Brighten up your bottle of wine with fun labels and novelty bottle stoppers

As I get older I don't need glasses, I drink straight from the bottle stopper TAOS Gifts
Just one of our many bottle stoppers

Brighten up your dinner party with our fun novelty wine bottle stoppers and wine labels at TAOS Gifts.

If you are giving wine to someone as a gift, we have the perfect novel accessories to add that personal touch, a sense of humour is essential!

The Novelty Wine bottle stoppers are a great alternative to those boring, unreliable corks and guaranteed to amuse all your guests. Whatever your night of entertainment may be, ensure you have the right bottle, for the right occasion, with the right stopper, and you will be sure to bring a laugh to any table.

Each novelty wine bottle stopper is stainless steel, 10.5cm long and will fit most standard sized wine bottles
Two rubber rings around the stopper ensure a tight and secure fit
Keeps your wine fresh (if there is any left)
There are many fun stoppers to choose from with various slogans such as as

As I get older I don’t need glasses any more,

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed funny wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts
Funny Wine bottle stopper at TAOS Gifts

I drink straight from the bottle

Perfect for those big age Birthdays!

For those that appreciate a little sarcasm

I drink to make other people more interesting

For those keen on alternative health remedies try

Grape Therapy

Perfect for dinner parties

Wine, how posh people get rat arsed

They are just a small sample of the Wine Bottle Stoppers available in outr fantastic Funky Gadgets and Gifts section!

Mix and match your fun wine accessories with the novelty bottle bag and wine labels. Simply soak off the regular wine bottle label, peel off the self adhesive labels and place one on the wine bottle, and one on the bag.

Rebrand your wine! With fun labels such as Cabinet Shitaz, a woody old plonk with a hint of varnish, a good nose would not be helpful here as there is a rich fruity smell of shitty old pants in the finishing notes. A hearty (and farty) red, recommended food, onions and pork scratchings.

shit creek wine bottle label and bag, novelty gifts at taos gifts
We've all been there...

How about a delicious bottle of Shit Creek? this wine is best enjoyed when you’ve had a crappy old day, when you think things couldn’t get much worse, but you know they will.

A wine fit for Austin Powers is Semillion Shagdonnay.  A fruity young wine made from the finest Shagdonnay grapes. This wine has a fine aphrodisiac flavour. Could easily turn a quiet night into and uncontrollable shagathon. Oh yeah baby!

For the truly unique, there’s Sauvignon Plonk. An amusing and pretentious piece of shit, unique and difficult to describe, with a warning not to pour down the sink as it may be an environmental hazard! 😆

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