Novelty Chocolate Remedies for Hangovers, Man Flu and more

Man 'flu chocolate remedy novelty gift at TAOS Gifts
Man Flu novelty remedy
It’s that time of year again when the dreaded Man Flu is spreading around, knocking even the biggest, toughest Men off their feet.

We all know they need some tender loving care and while we can’t guarantee it’ll cure them, we know it will  raise a smile.

Man Flu is one of the new Novelty Chocolate Remedies at TAOS Gifts. Why wait until he’s poorly, buy some now and add it to his Christmas Stocking, be prepared for when he will need it.

On the packaging it says, “You should be ok to work, but why risk it”.

Chocolate Remedy Bars are created for those meltdown moments in life when only chocolate will do.

Each Chocolate Remedy Bar comes with 6 mini milk chocolate bars with three pieces of chocolate in each mini bar. Helpful if you want to prescribe one a day, that’s if you can  resist them.

Made in Holland using the finest and purist ingredients, delicious chocolate infused with a delectable sense of humour.

For all the brave Women out there nursing a partner with Man Flu, do not despair! Once he tucked up in bed with his Man Flu Remedy Chocolate you can safely treat yourself to HRT Chocolate Remedies, chocolate can change your life!

Choolate remedies novelty chocolate gifts for fun at TAOS Gifts
Husband Replacement Therapy, try it. It really works!

Made specifically for Women with ingredients sure to satisfy, enjoy the smooth milk chocolate as it melts in your mouth with Chocolate Remedies Husband Replacement Therapy.

Each Chocolate Remedy Bar contains 84g of delicious milk chocolate wrapped as 6 mini  bars.

Mood Swings Chocolate Remedy is a fun gift only given by the brave, with the same delicious chocolate as the other chocolate remedy bars, the Mood Swing Chocolate Remedy comes in fun packaging printed with a fun mood meter pointing nearer to rage than calm with the warning  “Next Mood Swing 5 Minutes after this Chocolate bar is finished”.

Are you brave enough to buy a bar for your moody friend or loved one?

They are perfect gifts for those with a wicked sense of humour.

Even Better than Hair of the Dog is the Hang Over Chocolate Remedies, a perfect stocking filler for a friend or loved one that tends to have one too many during the party season, it’s also a fun gift to send as a Secret Santa.

Chocolate is better than sex remedies chocolate, fun novelty gift at TAOS Gifts
Yum try me, I'm delicious!
Chocolate Remedies Chocolate is better than Sex comes in fun wrapping with a list of reasons why Chocolate is better than Sex, it gives the reasons as follows;

you don’t have to take your clothes off
you don’t have to please anyone but yourself
you can have it with your partner’s best friend
you can have it at the office, in the car, in the coffee shop and in bed…
…and if you get a headache – it’s still good.

Chocolate remedies are fun novelty gifts in brightly coloured humorous packaging, we can’t promise they’ll cure-all ills, hang overs and general problems, but we can guarantee they are good fun, and taste as great as they sound.

See TAOS Gifts Chocolate department for many more novelty chocolates suitable for friends, family and colleagues this Christmas.

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