Toonz Micro Monsters

Toonz Micro MonstersNew from TAOS Gifts are loveable TOONZ Micro Monsters, and are now in stock!

What are TOONZ Micro MonstersTOONZ are small colourful character collectables similar in size to GoGo’s Crazy Bones, and just as popular. Each TOONZ Micro Monster has a 3D hologram face panel, which changes when you move it around.

There are 40 different TOONZ Micro Monsters to collect in total, 20 heroes and 20 aliens, each  TOONZ figure comes in 1 of 4 Toonz Micro Monsterscolours, which gives a total of 160 TOONZ Micro Monsters to collect in series 1 alone. Each pack contains 3 Toonz and 3 stickers (again 160 different ones to collect), so you are sure to be get a great collection going.

There are a variety of games that can be played with these Toons including flicking, bouncing and throwing them against each other. Meet The Toonz

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