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What is your favourite Shearer Candles scent?

Hollyberry and Clove candles from Shearer Candles There are so many scents to choose from with Shearer Candles. Founded in 1897, Shearer Candles produce fine candles using only the purest and finest ingredients, and are already working on some exciting new scents for Spring 2012. We will let you know the new ones as soon as we know!

Shearer Candles produce a huge range of scented candles including tins, pillars, filled glass jars and tealights, as well as room sprays and reed diffusers for those that prefer not to burn candles, but do like a scented home.

Amber Noir scented candles from Shearer CandlesThe newest Shearer Candles scent for 2011 is Amber Noir, a rare, dark essence of tuberose, violets and amber, it is sensual and mysterious and will provoke all your senses. Amber Noir is part of the Victorian Winter range and is new for Winter 2011. Amber Noir is very similar in scent to the old favourite Amber and Rose Fondant, but it has darker heavier notes, and it is black in colour. So Amber Noir is not only a fantastic scent but its also a very sylish accessory for your home, and sure to be a sure favourite this year.  Another popular scents from the Victorian Winter range is Frankincense and Myrrh which is a dark burgundy colour and a rich arabian fragrance combining the oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla. An all year round favourite is Orange and Cinnamon, orange in colour and a festive pot pourri of mandarin orange spiced with cinnamon, and not forgetting Winter Fig an oriental fig blended with festive spices, rich and fruity, deep purple in colour. Our ultimate favourite from 2011 is Hollyberry and Clove, it is a deep red fragrance, very festive and spiced with cloves and cinnamon, it remind us of winter clove sweets from yesteryears. 

Vanilla and Coconut room fragrances and candles from Shearer CandlesIf you prefer something more summery then the Spring Couture range from Shearer Candles is always popular the candles are generally white in colour, and more delicate in fragrance, this year in 2011 we saw two new additions to the range comprising of Mango and Starfruit, a ripe juicy mango scent smelling sweetly of summer and the tropics, this is so sweet and really reminds you of your holidays,  and Wild Tuscan Fig, imagine discovering the moment you break open a juicy fig, fresh from the tree, and ripened by the sun, thats where you will be with this fragrance.

Mango and Starfruit scented candles and room fragrances from Shearer CandlesMango and Starfruit and Wild Tuscan Fig, have joined the immensly popular Vanilla and Coconut a warm baked coconut with hints of vanilla pod, its not a heavy scent, we love the room spray which actually smells like Malibu! Another Spring Couture scent is Persian Lime and Grapefruit, an effervescent citrus fragrance opening with fresh kaffir lime and zesty sweet grapefruit, its very fruity and will really brighten up your mood. Not forgetting the ever popular Amber and Rose Fondant, a heady floral heart of tuberrose with top notes of violet and amber . Regretfully in 2011 Shearer Candles said goodbye to Lavender and Lilac, and China Rose, we hope that Lavender and Lilac will come back again one day. If these are your favourite scents, well we still have some stock of Lavender and Lilac, pure soothing essential lavender oil blended with sweet lilac buds, and also China Rose,  a delicious cocktail of fresh peach and raspberry that embellishes the seductive bouquet of rose and violet. But we recommend you hurry before they totally sell out.

Pomegranate and Ginger scented candles and room fragrances from Shearer CandlesIn 2010 it was time to say goodbye to Shearer Candles’ festive scent Pomegranate and Ginger, a bright red colour, smells of succulent pomegranate with a snap of ginger, also Vanilla and Black Walnut, a favorite with nut lovers, a luscious vanilla bean and sweet maple mixed with a hint of nutty walnut. The other scent to be discontinused was Victorian Plum, light purple coloured, a juicy ripe plum blended with crisp anise and warm cinnamon spice. We have very limited stock left of these three scents at TAOS Gifts and will not be getting any more. 

If you have a favourite Shearer Candles scent, please let us know on this blog or email us, we really do like to hear from you!!

Create the perfect atmosphere with Shearer scented candles

Amber Noir, Scented Shearer Candle TAOS Gifts
Amber Noir Scented Shearer Candle

Shearer Candles have been made in Scotland since 1897, using only the finest quality ingredients, their long burn time means they are excellent value for money and with styles, scents and designs to suit both indoors and out, they are the perfect choice for your home and garden.

The new Winter range is now in stock including the brand new Amber Noir, Black, A rare, dark essence of tuberose, violets and amber.

It is currently available as, the Amber Noir Glass (Black)
Hand poured scented candle in a black glass jar. A beautiful decorative accessory.
Size approximately 83mm high by 70mm diameter
Burning time approximately 30 hours!

Also available in a beautiful sleek black Pillar candle, the Amber Noir Black Shearer Pillar candle burns for up to 85 hours!
You’ll fall in love with the strong, dark essence of Amber Noir so much you’ll want to take it wherever you go, and you can!

With the new Amber Noir Black Shearer candle in a handy travel size gold colour tin, small enough to pop in your travel bag or hand bag, but still with up to 20 hours burning time, we think you’ll agree it’s excellent value for money and looks stylish too!

If it’s too early in the year to be thinking of the dark, warm scents for Winter, have a look at the full Shearer Candle range, we have Filled Tins, Jars and Glasses with a huge range of scents including the classic and all time favourite Frankincense and Myrrh, the exotic Vanilla and Coconut,  Delicious and  sweet Banoffee Pie, and many, many more!

There’s also Shearer Candle Pillars, Votives, Tapers and T-lights, suitable for all around the home and garden.

Have a look at the wonderful selection of Shearer Candle accessories, with Lanterns, t-light holders, Pillar and Votive holders and Candle plates to suit any color scheme, theme or decor.

PERSIAN LIME Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser Shearer Candles TAOS Gifts
PERSIAN LIME Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser Shearer Candles

Shearer Candles also do a fantastic range of Room Fragrances as either Scented Room SPRAY Cologne’s or the beautiful Reed Diffusers,

each Shearer Reed Diffuser is made with essential oils, simply turn the Reeds over when you want to renew the fragrance.

They look attractive, smell divine and are perfect gifts for yourself, your home or family.