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Top Trumps go 3D Web interactive

Toy Story Top Trumps 3D at TAOS Gifts
Toy Story Top Trumps 3D

Top Trumps are a Retro card game, as popular now as they were back in the 1970’s and 1980’s

Not only are they fun, but they’re educational too! Perfect gifts for any occasion with so many different subjects you’ll easily find some to suit children of all ages and interests.

Top Trumps have moved with the times and now have 3D elements on the back of each card which is activated by showing to a webcam allowing  you to answer questions online and unlock rewards etc.

Look out for the special Top Trumps 3D packs available now at TAOS Gifts!

We have all sorts of popular titles including Top Trumps Toy Story 3D taking you to infinity,and beyond!

Inside you’ll find all the toys from Andy’s bedroom…plus a few more!

The gang from Woody’s Round-up are all here, including speedy Bullseye, feisty Jessie and of course, Woody the cowboy doll himself. Meanwhile, the Mutant Toys from evil Sid’s room are here too, from spider-like Babyface to Legs and Jingle Joe.

Finally, this pack lets you put Buzz Lightyear against Emperor Zurg in the ultimate battle of good vs evil…who will trump who?

Horrible History Top Trumps 3D at TAOS Gifts
Horrible History Top Trumps 3D

For evil, but educational fun, Top Trumps Horrible History 3D is bursting with the most dastardly, despicable, deadly and dreadful figures that history has to offer.

Does Vlad The Impaler get the point? Can Blackbeard cut it? Have you got something to asp Cleopatra?

Find out who’s the most horrible of them all!

Also in special 3D is the popular mad character Sponge Bob Squarepants featuring all of Bikini Bottom’s weird and wonderful inhabitants.

Who will win out of Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, and of course SpongeBob himself?

At  TAOS Gifts we also have Top Trumps in many other popular titles such as Dora the Explorer, GoGo, WWE, Hello Kitty and many more!

Hello Kitty Around the world Top Trumps Specials at TAOS Gifts
Hello Kitty Around the world Top Trumps Specials

Collection from TAOS

Collection from TAOSYou are now able to collect your order direct from our warehouse. Simply place your order online at TAOS Gifts or TAOS Batteries, select Collection from TAOS as the delivery method, and then we will email/call you when it’s ready to collect.

You can collect from our warehouse at

Unit 4, Base 329
Headley Road East

Great for last minute gifts and unexpected battery requirements over the holidays.

We are generally open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday,  other times by appointment only.

Please call us on 0118 969 4880 if your order is urgent and we will be able to advise on stock availability etc.

Ansmann AG mobile energy supplies

Ansmann are one of the fastest growing suppliers of mobile energy supplies, in a short time, they have expanded to be a leading manufacturer in their area.Ansmann USB. HTC, iPod, mobile charger TAOS Batteries

High performance products at a fair price are the key to their success, with a fast growing and ever-changing market , Ansmann has the appropriate energy source for nearly all applications, cameras, laptops, games consoles, mobile and cordless phones, lights, baby monitors, batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and power supplies are all included in the growing range.

Here at TAOS Batteries we stock some of their best-selling products including the very useful Ansmann USB & mobile phone charger that can charge 2 devices at the same time!

The main USB charger has 2 USB ports for any of your products that charge via USB such as iPhones, iPods, Blackberry, MP3 players PSP’s and more!

Included in the package is an in-car charger with 2 USB ports and 4 adapters for HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Mini and Micro USB mobile phones.

If that’s more than what you need, check out the brilliant Ansmann dual USB charger

With a standard travel adapter the Ansmann Dual USB Charger, essential to all keen multimedia users, can be used worldwide (100-240v ac) capable of charging two USB devices at the same time, it is in our opinion an essential piece of kit for home, work or holidays!


    If you’re looking for rechargeable batteries for  your cordless phone,cordless DECT telephones, digital cameras; PDAnsmann AG at TAOS Batteries rechargeable dect cordless phoneAs; CD, MD, MP3 Players; Shavers; Electric Toothbrushes; Toys or Games. Have a look here.

    With Lower capacity, suitable for lower drain applications such as DECT cordless telephones
    Up to 1000 recharge cycles
    Environmentally friendly
    No memory effect
    1.2 Volt
    Ansmann AA Mignon 800 mAh Rechargeable DECT Cordless Phone Batteries are the ideal choice for these products.

    Also known as

    MIGNON LR06 LR6 R6 AM3 E91 MN1500



    Energy efficient rechargeable batteries and chargers

    Rechargeable batteries make perfect economic sense, most can be recharged up to around a thousand times, they pay for themselves in about 4 charges compared to single use alkaline batteries!

    Here at TAOS Batteries we have a huge range of rechargeable batteries, chargers, charger and battery packs and handy speciality chargers that can charge your batteries via the USB port of your laptop or computer.

    USB speciality charger from TAOS Batteries
    Just one of many USB chargers available

    We have a wide range of pack sizes as well as a great selection of rechargeable batteries, not just AA, we have AAA, 9v, C, and D.

    By purchasing rechargeable batteries for high energy drain devices you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

    The energy used to manufacture a disposable battery is roughly 50 times greater than the energy it gives out in its lifetime, but a rechargeable battery supplies more than 50 times the energy used in its manufacture.

    Rechargeable batteries from TAOS Batteries

    Less packaging, less waste and over time, massive savings!



    We don’t just stock rechargeable batteries, we have a massive range of batteries in all shapes and sizes, with free UK delivery and a handy battery code comparison chart here should you be stuck on which size battery you need. Choose TAOS Batteries for portable power and green energy.

    Bulk buying wholesale batteries?

    Cheaper wholesale batteries from TAOS BatteriesBuying your batteries in bulk?  New batteries have now been added to our wholesale battery categories. You don’t have to buy hundreds either to save money on your batteries as there are bulk deals available in quantities as little as 10.

    Cheaper Rechargeable Batteries from TAOS BatteriesWhether it’s AA & AAA alkaline  batteries, 9v PP3 heavy duty  zinc carbon batteries,  lithium coin cells such as CR2032 or NiMh AA  rechargeble batteries, you are sure to be able to find a wholesale bulk buy to suit your pocket. 

    TAOS Batteries also stock most GP batteries in wholesale quantities, including GP Rechargeable NiMh and ReCyko Batteries.