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Crystal Body Deodorant

crystal body deodorant travel size at TAOS Gifts
All Natural

Treat your skin to gentle and totally natural care with our Crystal Body Deodorants.

Crystal Body Deodorants are made of 100% Natural Mineral Salts which eliminate odour by leaving an invisible protective barrier against odour-causing bacteria.

To apply to clean skin after a bath or shower,  just wet the stick and then gently smooth over under arms or feet.

The Salt does not block your pores, clog up sweat glands or leave any sticky residue on your skin, nor will it stain your clothes.

Suitable for Men, Women and Teenagers with any skin type and are totally Hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free.

The Crystal Body Deodorant Stick is available in a travel or sample size so you can try it before buying the larger sizes or pop it in your travel bag for holidays or weekends away.

crystal body deodorant full size natural protection at TAOS Gifts
Fantastic Value For Money!
The Full Size Crystal Body Deodorant Stick weighs just 125g, but did you know even if used daily this little stick can last up to a year!

If you consider that against other deodorant sticks on the market, you are not only saving money but protecting the environment too!

Another benefit of the Crystal Body Deodorant is 5% of every sale goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

They are a grant making trust who fund projects and provide financial support to UK charities which relieve the needs of people who are suffering from, or who have been affected by breast cancer.

crystal body deodorant spray at TAOS Gifts
Crystal Body Spray
Crystal Body Deodorant is also available as a Handy Roll On Deodorant and the Crystal Body Deodorant Spray.

All of the Crystal Body Deodorants are 100% natural, they are kind and gentle on your skin, suitable for all skin types, fragrance free and environmentally friendly too!


Energy efficient rechargeable batteries and chargers

Rechargeable batteries make perfect economic sense, most can be recharged up to around a thousand times, they pay for themselves in about 4 charges compared to single use alkaline batteries!

Here at TAOS Batteries we have a huge range of rechargeable batteries, chargers, charger and battery packs and handy speciality chargers that can charge your batteries via the USB port of your laptop or computer.

USB speciality charger from TAOS Batteries
Just one of many USB chargers available

We have a wide range of pack sizes as well as a great selection of rechargeable batteries, not just AA, we have AAA, 9v, C, and D.

By purchasing rechargeable batteries for high energy drain devices you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

The energy used to manufacture a disposable battery is roughly 50 times greater than the energy it gives out in its lifetime, but a rechargeable battery supplies more than 50 times the energy used in its manufacture.

Rechargeable batteries from TAOS Batteries

Less packaging, less waste and over time, massive savings!



We don’t just stock rechargeable batteries, we have a massive range of batteries in all shapes and sizes, with free UK delivery and a handy battery code comparison chart here should you be stuck on which size battery you need. Choose TAOS Batteries for portable power and green energy.