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Add some Sparkle to Parties, Firework Night, Halloween, lets Glow!

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Hand Held Sparklers
Everyone loves playing with Hand Held Sparklers on Guy Fawkes night, writing your name with the fiery glow in the air, making shapes, dancing, trying to draw pictures in the dark before the sparkle burns out, they are great fun and popular with all ages.

Create your own sparkling display this Firework night with our range of Sparklers and Glowing gifts.

They are becoming more and more popular at Halloween, Birthday Parties and other celebrations.

If you’re organising a large party or big event we have Hand Held Sparklers available in large bulk packs as well as the small standard packs.

For outdoors we have a variety from  Hand Held 10cm Mini Sparklers, standard 25cm Hand Held Sparklers, large 40cm Hand held Sparklers and the more unusual Heart Shaped Hand Held Sparklers.

Heart shape, outdoor sparklers, parties, weddings, valentines day, Birthdays, Romance, Romantic, TAOS gifts
Pretty Heart Shape Outdoor Sparklers
The Hearts look beautiful when lit, their novel shape makes them perfect for Weddings, Romantic Nights, Valentines Celebrations, Engagement Parties, Birthdays or any other event you’d like to celebrate in sparkling style!

For indoors, Birthday Cakes, Parties and Glitzy Celebrations we have more sparkling delights, Long Sparkling candles, no sticks required, these long candles will stick straight into the cake, as the candle burns down they spark gently.

For a more dramatic effect, the Ice Fountain cake sparklers burn down with a bright flame and lots of sparkle, they are available in either Gold or Silver.

Indoor Firework Number Sparklers are beautiful, with numbers from zero up to nine  in either Gold or Silver they are perfect decorations  for cakes.Perfect  to celebrate special age birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries or children’s Birthdays.

number sparklers, candle, cake sparklers all numbers, ages, celebrations, fireworks
All numbers available cake sparklers


Prepare for Firework night early with TAOS Gifts, whether you are going to an organised display or throwing a Bonfire party yourself, remember the firework code.

Always hold Hand Held Sparklers out at arm’s length while wearing gloves to protect your skin from the sparks, never leave children unsupervised.

Have fun!


Creepy beasts, glowing ghouls, fun and games for a frightfully good Halloween!

loot bags, party bags, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, halloween trick or treat at halloween taos gifts
Party Loot Bags, trick or treat

October is almost upon us, are your ready for the little Monsters, creepy critters, ghastly ghouls, wicked witches and fearsome beasties?

Be Prepared with TAOS  Halloween gifts, we have everything you need for a fearsome night with your little horrors.

Freak up their hair with Colour FX Hairspray or ColourFX Hair gel, Zombify their faces with facepaints, then get ready to get the party started!

Be safe and be seen when you are out on cold dark nights this winter with Glowstick Jewellery, make your own necklaces, earrings  and bracelets with the connectors provided, they glow bright for hours, available in 4 bright colours, and various size packs  the only limit is your imagination.

Fill party bags or loot bags with  creepy candy Halloween Rock Lollies, fruity flavours with scary Halloween designs, chocolate Pumpkins, bags full of delicious chocolate wrapped in foil with a pumpkin design, or the freaky chocolate eyeballs, made in the UK by Derwent Lynton, gruesome coloured horror eyes with freaky red veins all over them, little monsters love them, then add a collection of beastly goodies.

Party bag toys, halloween, Maze, pocket toy, tombola, lucky dip, taos gifts
Spooky Maze prizes

Plastic spooky Mazes are always popular, how steady is your hand?

Perfect for lucky dips, pass the parcel, party bags and other party prizes, with a selection of shapes and spooky designs with creepy trees, bats, witches and ghostly beings, they are just one of our great selection of party goodies.

Halloween Paddle Drums, in suitably creepy colours including black, green orange and purple, decorated with scary faces and haunting ghosts, are a great alternative to sweets for the little trick or treaters, and perfect party prizes for Halloween fun.

Gelli Baff, horrid goo, bogey bath, slime, bug, ghastly bug, taos gifts
Ghastly Bug filled Goo

The ultimate creep out! Horrify them with Horrid Henry Green Gelli Baff Jelly in Horrid Henry Bogey Green, fill the bath, a large cauldron or a paddling pool with the green slimy bug filled goo, carefully wrap up prizes and make them hunt around in slime for a trick, or a treat.

Add more beasts to the mix with a selection of Extreme Stretchies, with a choice of Frogs, Snakes and Spiders, you can create a gruesome zombie slime lucky dip with prizes sure to make the scream!

Party Time for little Monsters this Halloween

squishy mutants rubber halloween horror heads Halloween Party TAOS Gifts
squishy mutants rubber Halloween horror heads

It’s nearly that time of the year when little monsters appear everywhere, be prepared!

Taos Gifts has everything you’ll need to have a frightfully good party!

Decorate the party room, make monstrous spiders and creepy things with modelling balloons and Glowsticks!

Paint freaky faces with Face Crayons,  the push up design makes them easy to us, and they’re just as easy to wash off with soap and water.

Stretchy Skeletons are great for either hanging around, or filling freaky party bags for your little horrors, they’ll love the way you can stretch and stretch these Boney freaks from 16cm right up to 100cm!

We have plenty of sweets and treats for the little trick or treaters knocking on your door,  to fill party bags or give as prizes.

The Toxic Waste Pucker Sucker Lollipops will really get them pulling faces with the sour flavours and fizzy centres.

Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge chew bars are super chewy, super sticky and super sour apple flavour, dare the bravest monsters to eat one without pulling funny faces!

Eye Poppers Mega Sour Bubblegum are hard sour candy with a soft bubblegum centre (not suitable for little monsters under 5), or your can torture their taste buds with the Brain Licker sour candy drink style candy that is most definitely for fun, NOT refreshment! 😆

For prizes, party bags and trick or treat gifts we have Light up Halloween Pens with eyes that light up as you write, choose either Pumpkins, Witches or Vampires.

Freaky feet will love these Halloween Crocs or Shoe lace Buttons,the packs contain Ghosts, Skull and Crossbones, Pumpkins, Skeletons and Eyeballs, you can either tag Crocs or use the supplied adaptors to thread them on shoelaces.

Halloween Pencils with Erasers shaped as Ghosts, Skeletons and Zombies are perfect Party bag fillers.

pirate skull crossbones small black bouncy balls at TAOS Gifts
pirate skull crossbones small black bouncy balls at TAOS Gifts

Give a bit of Gore to the older monsters with the Gruesome Tattoos, Skin Growths,

Ripped Torn, Open Wounds, Scars & Stitches, Long Slashes, they’re awful, but don’t worry, they are only temporary and easy to remove.

TAOS Gifts also has some brilliant Pirate themed party bag gifts with Skulls and Crossbones they are perfect for Halloween, just search our shop for Pirate and you’ll find Black Bouncy Balls with Pirate themed Skulls and Crossbones, as well as Notepads, Bomb shape Bubble necklaces and much, much more!

Happy Halloween!