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Cupcakes and Ice Cream Novelty Lip Gloss

cupcakes Lip gloss gift boxed set of four novelty gifts at taos gifts
Look good enough to eat!
Sweet little cupcakes with cherries on top, some with strawberries and cream or iced decorations, they look so delicious, but these little Cup Cakes at TAOS Gifts are funky little lip gloss containers.

Each little Cup Cake contains a scented lip gloss, just open the cake to reveal the soothing lip gloss inside!

The colours, scents and designs of the Cup Cakes will vary.

Made by Opal London, each Cup Cake Lip gloss Gift Box contains four little Cakes, each measuring approximately 3cm tall containing 2.6g of scented lip gloss in cup cake.

Opal London Cake Shop Lip Gloss is supplied in a pretty little Cake Shop display box.

gelato novelty ice cream lip balm from opal london at taos gifts
Gelato Ice Cream
Also from Opal London is the Gelato Ice Cream Tub Gift Box.

Containing four little novelty ice cream tubs with delicious flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, cherry and vanilla.

Each little Ice Cream tub contains 4g of delicious Gelato Ice Cream Lip Balm, supplied in a pretty display gift box containing four mouth-watering flavours of softening and soothing lip balm.

Alternatively for lip gloss fans you can now create your own!

designed by me, make your own lip gloss kit at taos gifts
make your own!

If creativity is your thing or you are looking for an unusual gift for girls this Lip Gloss Designed By Me Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit is the perfect present.

The box includes red and blue dyes that you can mix to a customised shade, which is then added to the cosmetic base liquid.

Develop your own brand further by adding fragrance to the lip gloss and decant the finished mix into a fancy bottle, ready for your next, wholly unique makeover. Makes two samples of your very own unique style and colour.

A fun and educational gift, suitable for children over 8 years old.

Floaty Families and Bath Time Buddies

penguin scrunchie blueberry scented shower gel at TAOS Gifts
Blueberry Bath Time

Brighten up Bath Time with some of our fun animal gifts and novelties for children of all ages.

We have a great selection of Bath Time Buddies to keep you entertained while soaking in a deliciously scented bath.

The Penguin Bath Time Buddy Gift Set has four blueberry scented shower gels decorated with a comical penguin, a brilliant icy blue scrunchie with a plastic penguin head in a clear presentation gift box.

Dog lovers will be delighted with the Dog Bathroom Buddies Gift Set, with four zesty lemon shower gels decorated with a comical little dog and a yellow scrunchie with a cute dogs head.

pink pig bathroom buddies gift set at taos gifts
Pink Piggy

My personal favourite is the cute Pig Bathroom Buddies Gift Set. With a wonderful fruity cherry fragrance all wrapped up in cute piggy packaging, it makes wallowing in the bath tub a luxury!

The gorgeous Gorilla Bath Time Buddy Gift Set comes with an exotic watermelon fragrance shower gel set and a glorious green scrunchie with a Gorilla on top.

There are more Penguin Characters to add to the fun with the Floaty Family Penguin Gift Set, the mummy Penguin floats on her back with her three little Penguin chicks, little babies that also float.

floaty family gift set floating penguin and babies at taos gifts
Floaty Fun!
The fun doesn’t stop there though, look out for the other floaty families including the pretty blue Dolphin Floaty Family Gift Set, with one large Dolphin and three little Dolphins, that either ride along with Mum of float around in the bath with you, your very own little Dolphin Pod!

There is quacking good fun to be had with the traditional bath toy, the rubber duck, now you can have a complete little Duck Floaty Family.

A  large mummy Duck that floats around the bath or paddling pool with her sweet little chicks on her belly, alternatively you can set them free and watch them bob around in the water with you.

To the Bubble Bath and Beyond

Peruvian Cherry Soap Filled Sponge   Bath Bubble & Beyond 225g TAOS Gifts
One of our Fruity soap filled sponges

Bath Bubble & Beyond is a brilliant range of Bathroom goodies, ideal gifts or treats for yourself and your family, they smell gorgeous and look fun and funky in your bathroom too!

Everything is handmade in the factory in Poole, Dorset, and the range of products include bath fizzers and creamers, bath marbles, chefs and gardeners soaps, bath and shower gels, non-foaming bath salts (great for hot tubs and spas), fruity shaped and scented soap sponges (sponges filled with scented glycerine soap) that gently foam as you scrub, bath wobble jellies which are great for kids bathtimes, shampoo bars for all the family and foam bath gels and powders, as well as massage bars and other soaps.

The soap filled sponges are fun fruity shaped sponges filled with a moisturising fruity fragranced glycerine soap, ideal for the bath or shower, and the bubbles in the sponge means it floats in the bath, solving the slippery soap problem.

Choose from Peruvian Cherry, Tropical Coconut, Lemon and Lime, Scrumptious Strawberry, and mouth-watering Watermelon.

Chefs and Gardeners have their own purpose made soap, the lemon  Chefs soap deodorises the hands removing stubborn smells such as Garlic and Onion, while the Mint and Geranium Gardeners soap contains almost 50% Pumice to help remove stubborn dirt and grime while at the same time it softens and smooths hard skin.

Gardeners Soap Mint & Geranium  Bath, Bubble and beyond at TAOS Gifts
Mint and Geranium Gardeners Soap

Drop a Bath Fizzer into your bath to release a delicious scent and soften the water with a fizz.

A lovely selection to choose from, a little Yellow Duckling with a soft and gentle fragrance of baby lotion and powder.

The beautiful scent of Snowmusk, Powdery, floral and soft with undertones of musk and amber, the understated sophistication and delicate elegance is an invitation, alluring and seductive.

For Winter gifts and treats, check out the special  Bubble Bath and Beyond Christmas special limited editions, immerse yourself in the Spirit of the Season with delightful scents to soothe your senses.

Loved Up winter warmer at TAOS Gifts, edible massage bar, ginger
Edible massage bar for cosy nights in....


You really will be good enough to eat with the Loved up Winter Warmer Christmas Gingerbread Heart Shaped Massage Naughty but nice massage bar, made with around three-quarters cocoa butter, tastes of Gingerbread when you lick the skin after a sensuous massage with your favourite person.

The massage bar has a melting point just above body temperature, the cocoa butter melts easily on contact with the skin and as the other ingredient is finest Belgian chocolate this makes for a great way to spend a cold winter’s night! Delicious!

If you prefer to shop by fragrance we’ve made it easier than ever just click this link to take you to the fragrance finder for your favorite bath Bubble and beyond products!

Monday Coffee Break, confectionery testing time, yummy!

Cherry liqueur, milk chocolate coated cherry
Buy me now, I'm delicious

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it, today I am testing confectionery for TAOS Gifts.

I have before me a line up of goodies on my desk, so which to choose first?

Tough one!

The Marzipan Fruits look mouth-wateringly yummy, but the Cherries in Liqueur screamed “Eat Me!” 😯

So, visual appeal, yes, beautifully wrapped in gold foil with the shape of the chocolate teasing me through its wrapper.

The chocolate melts in the mouth, but I was impatient and had to chew, and wow!

The Liqueur melts dreamily into your mouth with the chocolate, followed by a whole cherry that was enveloped in this little piece of chocolate heaven!

Going back to the sweet line up on my desk, I pick up a Peachy marzipan fruit shape. It looks just like a mini peach, and tastes fabulously fruity!

Next was the Cherry marzipan fruit, my sweet tooth is totally satisfied with these little fruity shapes. 8)

Not only do they taste as good as they look, I think they’d be brilliant for decorating home-made cakes as well as serving on a dish at parties or using as party bag fillers or wedding favours.

I have no packaging for the chocolate sticks, just a list giving me clues as to what they might be… and well, they’re chocolate sticks so I’m fine with that! 😀

The first one smells orangey, I don’t like orange creme chocolates so I panic a little 😕  but decide to brave it anyway (things I do in the name of work)

I bite into it and it’s like orange Jaffa gorgeousness, it’s zesty too and…

I think I’ll hide these from my children.

Sour Jawbreaker, novelty sweet and sour candy at TAOS gifts
Jawbreakers novelty candy for children

No such luck!

I was rudely interrupted during my extended and rather moreish coffee break by my teenage Son and Daughter, I reluctantly share…

“Mmm, not sure what they are, but they’re quite nice, they taste like Jaffa cakes” my Teenage Daughter says as she munches her way through an orange chocolate stick.

Funny faces all round as my teenage Son melodramatically bites into a chocolate Lemon stick, just as tangy and zesty as the delicious orange we all agree, Son, no longer pulling crazy faces asks “can I have another please”

I remind my offspring I’m still at work and squirrel away my project until they leave the office. 😳

TAOS gifts have plenty of fun novelty sweets for the children so you can enjoy the more luxury products in peace, mine love the Character Candy novelties.

It’s getting tough to choose from my pile of goodies now, so lucky dip time….

Liquorice has always been a favourite of mine, especially the really hard liquorice, I’ve got two big chunks here, one hard and one soft.

Equally as delicious, I’d like some more to test please boss if you’re reading this. 😆

I close my eyes and pick another delicious sample from the collection, and bite into an instant kick of ginger, wonderful!

To my delight the next few sticks are the same, dark delicious chocolate with the unmistakable tang of fresh ginger.

Time for another coffee break I think, this is hard work! 😛


Love hearts traditional candy at TAOS gifts
Lots of traditional old favourites as well as luxury chocolate

My work here is done, I now have just two delicious chunks of chocolate before me, nice and nutty, just the way I like it.

Bitter dark chocolate with a distinct nutty flavour as soon as you pop one in your mouth, a mouth-watering crunch as you bite into the rich, crunchy Walnut centre.


I’ll be back!  8)