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Soothing Heat Packs Cherry Stone or Wheat with Lavender

Stay Warm Cherry Stone heat or cool pack TAOS Gifts
Warming or Cooling relief
Heat packs are a well-known natural  alternative pain relief remedy, effective relief from general aches and pains and an essential item for any first aid kit.

Our Cherry Stone Packs are ideal for those who cannot use our popular Wheat with Lavender Packs because they are allergic to Wheat.

100% Natural and available as a Square Pillow or the longer, more adaptable Cherry Stone Neck Pillow, each is supplied in a gift box and contains Cherry Stones in a pretty Cherry decorated cotton fabric.

Totally washable and easy to heat in the microwave, the oven or even to use as a cold compress after being in the freezer.

Perfect gifts for all ages!

Opal London Stay-Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Square Pillow In Gift Box

Natures way to combat cold feet, aches and pains, or simply to spoil yourself. Heat in microwave, cool in the freezer and clean in the wash!

100% natural, contains carefully selected cherry stones in a quality woven 100% cotton pouch with red cherry design, which can be impregnated with essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits
All the benefits of a hot water bottle or wheat pack, without the scalding risks or allergy issues, does not feel cold and clammy when cooled down, delicate biscuit like cherry smell when heated.
Ideal for all ages, from old to young (3 plus)
Can also be used as a cold compress, perfect for bumps, sprains, puffy eyes and hangover, just keep one in the fridge or freezer
Pillow can be machine washed if a little grubby or to use a different essential oil
May help with aches and pains caused by arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, menstrual pain and a variety of sports injuries, may also relieve some symptoms of migraine headaches, stress and tension
Heat in microwave for up to 3 minutes, 15 minutes in oven, or freeze for at least 45 minutes for use as a cool pack

Spray pillow with water occasionally to prevent the cherry stones from drying out!

Funky designs, soothing heat or cooling wheat packs available at TAOS Gifts
Bright and Funky Designs Available!

Our Herbal Lavender and Wheat Heat Packs are available in various designs and colours, there is something to suit all tastes.

Each Herbal Heat Pack is hand-made from soft fleece and filled with 100% natural and delicately lavender fragranced specially treated wheat.

Just one minute in the microwave releases the relaxing scent of Lavender and gives you soothing warmth you can use again and again. Alternatively, place in a bag and store in the freezer for a cold compress.

Ideal for sports injuries, bumps, bruises, aches and pains.

The Floral Pink Design Lavender Herbal Heat and Cold Pack is soft fleece with a bright and funky pink background covered in multi colour flowers, an ideal gift for anyone that likes everything pink! Very girly, a soothing, thoughtful gift idea for children, teens, young and old.

Bring out the animal in you with the Grrreat Tiger Striped Animal Print Wheat Bag, a fun design for all animal lovers.

You’ll have spots before your eyes with the fun multi-coloured Dotty Spotted Heat Wheat Bag! A fun design for those that like everything bold and bright.

One of many colours available, Herbal Lavender and Wheat Heat and cooling packs at TAOS Gifts
Classic Stylish Colours, designs for all tastes
Fun Tartan Prints for those important members of your Clan with Red Tartan and Blue Tartan, you can mix and match and find unique designs for all your family members.

There are also classic one solid colour Heat Packs with Wheat and Lavender for those that like more contemporary styles, with a rainbow of colours and designs to choose from you are spoilt for choice.

You can recharge your Lavender Heat Packs with our Pure Lavender Essential Oil from Norfolk Lavender, just add a few drops before heating your pack to release the well-known relaxing, soothing English Lavender scent.


Keep warm this winter with Instant heat Shottles at TAOS Gifts

Instant Heat Shottle hot water bottle at TAOS Gifts
A hot Shottle keep warm in style

Shottles are a fun and funky way to keep warm and cosy, they look like hot water bottles with knitted covers, and they are just as warm and cosy but far more practical.

No more messing around with boiling hot kettles, or rushing to the microwave to heat your heatpack, just click the little disc inside your Shottle a chemical reaction solidifies it and  it heats up instantly!

Shottles stay warm for up to 45 minutes thanks to their own personal knitted covers, once your Shottle has cooled down, simply reset it by removing the cover and placing the bag in  boiling  water for a few minutes, then your Shottle is ready to use whenever you need it.

There are a whole range of fun and funky Shottle Designs to choose from, The Cream Heart Shottle is a handy heat pack inside a cream knitted cover with a red love heart design. A Perfect gift for a loved one to keep them warm, and make them smile with the romantic, symbolic heart.

The Funky Rainbow Stripe Shottle is a bright and lively design to suit anyone, boys, girls, young or old, they are sure to love their instant warming heat pack.

Ideal for sports enthusiasts,  keep them  in your pockets while watching a game, or keep in your kit bag to warm up after an event. They are also very useful to keep in your first aid cabinet, heat packs are an effective drug free pain relief remedy, soothing aches and pains all over the body.

Shottles are also available in a handy mini size novelty key ring.

As well as being fun and novel gifts they are small,fully functional mini heat packs, as soon as you start to feel chilly, just click the metal disk inside your mini shottle and you’ll have an instant heating system inside your pocket, or gloves.

Instant Heat Novelty Keyring mini Shottles at TAOS Gifts
A hot water bottle on your key ring

mix and match your Shottle gifts, each mini Shottle key fob has a matching medium size Shottle available.

Medium size Shottles measure 21cm x 21cm x 2cm, perfect pocket-size!

If you love the great outdoors you will soon wonder what you ever did without your Shottle, ideal for camping on those colder days and nights, and simple to recharge on your camping cooker or camp fire, just boil a pot of water and your Shottle is ready to use again in minutes.

If you are looking for the ideal gift for anyone that spends  a great deal of time outside a Shottle is perfect! Dog walkers, Fishermen, Hikers, Star-gazers, Cyclists, Football players, Rugby players, Campers, Kayakers, the list is endless.

Shottles are also ideal for young children and the elderly, with no risk of scalding, leaks or spillage they are so much safer than a traditional hot water bottle, and with their cosy knitted covers they are soft and gentle on delicate skin, giving instant soothing heat whenever needed.

Shottle heat pack hot water bottles instant heat TAOS Gifts
Gone Fishing? Take a Shottle