New Tinti Bath Products In Stock

Tinti Kneading SoapWe now have three new additions to our Tinti Bath Fun ranges which really do make kids bathtime fun.

Tinti Kneading Soap all the fun of playdough without the mess, and it cleans their hands at the same time too. Three small round bars of kneading soap included in each box. One each of red, blue and yellow.

Tinti Bubble BathTinti Bubble Bath this red coloured foam bath will produce mountains of tiny bubbles, and it colours the bath red at the same time. Use as little or as much as you like this large sized 150ml bottle is enough for up to 10 baths and great value for money.

TInti Painting Soap Tinti Painting Soap now in a great value gift box. Three 70ml painting soaps included, one each of red, blue and green. Use one colour of the Painting Soap at a time or mix the colours to create new exciting colours. Clean, messy fun, that will not stain the bath tub, skin or hair!

Now the biggest trouble you will have at bathtime is getting your children OUT of their Tinti bath.

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