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Healthy, Lovely, Liquorice

spaghetti laces traditional liquorice liquirizia meozzi de rosa at taos gifts
Traditional Liquorice laces
Liquorice not only tastes delicious it has been used in many health remedies for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians used it as a pharmaceutical, and huge supplies were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb.
Egyptian hieroglyphics record the use of liquorice as a popular beverage among the men of the time.

Manuscripts from 360 A.D. talk of liquorice helping eye ailments, skin diseases, coughs, and loss of hair.

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are on record as endorsing the benefits of eating liquorice.

Today, liquorice can be found in many over the counter health remedies, cough mixtures, mouth ulcer treatments and topical antiviral creams are just a few.

This is wonderful for me to know, because as a total Liquorice lover I enjoy it because it tastes delicious!

Even better, there is plenty of delicious Liquorice variety at TAOS Gifts!

Liquirizia Menozzi De Rosa Traditional Italian Liquorice strong mint menthol sweets at taos gifts
Menthol, Strong Mint with Liquorice Centre
For those of us that love traditional liquorice for a moment of pure self-indulgence we have Liquirizia Menozzi De Rosa
Traditional Italian Liquorice in either bags of the fun Traditional Liquorice Laces or tasty Chunky Tortiglioni Twists.

For instant refreshment Liquirizia Menozzi De Rosa have created the Pioneer Menthol Mint Sweets with a hard liquorice centre, they come supplied in a tin making them easy to store in your bag or car, for instant minty freshness whenever needed.

If you like your liquorice and your mint extra strong you will love the Liquipin Mental Mint Extra, the stylish blue tin contains 40g of  extra strong minty liquorice imps.

liquorice imps in handy tins at taos gifts
A Variety of Tinned Liquorice Imps

Liquirizia Menozzi
De Rosa Traditional Italian Liquorice Imps are available in various flavours and each comes in their own stylish and brightly coloured storage tin.

They are ideal gifts for Liquorice Lovers and perfect for keeping your favourite sweet treat fresh between nibbles!

Gifts and Treats for Liquorice Lovers

Soft Finnish Liquorice sticks Saint Valentines at TAOS Gifts
Soft, Sweet and Delicious
If, like me and many others you are a big lover of liquorice then you will love the sweet treats and gorgeous gift ideas we have at TAOS Gifts.

Immerse yourself in the sweet smell and the divine taste of luxury liquorice. We have liquorice gifts to suit all tastes.

If you love your liquorice to be thick and chewy, they try the Saint Valentines Hard Italian Liquorice Twists, each 300g box contains approximately 6 long twists of thick hard Liquorice. A personal favourite of mine!

If you prefer the softer Liquorice then you will love  the Soft Finnish Liquorice by Saint Valentines.

Did you know Liquorice is a plant, the root of which has been used in medicine for thousands of years.

Pliny the ancient Greek writer describes its use in treating colds and asthma. Chinese medicine has long used it for sore throats and it is being thoroughly tested today for many other medicinal uses, it could be the next wonder cure. Just keep eating it and you may never be ill again!

The root if the liquorice plant contains Glycyrrhizic acid that is fifty times sweeter than sugar!

It’s not often something tastes this good and can actually be good for you!

If you can’t get enough of that sweet Liquorice flavour, then you must try the Extra Strong Liquorice Imps in a Tin from Joris Bel Canto

Liquorice Allsorts Novelty Lip Gloss Macaroon at TAOS Gifts
Fruity Flavours
In a handy pocket-sized tin there are 20g of extra strong mini liquorice imps
Delicious and refreshing liquorice drops, with a refined taste
Traditional Flemish hard liquorice (drop) sweets from Belgium.

Just for fun, why not keep your Liquorice Allsorts with you at all times, these ones wont go sticky in your pocket!

In fun Liquorice Allsorts Shapes Star and Rose Novelty Lip Gloss is a must for Liquorice lovers, OK so you can’t eat these, but they keep your lips soft and smooth and have delicious fruity flavours all wrapped up in a novelty container.

Fill your home with the delicious aroma of your favourite sweet treat, Jelly Belly Liquorice Scented Candle by Wax Lyricalcomes in a brilliant sweetie style glass jar that looks great anywhere and gives you up to 60 hours burn time.

Imagine your home filled with the delicious mouth-watering scent of Liquorice!

Liquorice jelly belly Scented candle in sweetie jar at TAOS Gifts
Mouthwatering Scent

You are not limited to Candles, you can also experience the sweet sensation with Jelly Belly Liquorice Reed Diffusers, the glass jar is filled with sweet-scented reed oil that is  infused with Liquorice fragrance, the oil is released through the reeds giving you up to 60 beautifully scented Liquorice-loving days

Fruity Jelly, Luxury Liquorice, Delicious Dark Chocolate and Moreish Marzipan

Gelco assorted fruit jellies, sweet and sour mix at TAOS Gifts
A perfect mix of sweet and sour

Customer satisfaction is very important to us here at TAOS Gifts, so when I was asked to sample the latest delights write about the latest confectionary in stock I jumped for joy at the chance. I take my work very seriously so this time I made sure I was alone in the office.

The first sample I chose from the box was a red fruity liquorice stick with fondant filling,  from the Assorted Fruit Jellies and Sour Sticks pack.

The sharp sherbet was the first thing to hit my taste buds, making my mouth water, followed by very satisfying chewy and fruity flavoured sweet, it was so tasty I just had to have another from the pack.. and another…and another. Very tangy and tasty.

After such a tangy experience I thought I’d try the Fruity Jellies from the same pack, they are deliciously juicy and sweet, some flavours are chewier than others and the soft ones calmed my tingling taste buds.

Gelco Sour Jellies and Liquorice Fondant Sticks are  a great combination for anyone with a sweet tooth, a big thumbs up here for the mix of  tasty Italian Sweets.

Being a huge Liquorice fan I was keen to sample the Saint Valentines Liquorice (again)

traditional gourmet liquorice tin assorted saint valentines sweets TAOS gifts
Heaven in a Tin

There has been some debate in the office over which is best, the Saint Valentines Soft Finnish Liquorice Sticks or the Saint Valentines Hard Traditional Gourmet Liquorice.

Putting aside the fact that I am a lifelong liquorice lover and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every sample, I would say only buy the soft Liquorice sticks, they are delicious, if you like liquorice you will love these!

The Hard Liquorice is very rich, chewy, just the right texture, but I don’t think you’ll like it so don’t buy any, because I’m planning on buying all of the remaining stock.

Honestly? It’s the very best Liquorice I’ve ever tasted!

Saint Valentines Traditional Gourmet Liquorice is presented in a stylish tin that contains a mixture of  filled liquorice shapes (cutz), twists and stic in flavours such as chocolate, apple, strawberry, banana and tutti frutti.

A tasty and perfect Christmas Gift for any Liquorice fan!

I was deliciously satisfied after my long, sweet testing break, so I saved the other contents until later.

It took a few hours before the Marzipan finally broke my willpower, with its bright packaging and zesty promises I just couldn’t resist. I chose the Lemon Long Stick of Niederegger Marzipan covered in smooth milk chocolate.

With six bite size pieces of rich Zesty Lemon  Marzipan covered with melt in the mouth milk chocolate they are perfect small gifts or indulgent treats. Bursting with so much fruity flavour I’m certain it must count as one of your 5-a-day!

Dark Chocolate Guylian Belgian Chocolate at TAOS Gifts
Delicious, Rich Dark Guylian Belgian Chocolate

After Liquorice, my next favourite thing is dark chocolate, so for me it made sense to save this bar until last.

Sadly it was the end of the working day and I was forced to share it with my partner.

As I love Guylian Dark Belgian Chocolate I thought I’d ask him for his honest review.

Dark, Rich, Guylian, Quality, Mmmm,

Was the general review, but as soon as he said it was too rich to eat a whole bar, I kindly offered to help. Well, after all it is my job and it’s not fair to delegate.
As I knew it would be, smooth very rich with 72% Cocoa, delicious and immensely satisfying.

Very Highly recommended!

Monday Coffee Break, confectionery testing time, yummy!

Cherry liqueur, milk chocolate coated cherry
Buy me now, I'm delicious

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it, today I am testing confectionery for TAOS Gifts.

I have before me a line up of goodies on my desk, so which to choose first?

Tough one!

The Marzipan Fruits look mouth-wateringly yummy, but the Cherries in Liqueur screamed “Eat Me!” 😯

So, visual appeal, yes, beautifully wrapped in gold foil with the shape of the chocolate teasing me through its wrapper.

The chocolate melts in the mouth, but I was impatient and had to chew, and wow!

The Liqueur melts dreamily into your mouth with the chocolate, followed by a whole cherry that was enveloped in this little piece of chocolate heaven!

Going back to the sweet line up on my desk, I pick up a Peachy marzipan fruit shape. It looks just like a mini peach, and tastes fabulously fruity!

Next was the Cherry marzipan fruit, my sweet tooth is totally satisfied with these little fruity shapes. 8)

Not only do they taste as good as they look, I think they’d be brilliant for decorating home-made cakes as well as serving on a dish at parties or using as party bag fillers or wedding favours.

I have no packaging for the chocolate sticks, just a list giving me clues as to what they might be… and well, they’re chocolate sticks so I’m fine with that! 😀

The first one smells orangey, I don’t like orange creme chocolates so I panic a little 😕  but decide to brave it anyway (things I do in the name of work)

I bite into it and it’s like orange Jaffa gorgeousness, it’s zesty too and…

I think I’ll hide these from my children.

Sour Jawbreaker, novelty sweet and sour candy at TAOS gifts
Jawbreakers novelty candy for children

No such luck!

I was rudely interrupted during my extended and rather moreish coffee break by my teenage Son and Daughter, I reluctantly share…

“Mmm, not sure what they are, but they’re quite nice, they taste like Jaffa cakes” my Teenage Daughter says as she munches her way through an orange chocolate stick.

Funny faces all round as my teenage Son melodramatically bites into a chocolate Lemon stick, just as tangy and zesty as the delicious orange we all agree, Son, no longer pulling crazy faces asks “can I have another please”

I remind my offspring I’m still at work and squirrel away my project until they leave the office. 😳

TAOS gifts have plenty of fun novelty sweets for the children so you can enjoy the more luxury products in peace, mine love the Character Candy novelties.

It’s getting tough to choose from my pile of goodies now, so lucky dip time….

Liquorice has always been a favourite of mine, especially the really hard liquorice, I’ve got two big chunks here, one hard and one soft.

Equally as delicious, I’d like some more to test please boss if you’re reading this. 😆

I close my eyes and pick another delicious sample from the collection, and bite into an instant kick of ginger, wonderful!

To my delight the next few sticks are the same, dark delicious chocolate with the unmistakable tang of fresh ginger.

Time for another coffee break I think, this is hard work! 😛


Love hearts traditional candy at TAOS gifts
Lots of traditional old favourites as well as luxury chocolate

My work here is done, I now have just two delicious chunks of chocolate before me, nice and nutty, just the way I like it.

Bitter dark chocolate with a distinct nutty flavour as soon as you pop one in your mouth, a mouth-watering crunch as you bite into the rich, crunchy Walnut centre.


I’ll be back!  8)