Gifts and Treats for Liquorice Lovers

Soft Finnish Liquorice sticks Saint Valentines at TAOS Gifts
Soft, Sweet and Delicious
If, like me and many others you are a big lover of liquorice then you will love the sweet treats and gorgeous gift ideas we have at TAOS Gifts.

Immerse yourself in the sweet smell and the divine taste of luxury liquorice. We have liquorice gifts to suit all tastes.

If you love your liquorice to be thick and chewy, they try the Saint Valentines Hard Italian Liquorice Twists, each 300g box contains approximately 6 long twists of thick hard Liquorice. A personal favourite of mine!

If you prefer the softer Liquorice then you will love  the Soft Finnish Liquorice by Saint Valentines.

Did you know Liquorice is a plant, the root of which has been used in medicine for thousands of years.

Pliny the ancient Greek writer describes its use in treating colds and asthma. Chinese medicine has long used it for sore throats and it is being thoroughly tested today for many other medicinal uses, it could be the next wonder cure. Just keep eating it and you may never be ill again!

The root if the liquorice plant contains Glycyrrhizic acid that is fifty times sweeter than sugar!

It’s not often something tastes this good and can actually be good for you!

If you can’t get enough of that sweet Liquorice flavour, then you must try the Extra Strong Liquorice Imps in a Tin from Joris Bel Canto

Liquorice Allsorts Novelty Lip Gloss Macaroon at TAOS Gifts
Fruity Flavours
In a handy pocket-sized tin there are 20g of extra strong mini liquorice imps
Delicious and refreshing liquorice drops, with a refined taste
Traditional Flemish hard liquorice (drop) sweets from Belgium.

Just for fun, why not keep your Liquorice Allsorts with you at all times, these ones wont go sticky in your pocket!

In fun Liquorice Allsorts Shapes Star and Rose Novelty Lip Gloss is a must for Liquorice lovers, OK so you can’t eat these, but they keep your lips soft and smooth and have delicious fruity flavours all wrapped up in a novelty container.

Fill your home with the delicious aroma of your favourite sweet treat, Jelly Belly Liquorice Scented Candle by Wax Lyricalcomes in a brilliant sweetie style glass jar that looks great anywhere and gives you up to 60 hours burn time.

Imagine your home filled with the delicious mouth-watering scent of Liquorice!

Liquorice jelly belly Scented candle in sweetie jar at TAOS Gifts
Mouthwatering Scent

You are not limited to Candles, you can also experience the sweet sensation with Jelly Belly Liquorice Reed Diffusers, the glass jar is filled with sweet-scented reed oil that is  infused with Liquorice fragrance, the oil is released through the reeds giving you up to 60 beautifully scented Liquorice-loving days


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