.

Once all the Stationery has been used, the box would be a wonderful keepsake box for Gruffalo fans.

The Gruffalo and other characters also feature on blueprint stationery, these HB wooden Gruffalo pencils with erasers are decorated with characters from the Gruffalo story and have a little Mouse dangler attatched with string. Ideal for school or home, perfect little stocking fillers or party bag gifts for budding artists.

Gruffalo Canvas Pencil case blueprint stationery at TAOS Gifts
Everyone is afraid of me
In a stylish Canvas Gruffalo printed pencil-case, is a perfect set of stationery for school projects or artistic creations at home.It contains six wooden colouring pencils, a wooden lead pencil, one ballpoint pen, a wooden 18cm ruler, wooden pencil sharper and a “poisonous wart” eraser. With custom-made sections inside to hold each item of stationery securely
There is also an additional zipped pocket on the outside of the case for storing dinner money or other Gruffalo goodies!

There are also notebooks, pads, pens, pencils and many other character gifts in TAOS Gifts Character Stationery section, ideal for home, school and office for children (and big kids) of all ages.

Novelty Fine Money Box Tins

Swearing fine money box tin TAOS Gifts
Swearing fine money box tin

Briilliant fun and novelty gifts, with a fine tin to suit all the family.

Ideal to encourage people to give up, or save up for things they want. Each tin is approx 11cm tall and comes with a padlock.

Instead of a swear box, try the pay up, instant fines for swearing tin money box Cussing – 20p
When it slips out – 50p
Big “F” words – £1

For those that just can’t help telling a tall story, we have the talking bullsh*t tin, with fines for Exaggerating blarneying – 20p
Blatent bullshitting – 50p
Lying through teeth – £1

We all know a lazy loafer, with this brilliant being lazy fine tin you can get the message across very clearly, ideal for family or work mates!

Fine them for
Putting off work – 20p
Skiving, hiding away from and generally avoiding work – 50p
Not finishing anything you’ve started – £1

Instant fine money box farting fines TAOS Novelty gifts
Instant fine money box farting fines

Do you have an annoying bottom burper in your family? Get them one of these, Instant fines for farting!

Girlie farts – 20p
Stinky farts – 50p
Great big loud horrible boozy farts – £1

On a more serious note, you can inspire the serious saver in your family with the New Shoes Fund saving tin, printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

The Shopping Trip Fund savings tin is also printed with “All donations will be gratefully received, folding money and cheques accepted!”

Save for exotic holidays with the fun Exotic Holiday savings tin with its bright and cheerful holiday themed print it’ll really inspire you to get those notes folded and saved!

Save for a night out with the lads with the fun Beer Fund tin,as always,  all donations gratefully received.

Lovers instant fine tin for her TAOS Gifts
Lovers instant fine tin for her

For lovers, you can have some serious fun and games, with the Lovers instant fine tin for her, you can fine your lover instantly for not buying enough beer for her man – 20p, wearing too many clothes around the house – 50p and failing to give love on demand – £1.

For him, we have the Lovers pay up instant fine tin, get your own back with this funny tin and fine him instantly for not enough hugs & kisses – 20p, not noticing NEW clothes, hair styles & nails – 50p and forgetting birthdays & anniversaries – £1