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Beautiful Beads With Storage

Suitcase Tin of Beads wooden rainbow colours beading crafts at TAOS Gifts
Wooden Rainbow Beads

If you have a budding fashion designer in your life help them along in their creativity with some of our bright and beautiful bead kits.

The Rainbow Bead Kit comes in a pretty little suitcase storage tin decorated with hearts and flowers with a secure locking catch to keep all the beads safe and a handle to make carrying them around easier.

The Rainbow Bead Suitcase Kit contains threading elastic and enough beads to make a six pretty coloured necklaces and bracelets.

The beads vary in size and design and includes feature sized beads to make stunning themed jewellery with love hearts, flowers and much more!

The possibilities are endless.

Mini star tin wooden rainbow beads crafts at taos gifts
A Star full of Beads

Smaller Bead Craft Kits are also available, perfect to give as small gifts, stocking fillers or party bag gifts.

This Lovely Little Star Tin of Wooden Beads contains elastic and over 20 various size beads.

A little star in either pink or lilac bursting with a rainbow of colour and enough beads to design a unique bracelet.

An ideal starter kit suitable for budding jewellery makers aged 5 and over.

The Mini Star Tin of Beads measures approximately 5.5cm x 2cm the perfect size to pop in your pocket of bag.

small round tin of wooden rainbow beads at taos gifts
Pretty Pastel Tin full of Beads

In more pretty pastels is this Small Round Tin of Beads, decorated with hearts and flowers with a clear window in the lids so you can see the contents.

This Small Round Tin of Beads contains over 70 beads in various sizes and designs including larger sized feature beads for the ultimate design inspiration.

Complete with threading elastic this pretty little gift tin contains everything you need to create a necklace and a bracelet.

The Small Round Tin of Wooden Beads measures 9cm x 3cm

Alternative Gifts for Easter

paint your own easter bunny craft kit from TAOS gifts
Paint your own Easter Bunny!
The easter Holidays are just around the corner, at TAOS Gifts we have a wide range of Chocolate treats, Easter Eggs and other gift ideas.

If you want to give something different this year or don’t want the children eating too much chocolate, take a look at some of our alternative ideas.

Paint Your Own Easter Bunny Craft Kit is a fun creative gift for gift for young children, it comes with a little bunny that is all ready to paint, with three different coloured paints and a paint brush.
Children love to see their art on display and the colourful bunny can also be used as an alternative to the traditional Easter Egg hunt, play find the Easter Bunny instead.
If you prefer tradition and want to play hunt the Easter Egg, we have Paint Your Own Easter Egg Craft Kits, they also come with an Egg that is ready to paint, different colour paints and a paint brush.

Puzzle Eggs, Transforming Aliens, Alternative Easter Gifts at TAOS Gifts
Transforming Aliens

Hatching Aliens, might not be your first thought for an Easter Gift, but they are sure to be popular with Science fans young and old!

Alien Puzzle Eggs, are brightly coloured novel gifts that will last much longer than a traditional easter Egg.

The colourful plastic eggs  ‘hatch’ open and transform into alien figures in a series of moves.

Well thought out and can be transformed over and over again.

The Aliens and their eggs all vary in colours and designs.

Give the gift of light! Brighten up any room in the house with a funky glowing Egg!

It looks just like a rubbery white egg until you turn it on and then the free-standing egg transforms into a novel glowing sphere of light!

colour changing egg, novel light at taos gifts
Softly glowing egg

The Colour Changing Egg Morphs through a rainbow of colours, giving a soft ambient glow to any room, a much safer alternative to candles.

The Egg is battery operated and free-standing so you can use it anywhere, it also has a colour lock function so you can set it to glow one specific colour.

A wonderful night-light for children and a novel gift for Teenagers this Easter.

For many more alternative and novelty gift ideas have a look at our Easter Gift Shop at TAOS Gifts.